Causes of Exam Failure by rlclearbluesky

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									                                 Causes of Exam Failure
There many factor that causes exam failures. This can give rise to certain issues that governs
the failure of any student. Examination is a method to determine if the student, teacher, school
and the institution are capable to improve better living as a whole.

Let us determine the causes of exam failure and what the factors are. Read on.

There is no doubt that the pupil is responsible for his/her actions before, during and after the
exams. Because of certain issues, failures in the exams happen. What can be the causes of
these? Here are some:

The student

      Drug abuse – many students do this because of the pressure of their peers and also
       their own liking.
      Over confidence – there are many students who tend to be over confident and they do
       not review and memorize anymore.
      Lack of interest – Pupils may lack interest in their studies because of underlying
       problems. It may come from their own family or from other people that surrounds the
       pupil or the pupil themselves.
      Poor study methods – This is due to the pupil being selective. Students tend to choose
       only what they want to overview. It is very important to scrutinize all the aspects of
       their subject lessons to know what they could answer in the exams.
      Cramming – The student tends to “burn midnight oil” before exam issue or to cram.
       Failure of examination is high because the pupil is in a rush to review.

The teacher

      The teacher should effectively inculcate all the lessons to the students. This may not
       happen sometimes because of the lack of guidelines of the teachers. This in turn may be
       one of the causes of exam failures.
      The teacher may also fail to give visual, audible aids and other methods of teaching. The
       performance of the teacher is very important so that the pupils can easily learn their

The parents

      The parent’s responsibility is to provide the needs of their child even at school.
       Sometimes, the parents do not encourage and give their needs to their child thus; the
       pupil may fail in the exams.
      Child upbringing is also another factor why students fail. Love and care of the parents
       are needed to boost up the child’s morale.
      Parent’s abuse. Abuse of parents can be verbal, physical, and emotional. These factors
       contribute in the pupils failing exams. Remember that the child is totally devastated
       when their parents are the ones without support and encouragement.

The school

      The school’s role is also important for the student’s capabilities. If the school is not
       attending to the needs of the students, then failure in the exams can be expected.
      If the school’s environment is not good, the students may be stressed. For example:
            1. The classroom is not presentable and the chairs and tables are not fit as study
            2. The school heads and principals are not coordinating with the situation of every
            3. Inadequate funds to promote recreational and educational activities.

These aspects can cause the pupil or the student to fails in their exams. These are all connected
so it is best for everybody especially the students to give their best to achieve their goals.

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