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					                   ND Computer Store - Rental Agreement Form

Renter Name: _____________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Date Out: _____________________________ Date Expected In: ________________________

Sales Order #: ___________________ NDid (Students Only): __________________________

Type of Unit(s) rented:

PC Notebook              Qty# ____                 Mac Notebook              Qty# ____

Details of Unit(s) rented with accessories:

Serial Number(s):
1) ____________________________________                              2) _________________________________
3) ____________________________________                              4) _________________________________
5) ____________________________________                              6) _________________________________

By signing below you agree to the following rental conditions:
Title of the rented property is owned by the University of Notre Dame. Any damages occurring while in the possession of the
"renter" are the responsibility of the "renter". No warranty is implied for hardware, software, or accessories rented. All rental
equipment is inspected when checked out, and again upon check-in. Any damages will be assessed at the time of check-in
unless hidden damage is found upon further inspection. Outstanding charges due for rental fees or hardware/software repair
may be applied to ones Student Account if applicable. No warranty is expressed or implied with regard to the safety of data
entered and/or saved on rental equipment. The "renter's" data is their responsibility, and the University of Notre Dame can
not be held responsible for any loss of information by the "renter". All data will be erased upon return of a rental unit. The
University is not responsible for usage charges occurred by renter while using the any dial-up or internet–based service.
Checking out a rental unit verifies understanding and acceptance of these terms on the part of the "renter". These rental
conditions are accepted regardless of rental period being paid for or provided at no charge.

Renter Signature: _____________________________________ Date: __________________

Rates: the ND Computer Store accepts cash/check/credit card, FOAPAL (72591) accounts, and Domer Dollars.
$ 10.00       Per day (for rentals of 2 calendar days or less)
$ 7.00        Per day (for rentals of 3 calendar days or more)
$ 49.00       Per calendar week
$ 150.00      Per month (30 calendar days, $5 each additional calendar day after)

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