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					Dear Mike,

         I have been you friend forever and we always used to hang out together and have a good time.
However, since we’ve become freshman we have both been busy with sports and classes and everything
else. Yet, we still make time to hang out. However, I have gotten a little worried about you because you
seem to be very stressed out with all of the activities and responsibilities that you have. Stress is the
way in which our body responds to the different things going on in our life. It is created by stressors,
which can be just about anything going on in our life. With your position as captain in football, your AP
classes, your girlfriend and the whole thing going on with your parents, I am a little worried that you
might be taking on a little too much.

          Part of it might just be that I wish we could hang out more and I am a little bummed that we are
both too busy to chill as much, but at the same time I just want to make sure you are alright. When we
do get together you seem to be tired and a little cranky. At the same time you don’t seem to eat much
and complain about headaches. I’ve had this happen to me a few times throughout the year as well. I
have found that just taking some time for myself and relaxing or doing something fun usually makes me
feel a little better. It’s really tough to just stop doing everything when I have so much to do but
sometimes it’s just the best thing for me to do. I’ve also heard that making sure you eat and sleep well
will help keep you motivated and keep you going during those long days. I often times get sick with
colds during the school year and my doctor asked me how much sleep I get and how often I eat and
drink. He said that I need to make sure I get a good night sleep and keep myself eating and drinking to
maintain a strong immune system.

        Most of all, if there is anything really bothering you, I want you to know that I’m always here for
you. I know that I complain to you all the time when things bother me and vent on you. Sometimes I
feel bad because I know you have a lot going on yourself and all I am doing as adding my problems to
you. However, it makes me feel a lot better. I think it’d be cool if we could just get together once in a
while and talk about all the stuff that is going on in our lives. Besides, I have some good funny stories to
share with you too. Let me know when you get some time and feel free to call me whenever if you need


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