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									MAKE $120 EVERYDAY

 A Step by Step Guide to Make at least $120 EVERYDAY from

                            By Patrick Ogidi


You have resale rights to this report now, but must NOT make any alteration.
The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the
date of publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author
reserves the rights to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions.
This manual is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept
any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information.

While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the
author and his referrals cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies
or omissions. Any slights of people or organizations are unintentional.
Without wasting your time, I am going to give you a kick start:

•     A Facebook Account; which is free at www.Facebook.com

•     A Fast track method to grow your fan page overnight; don’t worry, I’ll show
how I do mine.

•     An Account on a CPA network; I’m in love with Peerfly.com

1.    Create a publisher CPA account at Peerfly.com

Update your profile:
The next step is to get your E-mail pin and phone pin.

Simply login to your email for the pin and input it into the space provided. Then,
click on the ‘click here to continue’ have Peerfly call you for the 4 digit pin. Once
you get it, input it into the space provided to finally verify your account.

Once your account is approved, login to your Peerfly account and browse through
all of the offers with “E-mail & Zip submit” offers short forms where you get paid
per lead. The reason for this is because people are most likely to fill out a short
first page form than a long 3 page submit.
I’m in love with such offers like Free Laptop, Free Mobile phones, etc. The reason
is simple, people love freebie and can spare some time to fill out the form!
These offer usually payout between $1.20 to $5. Once you have chosen an offer,
click on the offer name to generate your affiliate link:

Copy it and head over to www.bit.ly to make it shorter.
That gives us something shorter as you can see from the image above. To further
customize the extension ‘cn4wOG’ to something better, you can sign up with the

Once you have your affiliate link cloned, you are as good as go.

Points to note before choosing an offer:

    Find offers that have good looking landing pages that are trustworthy and
     easy to fill out. The less personal information the user has to submit the
     more likely they are to fill out your offer.

    You need to check about the pay out and the conversion rates. Often lower
     pay out CPA offers convert better than higher pay out offers. So, you need
     to take care of this fact too, before picking up an offer. It will make more
     sense promoting a simple zip/email submit offer that pays $1.50 per lead
     and recording 20 conversions daily than promoting an offer of $10 that you
     can only convert 1 or 2 daily.

    Never forget to check the terms and conditions page of any particular offer.
     You need to be well aware of the fact from the customer’s perspective. You
      are advised to check what a customer has to do in a specific CPA offer so
      that you would be paid as a CPA marketer. Knowing the desired action from
      the customers is always essential for you, being a CPA marketer. Companies
      often change the terms & conditions of various CPA offers from time to
      time, and that could make a notable difference in your commission range
      as well. So, be knowledgeable about customer action for every single CPA
      offer in order to promote the offers accordingly in an effective manner.
      Some of the CPA offers are very tough nut to crack, as most of the
      customers fail to complete the action as desired by the company. You need
      to avoid such offers, as you won’t have any chance to make money with
      such offers. Always go for comparatively easier offers in order to get easy
      leads out of your promotional efforts.

    Next think about your promotional activity before taking up any particular
     CPA offer. What are the promotional methods to be used for this particular
     offer? Are you allowed to promote in your preferred mode which in our
     case is the use of Facebook Fan page? You need to well aware of these
     important issues. Some of the companies are a bit strict allowing the
     marketers to opt for some limited promotional strategies only. Though,
     most of the companies are quite liberal about the promotional issues, they
     only care about genuine leads, nothing much. Email marketing, Paid
     sponsored Advertisements, search engine placements are some advertising
     methods in vague to promote your CPA offer. But, some of the CPA
     networks do not prefer using all of them making promotional activity a bit
     selective and restrictive for the marketers.

2.     Create a new Facebook account. Yes, don’t use your real Facebook account
cos it might be banned. For me, I like using a lady’s detail.

Once you account is created, login to your Facebook account and create a fan
page. Here’s the direct link http://facebook.com/pages/create.php
The name of your fan page should attract the type of people who are likely to fill
out your CPA offer. This is one of the most cost effective ways to target people on

For example, in my Fan page at www.Facebook.com/GetFreeLaptop, I used
“Choose Your Colour! Sign Up and Receive a Free Dell Laptop*”

REMEMBER: the name of your page is what attracts your target market. Then go
to Google images and select an appropriate image for your group. Make sure to
find an image that is professional looking (think stock image quality). Save this
image to your desktop. Choose the appropriate category for your page, publish it,
upload your image to the profile picture, and fill out the information on your
“Info” tab.

