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									Wo Erma's victory
Wo Erma,
Wo Erma's victory
Wo Erma, Wo Erma's victory

                       This is one is as long as the athletics story of
half century!
In this passion story, the person that Ceng Chong reveals the dance that
waits for battle of be apt to of many forgive brave like Le Fu of
Kaimate, home. But as the story rise and fall free and easy, gorgeous and
roaring come out, finally, scenic focusing lamp falls in Woerma -- this
alone dance person on the body.
Go up lunar base, the United States " Forbes " the magazine is announced
2002 global plute a list of names posted up, wo Erdu is familial the
asset total value of 5 people rose in all 9.8 billion dollar, achieve the
historical record of 102.9 billion dollar, the whole world that became
the name matches the reality is the richest familial. And newest number
shows, wo Erma of thumb of beautiful retail trade is successive 48 weeks
of creates brilliant military successes, make its 2001 year gross income
amounts to 220 billion dollar, petroleum Company of dust gram Sen Meifu
amounts to first of the rank before exceeding this of 7 billion dollar.
Look, its are in 2002 " the world 500 strong " dial so that head
preparing already became in the rank finality.
Actually, wo Erma's victory just symbolizes. Its declare publicly is worn
the times of unify the whole country of a manufacturer has gone, one
retail the advent that takes the place of for Wang Shi. And Woerma's
history is actually " retail for king " the history! In last centuries 50
time start when, wo Erma counts name of G of sale P £¦ , in those days,
shopkeeper relies on manufacturer to give an opportunity to feed his. But
the data analysis that year after year sells makes clear, manufacturing
industry and the centre of gravity with comparative retail trade are
tilting to retail trade, p £¦ G earns 30 billion dollar one year now, but
it is raised those who come out is retail gigantic alligator earns more
than 200 billion dollar one year however. Can say, wo Erma's victory is
to serving already aid a kind encourage really (should know to be before
1995, the 500 fragrant footprint of world that Jiang Zhonggen seeks
service estate company hard originally) !
England " financial times " ever predicted 10 years ago -- 21 centuries,
the company with the biggest whole world will be traditional steely king
or car tycoon no longer, interlink retail empire burgeoningly however.
Now, the arrogant and domineering of retail trade, the wind that a few
minutes of Wang Zhe already showed first model. However, "Retail for king
" road, was to be full of hardships and trap truly, lofty ideal of how
many retail hero did not propose a toast body predecease, often make
heroic tear full front of a garment. They or it is pre-test all corners
of the country, see momentum is bad and forward cry gold; Or it is to go
to halfway dog-tired however, if chase after day boast father to topple
with a loud crash; Or it is to had be notted become king, die with
respect to the trend.
Objective and character, hero of retail trade bound thering is no lack of
or a fierce and powerful person, but the winner that Woerma became a
loneliness finally, aim declare publicly " retail for king " essence
depends on: Beyond the mark and constrained the cement that covers with
tiles at one brick (domain) day of outspread strategy risk

                       Tall, and strategy of dilate of mouse of cement
dilate strategy, just be the right way that commercial core competes.
Only with IT system (the supply that includes satellitic electron content
to shed location system, efficient circumfluence catenary system,
commodity is carried track system of construction of kinds or types of
goods of system, sale information system, inventory and SP system of
efficient market reaction) support retail business high speed, dimensions
to change the ground to expand quickly in the round, ability gains
incomparable competitive advantage.
Actually, such come saying, wo Erma's victory is very simple. It is the
victory of cost, it is the victory of science and technology, it is the
victory that supplies catenary and the modernest new economy engraft!
The market is analysed piece - - Woerma is abroad hurricane
Experience the 10 abroad force that carry hardships, wo Erma received
international business eventually the happy days that comprehensive
violent wind rises. Newest number makes clear, its overseas added
storefront newly to amount to 107 last year, there is 1170 branch to
distributing below the banner now in the whole world 9 country. So far,
wo Erma already built his huge business empire on the land beyond the
United States sadly.
