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					Originality plan, brand, advertisement,

Brand spokesman and advertisement

Originality plan, brand, advertisement, Brand spokesman and
advertisement spokesman

    True brand spokesman is the one part of brand image, it is brand
visualize, vivid the act person that change, it is the serious
content in company brand strategy. Such example is very much: Of sea
Er " sea Er brother " , child with a ha breaths out " cartoon figure
" , of shirt of American arrow card " alone eye gent " , of Mi Jilin
" tire person Bi Bideng " , of Mcdonald's " Mcdonald's uncle " .

   Under photograph comparing, true and false is apparent: At present
spokesman of so called brand, it is an advertisement spokesman only
substantially just.
   So, how to recognize a brand correctly Dai Yan and advertisement
acting character?

   One of, brand acting character is long-term strategy,
advertisement acting character is short-term strategy

   The action with first brand is to identify. Let a hundred flowers
blossom in brand theory today, all sorts of outspread functions of
the brand are magnified get beautiful Lun Meihuan, and the thing that
just is essence by oversight, was forgotten. Apparent, if set out
from identified essence, brand form seems need to be stabilized
relatively -- the spokesman that regards brand image as substantial,
no matter be cartoon figure, still be true person figure, often also
should not change.

   But domestic company is general and at present blundering, more
and more apt takes the place of the brand character is short-term
change, be fond of advertisement acting character. In singing loudly
" top-ranking enterprise is done standard, second-class the
enterprise makes a brand, 3 shed an enterprise to make a product "
below catchword, in it is difficult to know to make a standard, play
to be not gotten a long time false know to fall axiomatically oneself,
did a brand to become an option that looks enterprising. And how to
make a brand? In fact rarely the enterprise is willing to be planted
according to some brand concept is long-term and systematically
essence of life is agrarian, and the short-term target that hitting
the cover of the brand to going after enterprise or controller mostly.
Then, this kind looks so that see to be being felt and lively
advertisement Dai Yan is natural by enterprise go after sth like a
flock of ducks. Even, the view of a few extremes also appears in
succession: : "Do not have method to make a brand without spokesman,
the brand that does not have brand spokesman is not a brand. The
brand that does not have brand spokesman is not a brand..

   The enthusiastic nature of manufacturer also affected cent to sell
business, had spokesman it seems that, prospective interest had
assure. Then, a few brands appeared to cannot enrol the circumstance
of business without brand spokesman. This conversely sturdy the
determination that the manufacturer seeks advertisement spokesman.

   In the advisory client that group power   has recieved, there is no
lack of will hit on CCTV advertisement and   look for star Dai Yan to
regard as the method that enrols business,   when the sale of didymous
agency, shopkeeper is not pair of ultimate   consumer.
   Secondly, advertisement acting character is OK to the brand Dai
Yan promotes.

   Tactics of no less than decides the strategy, long-term by the
strategy that importunate tactics is an enterprise -- the low when
Woerma is politic

Become EDLP (EveryDayLowPrice) when, the tactics of low makes the
strategy of the enterprise, need EDLC (EveryDayLowCost) will support,
the nature of advertisement acting character that lasts for a long
time also can make brand acting speech, the Yu Naike of red of tall
of no less than. Same, of strategy of advertisement acting character
apply for a long time rise naturally the strategy that is brand Dai
Yan, the strategy of giant star acting character of P&G of no less
than is same.

   So, advertisement acting character is the wool embryo of brand
acting character, raw product. But whether should make it for
finished product, want to see the gradual progress of the brand
strategy of the enterprise and market.

  Thirdly, brand spokesman ≠ star.

   Below great majority circumstance, the lifecycle of the brand is
longer than the lifecycle of star. Especially, wanting the lifecycle
that realizes star is not the physiology life that points to them,
however their career life, saying exactly is life of summit summit
career. So, it is brand acting character in order to star, itself
nots allow Yi Changyuan, and, operation difficulty is great, if want
the star that how the consideration chooses and photograph of brand
image, connotation matchs, when wanting to consider to star
consequence ebbs change, join problem. Especially, the enterprise
controls force to lose to star, and the words and deeds of star,
quality is very great to the influence of the brand.

   Relative to character, the author of the enterprise or CEO are
better brand spokesman however, the Niu Gensheng that is like Meng
Niu, China the Gates of the Qiaobusi of bed Ren Zhengfei, apple,

Relative to character, advisory course of study prefers acting talk
of this kind of brand, the Qu Yunbo of sale of the force that be like
a clique, collect wisdom the way that medium, assist uncle refers the
Xie Mao of the plan in the Gao Jianhua that seek advice, Xie Mao
grows congruent, it is the brand spokesman that has appeal power
however oneself very much. The profit that such doing depends on, on
one hand the company need not pay the Dai Yan with huge amount fee,
on the other hand, these author or CEO are business circles gigantic
child, its appeal force no less than recreational sports star, its
figure and words and deeds more the brand image that accords with an
enterprise and can father for the brand strategy of the enterprise at
be self restrained. And more important is, the lifecycle be closely
bound up of their lifecycle and company brand, surmounted life of its
individual physiology even. Especially, the sale charge that invests
to go up in their body will belong to an enterprise forever and won't
meet in that way like other star outflow.

   Have again, fictitious brand image also is a better choice, of
shirt of the card that be like an arrow alone the cartoon figure of
eye gentleman, a lot of brands. They are in an enterprise completely
under control and the problem of nonexistent physiology life.

   Its 4, the intangible assets prediction of a person's luck in a
given year of star Dai Yan.

  Cite of ad group

Gnomic: "The ad fare of the half is wasteful, just knowing is that
half. " but make advertisement spokesman with star, can very
affirmative ground says, the advertisement cost of the half is with
respect to waste on star body. Because, this part advertisement is
devoted, regular meeting is starred take away.

   Of course, the individual brand value of star also can have one
part to be able to change the brand of the enterprise. But this is
about balance both sides is current the size of brand force. "Star
brand force " > " company brand force " when, the enterprise is
theoretic profitable, but should subtract the acting character charge
that retains star place expenditure and that part advertisement that
put in are expended.

   Plus, the star inside contract period makes Dai Yan and the strike
after agreeing the same term to be not contest to taste an enterprise,
star Dai Yan's value is worth deliberate more.

Originality plan, brand, advertisement,
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