I will lead the SAE Aero Design competition for by twoturntables


									              Project Proposal
                For The 2008
      Society of Automotive Engineers
         Aero Design Competition

     Kyle Bowell, Joseph Hodgin, Brett Jackson,
     Sean Smith, Steve Sulhoff, Dave Wiedmeyer

Advisors: Mr. Dana Haugli and Professor Steve Holland

        Department of Aerospace Engineering
               Iowa State University
                 30 August 2007

The purpose of this project is to design, build, and fly a model aircraft as part of the Society of
Automotive Engineers Aero Design West Competition. The event is held April 4-6, 2008, in
Fort Worth, Texas. The competition also requires a written design report and an oral
presentation, which are scored along with the performance of the aircraft. The rules of the
competition state that an original design must be used, and there should be minimal help from
faculty or professionals. This competition gives engineering students practical experience
applying knowledge learned in the classroom.


             Part                           Comment                           Cost
 Motor- Jett Engineering         Also need tuned pipe, but must call         $425+
 BSE .76                         for price
 Radio-JR 6102FM + High                                                       $350
 Torque Servos
 Registration Fee                                                              $450
 Transportation/Hotel-Fort       Only gas and hotel are taken into            $1000
 Worth, TX                       consideration because vehicle
                                 cost/fee is currently unknown
 Aircraft/Accessories/Tools      Composites, foam, test materials,            $500
                                 wood. *Guess because type and
                                 cost of composites are unknown
 Total Cost (Approximate)                                                    $2800

Competition Objectives

The open class was chosen for this competition. The primary objective is to build a model
aircraft that will lift the highest gross payload. The Academy of Model Aeronautics limits the
total aircraft weight to 55 lbs. The engine is a reciprocating engine with a maximum
displacement of 0.80 cubic inches. The width of the landing gear, wheel to wheel, is limited to
15 inches. Another restriction is that the take off and landing area will be an undeveloped
airstrip 200 ft long. Once airborne the aircraft must complete one lap while also incorporating a
360º turn in the opposite direction and land on the same runway. The aircraft will earn points for
the weight of its payload, a successful flight bonus with at least 15 lbs payload lifted, and its
error in predicting the payload to be carried.


-Successfully apply engineering concepts learned in the classroom to a real-world problem.
- Gain experience functioning as a team of engineers in order to accomplish a complex, long-
  term task.
- Learn about the aircraft design process. This includes tasks such as preliminary analysis and
  design, prototype building, and performance testing.
-Be competitive with the other teams with respect to aircraft design and presentation quality.

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