And what make a person gratified quite is, in the environment with global
gloomy economy, wo Erma is abroad last year the business profit of the
market however violent wind rose 31. £± £¥ , amount to 14. 5.8 billion
dollar, advanced a year, this number is 11. 200 million dollar. Current,
wo Erma is the shopkeeper with Canada and the biggest Mexico, its surpass
American native land company even in Canadian profit margin. Other wait
to score gain in succession like England, Mexico. Bo Rui 40Wo Erma is
such the develop outside labor force, depend on it doing not have other
option at all. Investor is annual sale and profit to Woerma's expectation
all want to grow with the speed of two digit word. The business that
analyst points out to the company is in the United States still is
assuming the role of engine at present, but can last only at most 4 to 8
years. Its are presiding Er of a place of strategic importance of finance
Guan Man says to be after this " the source of main motive force that
international business of Woerma will become a company to develop, the
importance of American business will abate " . Then, wo Erma accuses
support with a large number of silver a series of pioneering works of
department of business of international of in control of of Er of
graceful a place of strategic importance. This includes to execute the
whole world to purchase first on Woerma's history, aim to make trade
through large-scale replenish onr's stock price optimization, quality is
the greatest change.
Meanwhile, the speed of the dilate outside Le Fuhai also is in the home
that follows like shadow photograph with Wo Erma to be carried in the
round fast. Multilateral home is made in the whole world, latter
outstanding achievement already exceeded Woerma even anticipate (domestic
Le Fu is in Europe, inferior, 26 countries and area built American 3280
supermarkets, plus condition of other line of business, its have store of
more than 8800 many chain

                       ) , this is Woerma must be hit wake of extremely
spirit vigilance. Very the example of obvious is, domestic Le Fu is in
Germany one set up shop, wo Erma also followed the past, although
orgnaization of Germany of fertile Er Ma is long-term,do not make money.
Wo Erma's overseas travel also is not plain sailing, the brigade of its
hard Germany sees one spot. The mistake that it makes 90 time depends on
last centuries copying its culture overall " exit " abroad, is not to get
used to local market. March when it Indonesian when, it carries whole and
whole hold from the United States directly with barge in the past. In it
most headaching Germany, wo Erma no matter to resembling £é of A £ì £ä of
such competitor tenacious, still be the association of inflexible, trade
of the supplier is powerful do not have ready-made. Its characteristic to
German consumer also utterly ignorant, german housewife people the care
to the price far of over packets of big packet purchase fun. And the
morning that German employee likes to hide in the toilet to escape Woerma
is held. ¡¡
German nightmare also is brushstroke fortune, this makes Woerma is in
later abroad strategy was changed in be being bought. If be when the ASDA
chain store that bought England 1999, wo Erma lets go the administrative
layer that makes England native land undertakes management to the
company, dog advanced inventory goods systematic transplanting arrives on
ASDA, return its the whole world to purchase a plan to fall, this makes
the commodity of ASDA is able to travel together than place cheap a lot
of. In fact present first job just carries out Mansaier Woerma the
management concept of a few core, be like " daily low " etc, specific
thing flows and operation problem stays wait for local employee freedom
to develop.
Inevitable nowadays is, the fight hand-in-hand that domestic Lefu and
fertile Er Ma are in China already unavoidable. 5 years short, domestic
Le Fu is in China 15 cities opened 28 branches, year sale amounts to 6
billion yuan. Very apparent, strategy of curve of domestic happy blessing
makes it is in China already dialed so that the head prepares in one
battle, and Woerma the Shenzhen at the beginning of this year fine in the
practice of inn, what pulled open New Year to counterattack is prelusive.
Competition still is continueing, its nowhere is absent.
The China austral Wo Erma runs quickly madly
Than the domestic Le Fu of arrogant and domineering, wo Erma all the time
stealthily circuitous the coasting at China, someone says, it is mixed in
familiar environment await WTO. But undeniable is, wo Erma is in do not
have soundlessly between breath, braid the step that is dropped to
countrywide gigantic net at the same time to never stop. ¡¡
Step on chariot of set up shop suddenly
On January 10, shenzhen fine in day of noisy of central ensemble of such
instruments with gongs and drums playing the main part, start business of
store of first community of China of fertile Er Ma welcomes a person.
