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					  What do I need to do to be prepared for an earthquake!!?
What do you do when an earthquake suddenly happens… you obviously make a
run for it dah, nah I’m kidding you have to quickly get all your survival items and
drive to a friend or family house and stay there until the earthquake has stopped.

An earthquake can be pretty scary at time to time and the earthquake that has
just happened at Christchurch has been really scary. An earthquake can split
your family up and can be pretty terrifying so you and your family need a plan to
help you all to stay together during the rough time. A plan is a like when you have
an earthquake and you and your family have to split up you have to choose who
you want to go with like for instants you say you want to go with your Mum you
go with your Mum or if you want to go with your Dad you go with your Dad. If an
earthquake occurred you could be on your own for up to three days without your
parents or family.

When your in the middle of an earthquake you really need a medical kit because
if someone gets inured really badly an you don’t have one you can’t just take of
you shirt and make that there plaster. So you will need in this medical kit these
important items
    - Plasters
    - Bandages
    - Fluids
    - Paraceatomol
    - Panadol
    - Stitchings and most importantly
    - Cotton balls because you don’t want to put a bandage on and it gets
        soaked in blood.
A medical kit is really handy at times because it helps when people in your family
get injured or get sick not just used particularly in earthquakes.

Food and water is one of the main things you will need to help you survive
because you could get hungry or thirsty while surviving this disastrous event.
Important foods are
   - Canned food
   - Fresh water
   - Canned fruit
   - Canned vegetables and
   - A portable barbeque if you want to cook some meat.
You should have enough food to last you for three days or more in case it goes
on for longer so pack enough food to last you and your family, maybe like a
weeks food or four to five days because it could go on for long.

Surviving and earthquake doesn’t just mean having the things I have listed you
also need survival items to help you survive for you and your family
   - Radio ( battery operated )
   - Tent
   - Blankets
   - Torch
   - Spare clothes and a
   - CELLPHONE in case of emergencies.
These things are probably the most important of all while surviving an earthquake
because what will you do without a radio that will have the updates of the
earthquake, a tent to sleep in if your house tumbles to pieces, blankets to keep
you nice and warm, a torch for you to see what’s happening in the night time
CELLPHONE to make emergency calls to the hospital in case someone gets
seriously injured or maybe your friends or family when looking for somewhere to

Surviving an earthquake is hard but trying to stay calm during one is even harder.
You never know when an earthquake is going to happen so be PREPARED! To
stay on your own for at least three days or more without your family so in your
spare time or when you and your family have spare time on your hands pack
some survival items maybe every weekend or every month so that when a
earthquake or something else happens you and your family are

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