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									Upright and foursquare: Specialization the diversity road on the
Upright and foursquare,
Upright and foursquare: Specialization the diversity road on the
Upright and foursquare, Upright and foursquare: Specialization the
diversity road on the foundation

                       Come from some kind of meaning say, the technology
of Founder was brought to the Chinese proud with honor. Today, after the
ablution of the labour pains that experienced development and diversity,
founder still is enterprise of a high-tech, the development strategy
fixed position of Founder is: Go specialization the diversity road on the
foundation. The high-tech industry that insists to develop to be given
priority to with IT namely while, combine financial sth used to one's own
advantage, enter certain and traditional industry selectively, seek
actively span type develops, do Founder solid, do strong, do big, make
the industry group of an internationalization.
When Wei Xin of Founder group president is accepting a reporter to
interview, right the following 5 keywords were made elaborate, what can
feel from which is him of a few crucial questions in getting tribal chief
the other side to developing as Founder think.
Founder is " technology, knowledge, study " enterprise, its
characteristic is to own own intellectual property, there is an advantage
quite on the technology. Founder advocates technology, the route that
Founder takes is ability, labour, trade, "Ability " be to be put in the
first, should search more applied fields for the technology, and to high-
tech enterprise, market of a lot of moments should be created by the
Wei Xin thinks, a company grows, depend on 3 standards: The first product
that should see a company whether the demand bearing be identical with
the user; The 2nd user that should treat product place to be aimed at
buys capacity continuously; The 3rd product that should see a company
owns own intellectual property, do not have market competition ability.
Founder group is the has intellectual property oneself technology that
depends on Mr. Wang Xuan ability development expands, have experience
greatly to this so. Publish a system to the traditional business electron
of Founder, will judge with afore-mentioned standard, discover it was had
this at 3 o'clock.
Innovation is the first vitality of the enterprise, do not have Founder
without innovation. Wei Xin thinks, resemble Mr. Wang Xuan the sort of
epoch-making innovation, very easy research and development does not come
out, the likelihood needs to cost 10 - 20 years ability considers to come
out. Founder group is in the development course of oneself, realise those
who have place of own core technology to bring adequately a variety of
Two example showed this. Founder owns the composing system of crucial
technology, held system of composing of whole world Chinese the market of
90 £¥ above, entered the publication system market of Japan and Korea
successfully. Lead by Beijing University Founder " Chinese character
information processing and presswork revolution " rank the Chinese
Academy of Engineering to judge go out " technology of major project of
20 centuries our country is accomplished " the 2nd; Because the page of
development describes a language to explain control system has distinct
technical advantage,

                       Intense printer market was competing to win
position very quickly after the laser printer product of own research and
development rolls out Founder.
Innovation should have the innovation on the technology not only, have
the innovation on the system, innovation of management field even.
The first in developing the strategy, encounters trouble of Founder,
specializationing namely still is the problem of diversity.
Specialization and diversity, it is two kinds of different management
pattern actually, have its advantage and inferior position severally.
Wei Xin thinks, any industries can have curve of a lifecycle. When
located industry enters maturity to be about to ebb, the company must
think two roads: One is to pass a technology to go up, on the market, the
ceaseless innovation on management, make located on the curve that the
industry transfers to rise to another; Another road is conduct the
business other and burgeoning trade, create prospective cash to flow into
with existing natural resources. Diversity management target should be in
namely appropriate when, introduce the company the industry that has
development latent capacity more.
To Chinese enterprise, diversity is the only way after many successful
companies grow certain level, correct diversity develops the profit space
that can think business start is new, reduce market risk effectively.
But, cannot be diversity and diversity.
Regard a high-tech as the enterprise, also should have gone to cross the
way that the industry develops. Cost of high-tech company labor power is
quite high, when core technology forestall only ability profiteers,
otherwise crisis of hard to avoid 4 bend over. If can be with high-tech
brand,rely on, the ascendant industry to the tradition is outspread,
create the market with the brand, can appear " Oriental not bright west
is bright, black south has north " management situation.
Specialization the company has two kinds normally: One kind is miniature,
be in for instance this Feng Tian, cropland has one all round Motor
Corporation large quantities of such small-sized specialization company,
the dimensions of a few people, do not beg dilate, but seek profit, one
action is little, take a day, have own core technology; Resemble £ì of £å
of £ô of £î of Microsoft, I large-scaly, not only have own core
technology, dimensions of product of place experience domain special also
Accordingly, of outspread sex large specialization the company should
have 3 requirement: The domain industry dimensions that the company
enters wants big; Oneself should have the core technology that achieves a
gender formerly; Want to have the advantage of internationalization. Look
from the history, founder is in inchoate it is a specializationed
company, the laser that relies on Mr. Wang Xuan takes a technical name,
because have core technology,make the development of Founder had tendency
of an index growth. We are the earliest be to do laser to take a platoon,
those who do is high-tech product, an enterprise needs