In the past a year of time

                       In, old of retail trade of this whole world did
not step the birthplace Guangdong of sufficient China to insert the
banner of new store of on one lever in him, but this year beginning of
the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, not thing advocate
ground already tried in the United States old " community inn " notional
belt went to China. The area that give leaves to be not worth the 19th
3000 branches of smooth rice in China to this Woerma, one goes without
what confirm inside the view is, open business first days to have 34. 70
thousand yuan breathtaking take credit, after this day all is sold
maintain in 15 - 200 thousand yuan of interval.
Fertile Er Ma marchs community convenience inn is a new signal! It is
indicating Wo Erma is much industry condition develops simultaneously
jointly, after beginning a life, be in home is new round dilate. Large
supermarket sells field and member inn to be " key link " , the community
inn that small and numerous star spreads all over is " eye " -- Chinese
controller expresses Woerma, "Much " can make up for " small " blemish,
and only " small " ability will be more agile.
Meanwhile, wo Erma opened 8 branches newly at a heat in China last year,
this is equivalent to it counting summation in set up shop of the place
in before entering China 5 years. And going annual end, wo Erma already
began to step on the accelerator of chariot of set up shop suddenly! Last
year in November, wo Erma and limited company of investment of Beijing
Zhongshan great exploit sign one paper to rent cooperative agreement,
indicating old of global retail trade is formal step sufficient capital
to heat up earth, "Head hairdo " choose in Shi Jingshan. And there
already was a message to say before this, ferry of fertile Er Ma families
status the inn location of one branch already decided, the branch that
this management area amounts to 20 thousand square metre predicts this
year autumnal general completion. Additional, wo Erma is right Shanghai
all the time " evil intentions is not dead " , its form already began to
be taken in Shanghai poplar riverside wander. Look, its are whole army
wait for deliver the day that garrisons Shanghai already can be expected
And study location of Wo Erma inn distributing, the extent that we can
discover clearly to Woerma is in China now differentiates graph: Outside
be a center with Shenzhen except Hua Na, the area development pattern
that southwest of fertile Er Ma is center, China north to be center,
northeast to be a center with Dalian with Beijing with Kunming is already
preliminary form. As the practice of the central inn of each area, whole
nation of fertile Er Ma develops the strategy to had spread out.
Change neatly personally
Additional, wo Erma is in China change personally, also let a person see
be happy the American company with abide by abide by the law discipline's
quite agile one side.
These a few years, wo Erma besides outside Shenzhen training qualified
personnel, undertake the adjustment of the market also is undertaking all
the time accommodative China. If make a contrast, can discover, wo Erma
is new opened door store and the store that enter China to open at first
had had not little change, adjustment range includes product construction
not only, still involve management kind, wo Erma is in

                       City of Shenzhen overseas Chinese and Dalian are
new opened store appeared shop (foreign Wo Erma inn does not have shop) ,
and, wo Erma also is mixed retail business of China is same, to the
payment of the supplier, also begin occurrence Zhang period. In addition,
look from the choice of industry condition, wo Erma also begins from
original shopping square to the present change that sells field,
community store greatly. ¡¡
From in those days that justs one begin sells tire, cater to a variety of
adjustment of Chinese market to now, the manager Du Limin of inn of
member of Mu of hill of Shenzhen of fertile Er Ma witnessed its a lot of
change. Du Shui, the first members inn that is in China as Woerma (left
1996) , inn of Shenzhen hill Mu is maintaining the growth of two digit
all the time. Rather at the same time, it is investigated ceaselessly and
cater to the need of the member, be like food drink pack experienced
early or late pack Xiaobao to install greatly, sheet packs the change to
what pack more. And bottom of the year before last year, inn of Shenzhen
hill Mu is unexpected still rebuild area of the 2nd former office very
giant household adorns a center. Prevent manager explanation says, add
double deck, add household center, earthy inn and abroad inn never had
had Woermaben. And the change of all these just results from the building
that flushs ceaselessly all round inn of Mu of contented Shenzhen hill
dish huge demand.
