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TD-SCDMA principle_43284 by heku


									TD-SCDMA principle
TD-SCDMA principle
3g, TD-SCDMA principle

                       TD-SCDMA (the technology of the location that pile
up cent of time synchronism) standard of the 3rd acting mobile is academy
of MII telecommunication science and technology (show big Tang Yi to move
communication equipment limited company) below the support that is in
charge of a branch in the country, the has particular distinguishing
feature 3G communication level that raises according to old research. It
is China the first international communication level that has completely
own intellectual property, correspond to the sense of milepost is had on
phylogeny and will produce far-reaching effect in our country, it is the
major breakthrough of course of study of whole China communication. Of
TD-SCDMA put forward to get the company such as UniCom of
telecommunication of Chinese shift, China, China at the same time support
energetically and help. This standard file allows in mark of our country
wireless communication group (CWTS) revise finally after finishing, via
approval of former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, refer ITU at
representing our country in June 1998 (international Telecommunication
Union) organize with relevant international standard. TD-SCDMA is
advantage of technology of collect CDMA, TDMA, FDMA at capacity of an
organic whole, system utilization rate of big, spectrum is high, the
mobile technology with the strong capability that fight faze, it used
intelligent antenna, combination to detect, radio of relay switch,
synchronous CDMA, software, low pile up a rate, a long time system of
frequency of unoccupied place, alterable enlarge, get used to power to
adjust oneself wait for a technology. TD - the spectrum distributive that
SCDMA transmits directional time domain to get used to resource
allocation to be able to obtain independence to concern at symmetrical
business load oneself is optimal utilization rate. Accordingly, TD -
SCDMA is passed optimal the allocation that gets used to resource oneself
and optimal spectrum efficiency, supportable rate arrives from 8kbps all
3G business such as the speech of 2Mbps, Internet. In final version, the
plan makes wireless network of TD ¨D SCDMA and INTERNET direct be linked
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