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									Diamond ring: few tips to buy princess-cut

Princess cut diamond is created in 1979. It took 3 successive years for research to find a design that can
create a new feature of this precious stone, which had same visual properties as to a round cut
diamond. Nowadays, princess shaped diamond is the second most popular form that is just exceeded by
the round one.

Appearance of the princess diamond ring

In general, this will be look like square or rectangle shape. Top part of the diamond looks in rectangle
shape and rest of the body is same like a pyramid form. Usually, they are not as much expensive as the
round brilliant cut. As there is no need to slice away much of the diamond to provide this type of cut or
to get the desired refined shape, so this can be one of the reasons to become less expensive.

The capability to maintain more crystal weight makes them more popular among cutters of this precious
stone. Generally, the width of this type of precious stone is much small than compare to a round one,
when carat weight is same. Usually, the length of princess diamond is longer than a round shape. In
order to have this exclusive square shape some of the glow is sacrificed.

Different people have different tastes and preferences that may vary from time to time but there are
some least suggestions given below to help you before purchasing a princess shape:

     Cut should be fine.
     Color needs to be good or better.
     Clarity of this precious stone should be much better.

The stones with this type of form are considered sparkling style because this exact cut takes help of the
light with their vertically slanting crest and tent like surface, by bouncing the light in and around the
region of diamond. Normal square cut diamonds are not sparkle as much as princess form stones. Once
you have a look on this type of shape it will be much easy to understand why they got name as brilliant
cut. The carat weight of this type of shape can be as higher as 62% than a round counterpart.

Carry out proper research

There is more to select in an engagement ring other than the diamond cut. You should decide upon the
metal types also like gold, platinum or silver. Internet is the great option to start your search about
various aspects related to engagement ring. You can get suggestions from your friends, relatives or
family members who are more informed about the subject. Always ask as many question as possible
related to metal or stone. Try to visit at a jewelry store and have a glance on all the different metals and
cuts. Do not be afraid to make inquiries with the staff of a jewelry store about any type of ring.

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