Meanwhile, wo Erma is on strategy of set up shop, also reflected have
neatly degree as unified as what hold to a principle. Can say, what Wo
Erma is in China is outspread, retaining rare discretion all the time. On
one hand it awaits Chinese policy patiently become loose, with discipline
of a pair of abide by abide by the law figure appears before Chinese
government. On the other hand, it does not wish to risk rushed the
venture that develops new market, after all China is too big, what it
should do is: Experiment in Shenzhen go ahead of the rest, extend antenna
again next to extensive hinterland. The occurrence of its community inn,
also be a kind of beneficial attempt. The whole world purchases settle
Additional, china's huge commodity natural resources is a fat that Woerma
does not wish to abandon. Rose this year in Feburary, shenzhen of fertile
Er Ma purchases a center to throw operation formally. Before this,
outside all purchasing, its are wrapped will stop in the round.
According to Woerma (China) Li Chengjie of firm work vice-president
discloses, 2000, the product total that with be being mixed directly
indirect way purchases from China exceeds Wo Erma 10 billion dollar,
among them 80 £¥ come from Guangdong province. These products export
abroad, supply global Wo Erma to sell even locksmith. Li Shui, the sale
of whole world of fertile Er Ma with annual the rate of 20 billion dollar
rises; And be in China purchase also with annual the speed of 20 £¥ is in
increase by degrees. In the plan that expands in future, wo Erma will
continue to purchase a product from China, anticipate purchase

                       The forehead will rise substantially. For this, wo
Erma decides a whole world to purchase headquarters to be moved to
Guangdong from Hong Kong.
Plum the analysis says, before this, whole world of fertile Er Ma
purchases headquarters to be set in Hong Kong, set 4 agency in Taipei,
Shenzhen, Seoul, Singapore, but now, pattern changes greatly. By last
year, whole world of fertile Er Ma purchases headquarters to go to
Shenzhen from Hong Kong change. So far, wo Erma will be base with
Shenzhen, again to the world outspread 20 purchase fortified point. Now
year after Feburary 1, wo Erma will stop the bag outside purchasing, year
sale the commodity of 190 billion dollar will give entirely this whole
world purchases Shenzhen headquarters reachs what what its belong to to
purchase a network to be in charge of. If say at the outset Woerma will
purchase headquarters to be set in Hong Kong, it is nevertheless purchase
pilot word as the whole world with the Asia, after purchasing
headquarters move to reach Shenzhen, wo Erma's whole world is purchased
will be core with Shenzhen, spread out truly in the whole world.
Spreading out the backside that giant and violent strategy plans for base
area with Chinese Shenzhen, actual it is the reform that Woerma is
undertaking. It is beyond the United States, wo Erma was encountered
connect EDI too much (electronic data is exchanged) the supplier that
also does not have; Be in China, wo Erma's largest competition dominant
position -- content shedding course of study cannot be in China be born,
and Woerma is old mainland purchases experience, make it is certain
abandon middleman undertakes a kind be being purchased directly is
purchase way best.
It is the profit that arrived to should organize intermediary when be
attributed to oneself! This is Woerma at the moment the truest opinion.
The development pace that Wo Erma is in China
On August 12, 1996, shop of first of group of China of fertile Er Ma
shopping square and hill Mu member at be in Chinese Shenzhen city at the
same time practice; ¡¡
On October 13, 1997, the 2nd shopping square receives all directions
formally in Guangdong Dongguan city guest; ¡¡
On December 20, 1998, the 3rd Woerma shops square opens business in
Shenzhen; ¡¡
1999, the 4th, the 5th Woerma shops square is mixed in Yunnan Kunming
respectively Guangdong Shenzhen practice; ¡¡
2000, northward headquarters of group of China of fertile Er Ma is thrown
formally at Liaoning Dalian run, open business in this city the 6th
shopping square. Of the same age, the 7th, the 8th Woerma shops square is
in Shenzhen operation.
Woerma purchased headquarters move Shenzhen 2001, this year at the same
time the gross of set up shop is summation of before 5 years. ¡¡
Politic contrast piece - - Wo Erma VS Kaimate: 2001 years of different
Two big tycoons are in the different destiny of 2001 (introductive)
This is how an alarmingly dangerous

                       rich weichis, we already unknown. We know only,
appear before us is -- the fortune that two big retail tycoons are in the
whole world to differ completely 2001.
2001, "Poor inn " the whole world scoops up Woerma suddenly, come very
quickly the whole world 500 strong summit summits, created a raised in
adversity fortune myth thereby! And in the deep Sa with global dejected
economy autumn in, strong opponent triumphant horse of Wo Erma fails to
work hard however especially prop up boil New Year. Going annual end,
kaimate exeunts cloudily with going bankrupt.
