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									Quan Jude, brand,

Brand origin of Quan Jude

Quan Jude, brand, Brand origin of Quan Jude

 Quan Jude author is Yang Quanren. When Beijing arriving at the
beginning of him, be outside front door fleshy city market does
business of unripe chicken duck. Yang Quanren understands subtly to
peddling the path of duck to be fathommed, the business does more
prosperous more. He is ferial live frugaly, the money of scrape up
rolls more more commonly like snowball. Yang Quanren places duck of
booth sale chicken to fleshy city everyday, should be called through
" De Juquan " dried fruit shop. Although this shop fascia is marked,
but the business however go from bad to worse. Arrived to be treated
together 3 years (1864) business cannot recover after a setback, be
close to closing down. Astute Yang Quanren seizes this opportunity,
take out his old saving, bought " De Juquan " shop.

Had oneself store, a what name should have? Yang Quanren invites a
geomantic gentleman consultative. This geomantic gentleman turned two
rounds round shop, abrupt station is decided, twisting mustache says:
"Ah ah, this is ground of a geomantic treasure really! You see two
small alley of this shop both sides, resemble two litter lever, the
lid has a building in the future, be like same top 8 carry big sedan,
future cannot set limit to! " geomantic gentleman eyeball turns, say
again: "Nevertheless, previously be out of luck of this shop terribly,
unlucky is divided hard. Unless its ' De Juquan ' old name comes over,
say namely ' Quan Jude ' , just can develop its mildew use, set foot
on level road. Set foot on level road..

Geomantic gentleman what one says during a conversation, say to get
Yang Quanren joyful. "Quan Jude " this name is being mixed his
intention, come one is had in his name " complete " word, 2 come "
get together heart " it is gather together mitzvah, can boast oneself
do buying and selling to stress a virtue. Then he is the renown date
of inn surely " Quan Jude " . Then he brings the skilful writer that
is pair of calligraphy to have attainment quite again- - Qian Zilong,
wrote " Quan Jude " 3 big character, make golden word a horizontal
inscribed board be hanged on lintel. That word is written vigrously
strong, simple and honest and marked, grace for small shop many.

Managing meticulously of Yang Quanren below, business flourishing of
Quan Jude. Yang Quanren know a thing or two, he knows very well want
to give birth to enthusiasm grand, have to rely on head of good chef,
good hall, good manager. He saunters constantly in shop of of all
kinds roast duck, probe the secret of roast duck, look for the ace of
roast duck. Be informed the experienced worker that the Jin Hua that
does drive board to hang furnace roast duck for palace only has a
surname grandson inside the house when him, roast duck technology is
very excellent, make friend with its with respect to leave no stone
unturned, often drink together play chess, mutual the relationship
between is closer and closer. Grandson experienced worker is
persuaded by Yang Quanren eventually, invite cordially in heavy gold
came down Quan Jude.

Quan Jude was invited grandson experienced worker, be equal to all
skill that mastered clear palace to hang furnace roast duck. Grandson
experienced worker the oven instead shaft before lofty, the chamber
of a stove or furnace is deep wide,

One furnace can bake ten duck register heat, still can bake at the
same time, face inside add duck. Bake the duck appearance that give
via him beautiful, heavy full figure is full, color is bright-
coloured, color shows purplish red, leather fragile flesh is tender,
delicious crisp sweet, fat and not be bored with, thin and not bavin,
for Quan Jude roast duck was won " Beijing division beautiful food,
mo Miao at duck " beautiful praise.

Quan Jude can become famous old restaurant, chief reason is to choose
stuff is honest, essence of hutch labour craft, the operation is
serious; Inn partner tend shop is enthusiastic. Roast duck is main
management breed of Quan Jude, from anthology duck, fill hello,
butcher, to barbecue, it is meticulous.

Quan Jude, brand,

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