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					The sale strategy of Mcdonald's CMO
Be in business politic, mcdonald's, sale,
The sale strategy of Mcdonald's CMO
Be in business politic, mcdonald's, sale, The sale strategy of Mcdonald's

             Positive-appearing image
ever assumed market of whole world of American Mcdonald's headquarters
the Luo Sen of the ¡¤ that build luck of senior inspector general (Gary
Rosen) , in take up the post of Mcdonald's (China) after limited company
vice-president holds chief marketplace promotion and firm work official
concurrently, changed oneself name richer China olfactory " Luo Kairui "
same, already 30 make historical Mcdonald's with Olympic Games assemble
for years, with Beijing in what not long ago announces the combination of
the Olympic Games indicated 2008 in, the Chinese culture amorous feelings
that conveyed this strongly also to cross place of state-owend enterprise
course of study to understand.
   "Culture of distinctive, innovation, poor
dissimilation, China " , this is Luo Kairui is being accepted "
successful sale " a few words that the mark of Olympic Games combination
that this describes to have Oriental characteristic sector to design when
the special interview uses at most.
   The state-operated in starting sells new strategy
   Q: Mcdonald's enters the time that chinese mainland has
had 15 years, enable this Olympic Games this to set a mark jointly with
BOCOG, whether representing Mcdonald's of another sale strategy brand-new
   Luo Kairui: Yes, this is an important milestone to
Mcdonald's. A few days ago, this new sign will appear in the food of
Mcdonald's dining-room to wrap mount in succession, use conduct
propaganda to give priority to the promotion activity of the problem with
the Olympic Games. In the meantime, this sector mark that is born at
China will spread all over more than 30000 dining-room of world each
district through Mcdonald's, pass to world each district.
   Although I cannot make detailed issuance to this new
sale strategy, but this can say is one makes me very excited plan with
valued sale. We will be aimed at different client crowd with different
kind, for instance the student inside domestic consumer, school, kid that
likes style, 2006 ¡« developed all sorts of market activities that have
specific aim in the round 2008. These sale act that hope we are
engineered meticulously can bring customer with the surprise.
   Q: Mcdonald's rolls out all sorts of act in China
before this, the nutrient composition list that publishs all bill of fare
for instance, begin a kitchen open day, start " those who eat those who
move is good, artful " , " advocate balanced life " the activity that
gives priority to a problem, and large-scale conduct propaganda undertook
on media. This is the market strategy that Mcdonald's is aimed at a
competitor and adopts, be still film of such as record " me what exceed a
code " does brings public opinion pressure make like that?
   Luo Kairui: Every company has his market strategy, I
study without time what the competitor is doing, I care him Mcdonald's
   I think to do not have health and insalubrious food,
have health or insalubrious dietary kind only. The 30 athletes that will
be Olympic Games village all the time for years offerred Mcdonald's in
the past the food of high quality

                       , I feel proud for this all the time. Active way
of life also is advocated all the time since Mcdonald's is long-term,
encourage proper movement. And " I what exceed a code " the author
brought someone else a kind of irresponsible sound, screwy also fact.
   In the next 15 years, mcdonald's still can bring China
customer with more the brand of innovation is experienced, and create
more good repast experience.
   Q: Not long ago, mcdonald's just started in China
another child brand: Must come fast car dining-room, and Dongguan of
Guangdong of first dining-room settle. Why does Mcdonald's open the first
to must come without big city of choice a gleam of fast, what program to
have to the development of this one brand?
   Luo Kairui: The opportunity that offers car dining room
in China has come, and Dongguan is countrywide economy most one of cities
that develop, it is per capita or individual car have a quantity to be in
no matter countrywide be among the best of candidates, and Mcdonald's
must come of fast place east the city zone is the business with the
mainest Dongguan is reached more uptown. This is a very good investment
destination, not allow to miss.
   Must come fast a kind of when will become Mcdonald's to
be in China important trade pattern. Before long you can see, mcdonald's
opens the 2nd in chinese mainland to must come in Shanghai fast; The 3rd
must come fast will hold water at was in Guangzhou in January 2006.
   All-around sale models integrated efficiency
   Q: You once put forward to put the emphasis of sale on
youth and recreational sale. Recreational sale also was 2005 the popular
topic of Chinese sale group. Recreation had what kind of effect on the
brand transmission of Mcdonald's, strategy is there still in Mcdonald's
of this one domain?
   Luo Kairui: Want the language that likes with consumer
and them to communicate, and music is global language, sports, vogue also
is, the person of different age can like. Accordingly, with music, rhythm
means of this kind of recreational attracts customer, can let consumer be
in joyous amusement while the brand that naturally admits Mcdonald's,
establish the close tie with consumer.
   In Mcdonald's " I like " in transmission, have namely "
true life day female " (such American combination uses DestinysChild) at
the whole world to travel, also the Wang Lihong that starts in Chinese
this locality is deduced. 2006, mcdonald's can continue to use musical
form, find the optimal channel that communicates with consumer.
   Q: Mcdonald's pays attention to the integrated path of
all sorts of sale means very much.
   Luo Kairui: Integrated sale is a kind of the most
important way that an any companies publicize a brand. Independent
information causes the resonance of consumer not easily, because this
must find all sorts of crossing of the activity, make its collective
produce effect, such effects

                       More apparent.   
   Q: Mcdonald's also searched associate of a few sale to
have the associated sale of the brand in Chinese this locality, the most
apparent move like China " use feeling belt " . Mcdonald's has what kind
of level in respect of choice sale associate, what is there to plan in
this respect future?
   Luo Kairui: The market always is change, because this
should be in proper when the associate with proper choice. This kind of
collaboration has long-term, also have short-term, depend on the movables
of brand each other before how letting both lays greater benefit.
   Mcdonald's has long-term sale associate in the whole
world, be like Coke Cola; And be in China, mcdonald's and " use feeling
belt " form an alliance, just have time of a year only. Relative to
character, although time of a year is very brief, but the preeminent
company that we hope to be able to be in China and place very much
establishs long-term strategic collaboration relationship, achieve " 1 £«
1 2 " purpose.
   Q: Innovation is the biggest challenge of pair of sale
personages forever. Regard an in control of as the CMO of the Mcdonald's
of whole China business, how do you yourself hold this kind of position
that innovates continuously?
   Luo Kairui: These my China work in the same placing can
pose new challenge to me everyday, this is decision-making to mine it is
crucial. I am a person only, and the person that there are a lot of
people to be able to face offset of the market, face to expend directly
everyday in my group, they always can bring new information and new think
of a way to me. Our group helps me achieve the best power of innovation

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