The number shows, end a finance January 31, 2002 in year, clean sale of
Wo Erma amounts to two hundred and seventeen billion seven hundred and
ninety-nine million dollar, than last finance year rose full 13.8% ; Net
income again refresh history record, violent wind rose 6% , reach 6.671
billion dollar, namely every accrual 1.49 dollars. Among them, inn of inn
of fertile Er Ma, hill Mu member the business profit of two branch parts
violent wind rose 6% with 9.1% , and the business profit of abroad branch
also rises sharply, hurricane is amounted to of 31.1% .
While ceaseless refresh oneself records Woerma, kaimate achieved the 2nd
big retail tycoon of American however the shopkeeper with the largest
scale on American history goes bankrupt case: On January 22, triumphant
Matt company goes broke to Chicago federal the court applies for to go
bankrupt protection, that day, triumphant Matt stock hands in place to
drop in new York card 60. 34 £¥ ¢Ÿ receives a reply 0. 69 dollar.
Application goes bankrupt protective Kaimate will shut 500 in 2114 chain
store. ¡¡
Flower from adrift water do as one pleases. The different destiny that
retail tycoon is in two whole worlds to was sufferred 2001, hair person
is thoughtful, afford for thought. Differ peacefully with what be apt to
plays the digital game, Zhang that make a holiday, what Kaimate's story
reveals is the prisoner dilemma of a shopkeeper, and again come true
logion of a business circles -- dimensions is not equal to benefit,
dimensions and benefit are not each other is cause and effect, however
condition. And Mu of retail king Sa. That word that Woerduduo says before
New Year, up to now You Er: The key that supplies catenary get the upper
hand of is -- the control cost with should compare opponent better
forever, how many person was accomplished again? ¡¡
One, of discretion of dimensions VS benefit multivariate
Who moved Kaimate (KMART) cheese?
Begin from 1985, the Kaimate that sells success of with one action with
the discount begins to carry out diversification to run the strategy, it
is to professional sale way develops, opened dress of convert into money
to sell chain store and articles for use of household of convert into
money to interlink inn. It is to convert into money the bookshop
develops, opened 898 affiliations bookshop. However

                       , this one inferior its not be the hopeful picture
that advance triumphantly however -- it is shop of Kmart convert into
money together, the client group that serves content, service is
different however, and because lack experience, new-blown specializations
the shop weakened its competition ability instead, let adversary Wo Erma
get a change to step in. ¡¡
Dimensions is one handle Shuang Renjian! Although interlink management
dominant position to depend on dimensions, but means and speed reach
dimensions to still be worth to think carefully with what kind of. From
the point of the phylogeny of American retail trade, came 1955 the gold
that 1975 is development of American discount store period, and arrived
1976, condition of this one industry has begun to enter autumn. Right
now, this triumphant horse is special answering rein in new store opens
business amount, replace form of course of study at the same time. Dan
Kai Ma still goes after dimensions blindly however especially, scanty to
old store at management, cause outdated of store environment difference,
And contrary, at the beginning of 80 time, when Wo Erma company rolls out
storage inn revolutionarily, almost all big shopkeeper disease pace is
caught up with, only alone Kaimate pays no attention. Contrary, they
chose diversity to manage. 1984, it opens dining-room, bookshop, drug-
store to wait, hind because of managing not to be pooh-poohed sell in
succession piece. Till 1988, kaimate just begins to enter storage field,
but when be late already. Be this a year, the net gain of adversary Wo
Erma exceeded Kaimate first. ¡¡¡¡
2, cost VS discount supplies catenary get the upper hand of
Additional, the cost that small effect runs runs a system, it is to make
triumphant Ma special the key of be besieged on all sides.
Kaimate oneself management chronic illness makes his very difficult live
in the crack of competitor of each a person of same business: It did not
have modern other people to flow in that way like Woerma deserve to send
a system, its administrative system is quite outmoded also at the same
time, shop merchandise position is unreasonable also. Not only such, the
management of small effect still brings high administrative cost, 2001
the 3rd quarter, kaimate's management and general affairs charge are in
the scale in cost of sales is 22. 7 £¥ , and Woerma has 17 only. 3 £¥ .
