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									Wang Laoji, cool tea, brand,

Brand of Wang Laoji cool tea is
attributive become suffer from

Wang Laoji, cool tea, brand, Brand of Wang Laoji cool tea is
attributive become suffer from greatly

One, a few Wang Laoji to have after all?

We see the Wang Laoji brand that cool tea produces on market now

1, Wang Laoji group (Hong Kong) food limited company:

Group of king old auspicious (Hong Kong) base of production of food
limited company reposes in area of Nanhai of city of Guangdong
province Fosan
2 Guangdong add limited company of food of much treasure beverage:

Go up century 90 time metaphase, add much treasure to obtain Hong
Kong " Wang Laoji cool tea " after brand right of administration,
begin to produce drink of gules canned Wang Laoji. It is the brand
strategy that follows in essence of life more in last few years below
guidance, run the tornado of cool tea beverage that lifted a red on
home market through large-scale sale. : "Be afraid that suffer from
excessive internal heat drinks Wang Laoji " let cool tea make a new
class with unique effect fixed position.

3, industry of drug of old auspicious of wide medicine king limited

2, a paragraph of muddleheaded history, 3 are opposite thin law court

Be in early 2004, these 3 enterprises ever were opposite with respect
to brand problem of Wang Laoji thin law court.

Having the Wang Laoji of 170 old histories, only then achieve at
Guangzhou, ability change goes to emancipatory eve Hong Kong.

Later, guangzhou answer ran pharmaceutical factory of a batch of
traditional old names, card of king old auspicious also is restoring,
formed spic harbor then two ground have at the same time " Wang Laoji
" the special situation of brand drug, become issue of bequeath of a

Hong Kong adds much treasure (Guangdong) the right that Inc. did not
use Wang Laoji label originally, but go up century at the beginning
of 90 time, the use of Wang Laoji brand that Hong Kong increased much
treasure to be rented to industry of Wang Laoji drug 20 years, use at
developing Wang Laoji canister to install beverage cool tea, through
development of nearly 10 years, guangdong adds the canister of much
treasure company to install cool tea to take shape in home market.
Guangdong added much treasure to increase investment strength 2003,
at this years centrally TV station will get CCTV ad with mark of 40
million yuan of high price in November paragraph, come a few years
successive sale is run let Wang Laoji canister install beverage cool
tea to make the whole nation's famous beverage brand very quickly
from brand of a place, as the Bao Zhilin, follow-up that waiting for
a series of cool tea brands with its, cool tea makes a of Chinese
beverage domain new class.
The industry of drug of Guangzhou king old auspicious that puts idea
in medicaments to produce business loads coal tub of king old
auspicious beverage brand access to be made over temporarily add much
treasure, but daydream also did not think of, the child that adopt a
young relative goes out was raised actually so big, the tremendous
progress space of cool tea beverage makes industry of Wang Laoji drug
enchanted unceasingly;

Add much treasure however intended however load Wang Laoji coal tub
innocently beverage cool

Tea regarded as oneself child, added much treasure to be killed with
forehead of more than yuan of 4000 advertisement 2004 CCTV mark Wang
Hang is listed this year, industry of Guangzhou Wang Laoji drug is
slept lightly, rapid follow-up, the name changed job of present Wang
Laoji medicine by industry of original ovine city drug, a large
number of advertisement put in quickly in CCTV, use shallow the Wang
Laoji cool tea that the carton of green brush calligraphy model of
written characters packs appears on the market quickly, advertisement
appeals to beg very adjacent, the price is very adjacent also,
channel strategy is more adjacent, the caboodle head that often sees
two Wang Laoji in large supermarket is close be next to called rival

More troublesome is: Abroad brand of Wang Laoji is registered in the
whole world in 19 centuries end by Wang Laoji's later generations.
Its work to be finished by limited company of Hong Kong Wang Laoji
international in global enrollment, in the whole world at present
near 30 countries and area register the brand that has Wang Laoji,
hong Kong king is old now auspicious international limited company by
Wang Laoji's later generations -- , Wang Jianyi is n/COL the head of
a family. Two Wang Laoji that this is in the mainland to gallop march
the international market is set issued a not tall not low doorsill.

3, how to add much treasure to handle brand hidden trouble?

Hong Kong increases endowment spread with the course of study that
promote drug after industry of Wang Laoji drug, placed the resolution
of the intellectual property outside wanting to buy outright sea of
all king old auspicious thoroughly, these two Wang Laoji may appear
pair of winning final result.

Most interrogative is Hong Kong adds much treasure, one is to rent
use brand merely, will have neared the end that rent period, why be
still does the financial capacity material resources with so large
expenses make Wang Laoji brand be done for others marry the garment?
As Wang Laoji have one's moment, the negotiation that rents the relet
after expiring will be very hard, why to add much treasure not to do
the 3rd hand to prepare while A promotes Wang Laoji brand?

See a case, in those days Ma Zida and one steam Hainan are joint-
stock establish horse of one steam Hainan to be amounted to oneself
from Dabingma 323 when rolling out, for the old money with collateral
production 1.3 litres of horses are amounted to oneself 323 make
distinction, used Family(blessing beauty to come) new brand, the
blessing beauty that transliteration just registered in comes Chinese
brand, in be being popularized " Family " with " blessing beauty
comes " popularize together, so that domestic user knows blessing
beauty to come only, do not know Family. Ma Zida left horse of one
steam Hainan to be amounted to oneself (abbreviation one steam sea
horse) hind, suddenly change one's identity of Ma Zida of one steam
Hainan is incognito for one steam sea horse, product name calls up
blessing beauty directly, the blessing beauty that average consumer
does not know one steam sea horse after several years will on brand
and capital concern had done not have any relations with Ma Zida.

Knowing to add much gem is not to the way with cleverer what
safeguards him work laboriously to raise old Wang Laoji brand.

Wang Laoji, cool tea, brand,

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