Minutes for Meeting #13 February 25, 2008 by twoturntables


									Minutes for Meeting #13: February 25, 2008


Rebecca Schermel- Exec
Erin Kasparek- Exec
Maggie MacPherson- Exec
Rob Berger- Chair
Dan Hnatchuk- Biochem
Steph Hughes- Micro
Avril Lusty- BMSSA
Andrea Marini- MBGSA
Noha Gerges- MBGSA
Holly Dodds- WLC
Greg Baute- Botany
Dana McDermott- MFBS
Muneer Ul-Huda

Meeting begins at 5:33pm

1. Approval of Agenda
     1st- Avril; 2nd- Greg vote:7-0-0
     motion carries

2. Approval of minutes:
     1st- Avril; 2nd- Erin vote: 6-0-1
     motion carries

3. Grad Bash PDR- Karen Pulsifer HKSA
     HHNS grad bash, event is open to all students
     Reception, group photo, dinner 3 course meal, professor speeches and dancing
       afterwards. Theme is “we can be heroes”. It will be held on March 15th in the Holiday Inn
       on Stone Road.
     Looking to subsidize ticket costs back to $30.00
     Last year 178 students attended, and event has grown over the past few years.
     Asking $250.00 from CBSSC
     Discussion. Motion for the full $250.00 1st- Greg; 2nd-Avril. Vote: 9-0-2 motion carries

4. OBD: Ontario Biology Day- Noha and Andrea
     last weekend of march 28-30th, 2008
     students from other universities will be bringing in their science projects
      UofG needs to provide food and accommodation for all these students, also to provide
       boards for UofG students, photocopying for booklets with the agenda, abstracts, and
       graduate opportunities.
      Event is open to the public and will be held in the atrium. There will be seminars, talks
       and tours. An agenda will be provided for specifically timed events.
      Asking for $1,000.00 from CBSSC
      ~60 Guelph students will be participating
      last time this was hosted in 1996, and it was hosted at McMaster last year
      fundraising: CSA, CPES, corporate sponsorship from Biology related businesses
      This is relevant for students because it has potential to open graduate and networking
       opportunities. They can also
      Discussion. Motion for the whole $1,000.00 1st- Greg; 2nd- Avril. Vote: 9-0-2

5. Financial Update- Maggie
     Currently have 1600-1250
     $400.00 for board appreciation night each semester but there is a carry over from last
       semester. CBSSC would like to transfer the excess funds to the AGM for pizza instead.
       Asking for input from the board. Discussion: board was in support. No changes to

6. Board Appreciation night
     Location needs to be determined. Discussion. Manhattan’s
     Straw pole: Albion- 0, E-bar- 2, Envy- 6, Manhattan’s- 8
     Motion for Manhattan’s 1st-Andrea; 2nd- Maggie. Vote: 7-2-0. Motion carries.

     New constitution will be presented and elections will take place.
     There will be pizza. All clubs are urged to attend because 50 people are needed for the
      meeting to take place.
     CRC is in progress, changes will be presented only to the board and changes will be
      discussed at the board meeting.
     March 24th at 5:30pm

8. Incoming Club Executives
     We want to have a social night for these students.
     Questionnaires were handed out to provide helpful tips to incoming students. Please
       return the sheets to Erin by the end of the week.

9. Campus Days
     High school students will be coming to the campus to check everything out. CBS wil
      have a location. If your club has leftover merchandise to sell or give away, please give it
      to the CBSSC office before the event.

10. Club Updates
     CBSSC- please sign up to man the booth on Monday March 3rd.
      NANSA- Campbell lecture next Monday. Information is posted on the CBSSC board.
      Micro- t-shirts, planning a Jays trip.
      MBG- brewery trip is having difficulties, talent show on Thursday.
      ESSE- members will be attending the AGM.
      MFBS- bar trip next Wednesday. Tickets are $5.00 and will be on sale soon.

Motion to adjourn
   1st- Avril; 2nd- Muneer
   motion passed by consensus

Meeting ends at 6:22pm

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