Must be core with benefit in retail management technology today. Kaimate
is supplying a lot of problem that exists on chain link, lose actually
for what come ever since bury played a hint foreshadowing later
developments in a story.
Objective for, wo Erma and Kaimate build those who have his to deserve to
send a center in succession. But look from the effect, what Kaimate does
is not little it is exterior article, far do as Woerma with meticulous
care. Build oneself with Woerma deserve formidably to send central
photograph to compare, kaimate chose a major thing to circulate the
package outside exercise. From short-term look, reduced cost of company
battalion carry it seems that; In the long run, lost the control that
flows to content however, make totle drilling cost rises considerably.

                       , communication establishment of Wo Erma,
motorcade deserves to send a center with it is a whole system, it used
advanced technology not only, more the benefit that assured to realize an
enterprise. Statistic shows, in sale of commodity of every 1 dollar,
kaimate should cost 5 cent in respect distributing money, and Woerma
requires 1 cent many a little bit only.
Additional, when having intense competition with the enterprise such as
Woerma, kaimate collects the look morely in depreciate, and oversight
elevate chain of commodity intrinsic value, provide the field such as
more additional costs for the client. Contrary, the kind that view of par
of fertile Er Ma and contest of pure support low sell is different, they
basically are support cost control, optimize commodity character, improve
a service to wait will achieve oneself goal.
3, the essence of par of management of VS of science and technology
Wo Erma " day balance price " the force that essence still depends on it
never ignoring science and technology.
20 centuries 70 time end, wo Erma begins to use the computer to undertake
administrative; 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, fertile Er Ma
nots hesitate 400 million dollar of investment is gigantic endowment,
entrust cease this the company launched a business to use a satellite,
realized global couplet net, assure with advanced IT deserves efficiently
to send a system to offer for its. Carry global network, headquarters of
fertile Er Ma can be inside 1 hour to the whole world every plant many
4000 branch the stocks of commodity, go up a quantity and sale are total
check, inform truck driver of newest traffic information, adjust the
optimal circuitry of car deliver goods. ¡¡
"The control cost with compare opponent better forever " -- Woerma to
come true it " every balance price " (£å of £ã of £é of £ò of £ð of £÷ of
£ï of £ì of £ù of £á of £ä of £ù of £ò of £å £ö £å ) politic, when
choosing property even, also choose to be located in the area of urban
brim or a wide place in the road only, absolutely not the central a
sector of an area of encroach on city, because the price over there
cannot support its low strategy, in its management target and the accord
that altitude maintained between management strategy. And Kaimate can not
maintain such faithfulness to spend however, although it also flaunts
low, but it is in the new York with most high price however Manhadu
opened two store. Although this is not the key that brings about its to
fail, but management concept what go up with management strategy is self-
contradictory, what exposed Kaimate to understand to par however is
dilettante. ¡¡¡¡
Additional, of Wo Erma " par " watched close together ground to include
two fields: It is ground of leave no stone unturned reduces cost, lower
price; 2 it is to be a client to offer " the service of overflow " .
Above all, wo Erma casts middleman to be purchased directly, think all
method to overwhelm the price the limit clinchs a deal. Next, the company
is highly disciplined, supervise strong, prohibit promote business give
sb a present or be being asked

                       Buyer has a meal, lest buyer injures the public
interest to benefit private interests. Additional, wo Erma also mixes the
freight of goods store up cost falls lowest. Its have 16 to deliver goods
in complete beauty center, establish perigee is added in what be less
than a day of distance from Wo Erma bazaar. Commodity sends directly from
the factory deliver goods center, go to by motion of group of its
proprietary container transport again the Wo Erma branch of each
district, shopkeeper of this kind of similar network " 0 inventory " the
storage charge that the practice makes Woerma can save millions dollar
every year. ¡¡¡¡
4, accrete of labour VS Shang Gongrong is crucial
Additional, look from Kaimate's case, in Kaimate the hardest hour, the
supplier gave it deadly finally biff.
