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									The soul of well-known trademark depends on innovating
Well-known trademark, innovate,
The soul of well-known trademark depends on innovating
Well-known trademark, innovate, The soul of well-known trademark depends
on innovating

                       The soul of well-known trademark depends on
innovatingBeer of letter of sea Er, sea, Qingdao, bay Ke Ma, double
star... so numerous well-known trademark, have a common name -- " Qingdao
is made " . Current, qingdao shares countrywide well-known logo 15,
product of Chinese famous brand 44, the business that wins countrywide
quality to manage award 5, rank front row of countrywide congener city.
Pitch on is judged in product of Chinese world famous brand, qingdao
carries off in 3 chairs two banquet (washing machine of Er of Hai Erbing
box, sea) .
As Qingdao such " of the brand " mayor, xia Geng thinks, the soul of
well-known trademark depends on innovating. He says, exert oneself
increases own innovation capacity, master the core technology that has
own intellectual property, to ethical brand, it is a major task that must
solve as soon as possible.
Xia Geng says, since reforming and opening, qingdao insists to promote
brand economy development with own innovation, emerge in large numbers
gives a batch to be in have domestic and internationally tell a spent
famous brand product and famous brand company higher, walked out of " it
is dominant, brand to be a target for main body, government with the
enterprise " the way that innovation develops. Henceforth, qingdao
innovates farther perfect city system, increase a business own innovation
ability, executive key technology is broken through, promote brand
economy the standard, the time that force contention influences 10 years,
build characteristic the innovation with bright, driving vigor city.
-- system of perfect research and development. It is join forces
breakthrough give priority to body with center of place of courtyard of
national level scientific research, scientific research and key
laboratory " the tower is pointed " . "The tower is pointed " the
fountainhead that is own innovation, also be urban innovation ability
highest, most of concentration reflect. The key is advantage of
characteristic of oneself of base oneself upon, accelerate breed
orgnaization of scientific research of college of a batch of keys, those
who make enter as soon as possible " national group " cavalcade; Strive
for the key task that the country plans to decide, introduce a batch of
courtyard that can assume national priority discipline are big; Produce
effect of backbone of innovation of knowledge of place of scientific
research courtyard, institution of higher learing adequately, continue to
carry out a key laboratory to build a project, key laboratory of perfect
city class builds position. 2 it is to model what give priority to body
in order to be in black school and domestic and international big company
with all one's strength " tower " . The mainstay business of the
advantage industry domain such as communication of home appliance of key
support information, electron, construction has the center of business
research and development of international level, take an active part in
international competition; Support advanced equipment to make, beverage
of chemical industry of new material, new energy resources, rubber,
biological product, drink, resource uses the advantage company that waits
for industrial domain integratedly, build center of technology of
national level business, form industry innovation center; Support of all
kinds science and technology enterprise to build center of technology of
business of stage of province, city, for enterprise oneself development
provides technical safeguard

                       . 3 it is tamp include power of whole society
innovation " tower radical " . "Tower radical " be " the tower is pointed
" and " tower " carrier, it is to reflect innovation of science and
technology to drive what economic society develops to accept put oneself
in another's position. Develop innovation support and safeguard plan
actively, encourage gizmo of sociality, of a mass character, small
innovation, small creation, raise whole society to share the capacity of
innovation. In the meantime, will pay attention to play medium and small
businesses the main effect in own innovation activity, promote " the
tower is pointed " , " tower " with " tower radical " form Trinitarian,
implementation is benign and interactive.
-- quicken a brand to breed. It is in making brand economy, long-term
development plans, in a planned way, key ground undertakes the brand is
laid in, card of form finished product develops echelon formation. Want
to increase an amount ceaselessly already, continue to hold lead
position, also want to improve quality, breed more Chinese world famous
brand. 2 it is to strengthen brand resource conformity, enlarge brand
effect, outspread a batch, introduce a batch, restore a batch, stereo
brand of compose fortification city group. Push the capital attraction
that is carrier with the brand, attract a brand with the brand, realize
brand assemble, outspread industry catenary, change brand advantage is
market dominant position; Those who increase latent capacity brand breed
strength, breed burgeoning industry brand and brand of contemporary
service line of business energetically. 3 it is effort stimulative brand
to have development of direction of own core technology, take an active
part in level of occupation standard, state and international standard
make, breed a batch can will own intellectual property and technical
standard the mainstay business of organic union.
-- executive key breakthrough. Strengthen primitive innovation and
compositive innovation, insist to be somewhat do not be somewhat,
according to Qingdao actual, executive key is broken through. Reach with
chip of core of information home appliance embedded software is own
research and development attachs most importance to a dot, constituent
integrated circuit is special the technology tackles key problem,
purchase breakthrough. Attach most importance to a dot with research and
development of technology of manufacturing industry of manufacturing
industry informatization, major equipment, highlight crucial technology
introduce digest absorb, purchase breakthrough. It is carrier with the
software park austral Qingdao city and software park of new and high
area, develop software industry energetically, purchase breakthrough.
Study new energy resources replaces a technique, in development one batch
has side of the resource loop of own intellectual property and technology
of second birth key, purchase breakthrough.

  Well-known trademark, innovate,
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