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									TD, SCDMA mobile phone
TD, SCDMA mobile phone
3g, TD, SCDMA mobile phone

                       What is TD - SCDMA
TD - the Chinese meaning of SCDMA piles up minute of location to be
received for time synchronism, this communication technology also
attributes the technical level of a kind of wireless communication, it is
be put forward by Chinese first time and in this wireless transmission
technology (RTT) cooperate with international on the foundation, finished
TD - SCDMA standard, a when make CDMA TDD standard, this is pioneering
work of Chinese mobile bound, also be the contribution that China
develops to the 3rd acting mobile. In the competition of the 3G level
that raises severally with Europe, United States, the TD- SCDMA that
China puts forward makes one of global 3G standards formally already,
this mark is worn China has entered the world to precede in mobile
domain. The main technique of this plan is centered in hand of department
of big Tang Gong, its design consulted duplex operation of TDD (time) the
time domain mode on not didymous frequency band.
TDD mode is to be based on what repeat implementation of TDMA frame
structure periodicly in wireless channel time domain. This frame
structure is divided to be a few time slot again. Below TDD mode, can
come true conveniently on / the ground between link of be issued to lower
levels is agile switch. The prominent dominant position of this one mode
is, going up / the time slot between link of be issued to lower levels
allocates can be nodded to change by an agile changeover, in order to
satisfy different service call. Such, apply TD-SCDMA this one technology,
go up through neatly change / the changeover dot of link of be issued to
lower levels can realize all 3G to be mixed symmetrically asymmetrical
business. Pattern of likely operation of TD-SCDMA time domain can be
solved by oneself all semmetry and asymmetrical business and of any
mixture business on / the problem of resource allocation of link of be
issued to lower levels.
The wireless transmission program of TD ¨D SCDMA is flexible the ground
is integrated FDMA, transmit a method basically TDMA and CDMA. Be united
in wedlock through detecting with combination, it is behaved in
transmission capacity respect extraordinary. Through introducing
intelligent antenna, the capacity still can rise further. Intelligent
antenna decided tropism to reduce the frequency between Xiaoou by right
of its answer the interference that generates with place, offer taller
telephone traffic through taller frequency reusability. Be based on
business flexibility of height, wireless network of TD ¨D SCDMA can pass
wireless network controller (RNC) receive commutative network repeatedly,
include definition of commutative business place as be being mixed to
circuit in 3 acting mobile in that way. In final version, the plan makes
wireless network of TD ¨D SCDMA and INTERNET direct be linked together.
TD - the advanced mobile and wireless system that SCDMA place presents is
to be aimed at the semmetry below all and wireless environment and
unsymmetrical 3

                       G business place designs, it moves on not didymous
radio frequency spectrum. TD - the spectrum distributive that SCDMA
transmits directional time domain to get used to resource allocation to
be able to obtain independence to concern at symmetrical business load
oneself is optimal utilization rate. Accordingly, TD - SCDMA is passed
optimal the allocation that gets used to resource oneself and optimal
spectrum efficiency, supportable rate arrives from 8kbps all 3G business
such as the speech of 2Mbps, Internet.
TD - SCDMA is TDD mode, there is the characteristic of its oneself inside
applied limits: The floating rate that is terminal suffers the limitation
of speed of existing DSP operation to be able to accomplish 240km/h only;
2 be base the station enclothes radius to be able to be amounted to in
utilization rate of the spectrum when 15km less than and systematic
capacity optimal, in user capacity not be very large area, base the
station is the biggest enclothe can amount to 30 - 4km. So, TD - SCDMA
suits to be used in city and outskirts of a city, in city and outskirts
of a city these two inadequacy all are not affected use actually. Because
be in city and outskirts of a city, speed is less than 200km/h commonly,
city and density of population of outskirts of a city are high, because
of the reason of the capacity, village radius is in commonly 15km less
than. And when country and large area are enclothed completely, using
WCDMA FDD means also is appropriate, because this TDD and FDD mode are
each other,be additional.
Personage of know the inside story discloses, the TD-SCDMA network test
that gets attention fully will begin dimensions to put number next week,
total amount is in 20 thousand the left and right sides, 3 ground will
become island of emperor of Qingdao, the Qin Dynasty, Baoding area of the
brunt that put number, specific nevertheless extend process arrangement
is unspecified.

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