Because the supplier worries about Kaimate's financial standing
generally, be in go bankrupt the Kaimate of the brim meets with again the
supplier's turn one's coat, consumable company announces the Fulaiming
that includes one of its biggest suppliers stop to offer money to its,
prep close behind Fulaiming the pace of the company, sod and
horticultural product manufacturer the company also announces Scot at the
same time stop Xiang Kai horse to offer money especially. Such, the
supplier stops shipment in succession, fail to pay the debt that has
expired furthermore, kaimate arrived to apply for to go bankrupt
eventually protective cropland. ¡¡
It is originally between supplier and shopkeeper already interdepend,
mutual strife openly and secretly, this disappear those grows strength,
talk according to actual strength. Dan Kai was not formed from beginning
to end between Matt and supplier " honeymoon period " , its take up not
only supplier payment for goods is common, and do not pay on schedule
also be accustomed to sth, for the disbursement inside commercial domain
the risk is buried played hidden trouble. And look in Woerma, industrial
and commercial between symbiosis in all the ability of flourish is
crucial. This in all flourish accrete includes: The reasonable profit of
manufacturing industry of upper reaches of the risk that assumes current
link adequately, sufficient take into account, right the product
development of manufacturer undertakes strict guiding.
Purchase in Woerma's whole world in, supplier people once can prove
oneself value, meet a member that is regarded to be a family, wo Erma
emphasizes buyer receiving any bribery absolutely repeatedly, pass even "
the ministry that turn over caustic " will control this one flow. After
the supplier that once affirm,becomes Woerma, the supplier can pass
Woerma's attributive to control a system, sufficient ground, free land
shares his respective product is in the real time sale status of bazaar
of Wo Erma any. Share through this kind, supplier people can plan early
their production, also can offer more favourable price to Wo Erma then.
Actual, the enormous competition advantage that the strategy that binds
together with the supplier brings to Woerma. ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
The reporter comments on:
Chinese retail industry uses 20 years

                       the route that time took the United States about a
hundred years. But examine one's conscience, a lot of problem that
Kaimate exists and we are how likeness: For instance, firm condition is
self-given, do not beg innovation; Blindly diversity is managed; Depend
on price war to regard competition as the method merely, is not a product
of additional cost rise; Overhead expenses is exorbitant; Will many
prepare market fund to be used at highbrow investment, etc. Contrary,
hold sober head, cost is reduced in manage, improve efficiency and
beneficial result, innovate ceaselessly, it is successful experience of
Woerma, also be the alarm bell that Kaimate rings noisy for us.
Additional, oneself information management does not follow Kaimate to go
up of new economy time, bring about its whole competition ability is
abate. And meanwhile, we see, "Chinese commerce 100 strong transformed
summation returns year of devoted information not as good as of Woerma
10% " , the gap with this huge around rings alarm bell noisy to Chinese
business circles again: Pure cement (domain) day of outspread strategy
risk is tall, the chain of condition of a person of same business is
managed be faced with dimensions to bottleneck, high cost moves and run
hot water. In " big fish has small fish " in intense competitive posture,
chinese retail business uses a technology only, build modern other people
quickly to flow deserve to send a system, reducing cost while improvement
is whole the efficiency that supplies chain, through management of price
management, line of the products and the interior that establish form a
complete set management organizes a structure to increase gross profit,
ability enhances the competition ability of whole industry finally.
Manpower resource piece - - " cold face is enthusiastic the small town
uncle of £¢
Till today, the biggest retail company on this world still inspects
itself the everyday archives mouth on a small town, and this perhaps is
its greatest advantage. All the time since, of Wo Erma " small town
complex " all the time dominant is worn the relation between it and
employee. Although its employee rank is such giant, but Woerma still
gives a person a kind " Yan Fu " feeling. Each person that is like here
is to be in of a severe callosity " uncle " work, although people knows
him actually curtilage heart clemency. ¡¡
In Woerma, employee people the share that owns a company likely, also
enjoy high autonomy. Golden ¡¤ Shi Luode is Arkansas Xiluoya
Sipulinsiwoer of Ma shopping square. He revealed his browser very
proudly, it can let all sectional managers know all commodity sell well
and truly how, and compared a situation last year how, how many does
inventory still have, in road how many to still have. These detailed,
timely data make each branch manager turned a small shop into naturally
the boss, resemble doing much store of an independent taxi to run his own
department in that way, and all

  Wo Erma,
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