                       Technology and government admit jointly, the
technology of Founder is very comprehensive, the laser that does not have
Mr. Wang Xuan in those days takes the word that discharges this
technology, do not have today's Founder. Technology of core of it serves
to show is right the importance of high-tech enterprise. But, the market
field that because stimulate place of the optical technology that take a
platoon,involves is narrow, if we are holding laser in the arms to take a
platoon to death, other did not do, such companies expand with respect to
impossible development.
Normally dimensions compares diversity company big, do diversity company
to want to accord with the following 6 principles: Diversity ought to be
built in specialization over the foundation; Want to have clear
understanding and analysis to entered field, and should have appropriate
opportunity; Want to have certain professional group; Entered field ought
to be to rise period, or resource sex (include to manage chartered right)
industry; Oneself wants penetrative very strong company culture and the
operation management system that match to it; Want to have enough capital
According to above 6 principles undertake the diversity of Founder group.
Diversity a corollary, it is integrated to showing some business and new
business to undertake and subsequently and the company that come
organizes a framework adjust. Founder group business recombines with
constituent framework imperative. Each subsidiary each does things in his
own way previously, cannot integrated the advantage of each respect
agrees as whole external. For example, founder group produces nearly 2
million video every year before, but sell went out, and did not make with
the computer of Founder computer fall in a frame with marketing undertake
operational, this is to the integral actual strength of Founder group one
kind is weakened.
Should finish at present include Founder industry to accuse finance of a
group, Founder to accuse software of a group, Founder to accuse
investment of a group, Founder to accuse a group inside 4 big industries
accuse a group recombine. New organization framework is in will " move on
control advantageous position, transfer to a lower level of right of
administration " while accomplish effectively " unite 5 times " . The
Founder group henceforth leads a layer, the assurance of overall
situation of company of with a view to and control, and entire troops
under one's command of right of administration puts each subsidiary. This
" unite 5 times " can make Founder group real thoroughly remould oneself.
The industry that just having at present is integrated, highlighted two "
clear " : It is to make the structure of group from above to below very
clear, make the administrative pattern of each function branch and
administrative framework clarity turn the group; 2 it is the industry
direction that makes we are engaged in more clear. Must insist to give
priority to course of study with IT, must hold to development to own
intellectual property has the industry that starts a technology formerly.
A when adjust the mainest purpose, it is the adjusting control ability
that Founder group should enhance pair of subordinate companies, the
change goes that

                       Kind resource the state of dispersive, in a state
of disunity, accomplish the conformity of whole group, improve the
integral beneficial result that group natural resources configures.
Wei Xin thinks, in the development process of high-tech company,
technical product and capital are run is two wheel, need coordinates
development. Technical product is a foundation, capital is run include
asset to recombine, financial conduct financial transactions, advocate if
give technical product bankroll support and finance,serve. Founder future
wants industry and capital two wheel turn together, go specialization the
road of the diversity dilate on the foundation. But Founder is not the
machine that a capital runs absolutely, its purpose is to make high-tech
business has great progress. My individual is very admiring the mode of
GE, can do so big, still will get the point of view that develops from
the technology henceforth, the way that runs through capital comes true.
Technology of past Founder lay particular stress on this one wheel, so
wheelbarrow goes so smoothly as two wheel. These two wheel turn at the
same time only rise, apace of ability of a company runs ahead. If an
enterprise, do not know capital to run, so the company is little a wheel,
its development is met lopsided.
One of the biggest characteristics of high-tech industry are the tall
redound market that has future, accordingly, the enterprise should be
accumulated through oneself technology actual strength and technology
first, discovery has the project of the future very much, next the
security market with efficient, fair repass undertakes financing, because
this project gets capital supports and develop quickly, develop then make
an industry or a of the industry good component, provide worth while and
gratified value get one's own back finally for investor.
Meanwhile, in business development process, may discover other company
has a project that has an outlook very much, and oneself company is not
had, and wait for a respect from time, cost, technology measure
integratedly, the company that also allows oneself hard imitates
development from the beginning, this kind of moment, can be bought
through capital and means, come in the company that brings into them
oneself, make the company's new point of growth.
Run through capital have a company and buy, should put jumping-off place
what propping up new technology to extend manage with real business on.
Founder is run through capital realized extensive professional work to
extend, include broadband, communication, system compositive and the
business of domain of a few new material. In the meantime, of the
enterprise buy due while benefit retains company core competition ability
at be in, breed new core competition ability. Founder place is engaged in
buy, basically be to be based on a such principles.

  Upright and foursquare,
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