For my page, I used the following lines on the info tab:
It's no joke!

Test and Keep a Free Dell XPS Laptop For Life!

Simply go to http://bit.ly/GetFreeLaptop

Choose Your Favorite Colour to Have Your Laptop Shipped to You For 100% Free!


3.    It’s time to invite fans to the Facebook page you just created. Here is where
the bulk of the job lies, as you need a large number of fans to make this system

That is to say that the more fans you have, the more chances of people filling out
your offers and the more money you stand to make.

For me, I hire someone to do the work for me at a token while I devote more time
in attacking other hot niches to expand my earning horizon. I only pay $15 for
10,000 fans invitation to my Facebook fan page. That is $1.50 per 1,000!

He only accepts payments via PayPal:
You can use his service by sending your PayPal payments to:

PayPal Email: Peter.shaw999@hotmail.com

After making the PayPal payment, reach him via this email address:
peter.shaw999@googlemail.com with the amount of fans you want to
purchase and your Facebook fan page URL.

However, if you find making the PayPal payment difficult, I have a way out for
you. I can help you scale this hurdle.

You can use our services to process your $15 PayPal payment, while you pay us in

All you have to do is to send us the Naira equivalent of $15 (that’s $15 X N230 =
N3450) into our GTBank account details HERE and we shall help make the PayPal
payments for you.

4.    Once your page reaches 10,000+ people, Facebook will make you verify
that you are the owner of the page. If you do not verify it they will block your
publishing rights to the page, making this whole process a big waste of time.

Here’s how to verify:
Get an account at www.blogger.com.

Post some blog entries.

Use this new blogger domain as your official URL. To do this, simply change the
URL you used earlier on your fan page “info” to your new blogger URL. Don’t
worry; you will change back to your affiliate link after the verification.

Go to your Facebook page and click “Edit Page.” Under “Promote Your Page” click
“Promote with a fan box” and click the Blogger icon. You will then log into your
blogger account and the Facebook fan box will be present on your blog.
Now your page is verified and set to go!


5.     Now that you have more than 10k fans in your fan page and have verified
it, you can start promoting your CPA offer. You can do this by updating the status
of your Fan page or sending out a mass message to all members. To update your
status, put the text portion of your ad into the text field and copy and paste the
link into the link box in the tool bar below the text field. Once your link is attached
and your message is crafted, press submit. This status update will be sent to all of
your fans’ mini feeds and will be available for new fans to see. Don’t forget to mix
your CPA posts with normal posts that fit in with the flow of your page. You want
the fans to think it’s a legit page (which it is) not a spam page. Do the same for

6.     Now that your page is big, create more Facebook pages and use your
original page to drive traffic to those pages. Eventually you will have a large
network of Facebook pages…a network that will eventually span more than 1
million people! You can now drive this traffic wherever you want! Make sure your
users do not become immune to your page updates. If you’re constantly posting
new updates they may get turned off. However, if one CPA offer is doing well,
keep reposting it every other day (Just remove the original update from your page
before you re-submit it). I recommend only a few NEW updates per week per

Now, just imagine that you have picked an offer paying $1 per form submission.

If you do your work well, what do you think will stop you from getting 120 people
out of 10,000 to fill this form?

NOTHING if you ask me!
And if your answer is as RIGHT as mine! Then you are on your way to making
straight $120 EVERYDAY…. from a $15 investment.

The steps mentioned above have worked for me. My own network of pages
continues to grow, so I’m consistently making more money each month. It takes
time to grow your pages and build your network, but once you have it, it’s a very
powerful traffic driving tool that will make you tons of money!

Once you have made your cash and you are set to withdraw, simply use any of the
methods available for you:

Check; if you’ve got a domiciliary account here to deposit the check on.

PayPal; if you have one. If not, get one HERE

             To make more money, Split Test. Profit. Rinse. Repeat.

How I Make $180 a day with YouTube


See you there!


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