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Superior bad discard and survival of the fittest_38490


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									Superior   bad discard and survival of the fittest
Business   management,
Superior   bad discard and survival of the fittest
Business   management, Superior bad discard and survival of the fittest

                             People often
says, market competition is superior bad discard. But think carefully,
what is " actor " , what is " bad " ? This appears very bright the
question answers hard really.
    In Zhang Xizhen (insanity) go up by the side of
the Xiaolu of home town, growing a kind of everybody calls it " dogskin
gathers up child " careless (what does formal name call, insanity still
does not know) , this kind of grass is in " the car grinds a person to
step on Ma Fu to step (the line of Zhang Xihua of my eldest brother) " on
alley edge, always become piece into piece tenacious growth is worn, and
often embezzlement arrives in the center of not quite wide path come.
Some day of insanity and friend Jiang Hongliang break out crank: In why
arriving home this kind of soddy transplanting, a small lawn is built in
the home! Two people say to work, scoop in alley edge a soddy transplant
arrives on a clearing in Home Jiang Hongliang, jiang Hongliang often
still waters it fertilization. But after period of time, the problem came
out. Be in what all of one suit goes up by the side of Xiaolu originally
" dogskin gathers up child " in sod, grew a lot of fireweed now. At the
beginning Jiang Hongliang still thinks through pulling out artificially
the method of fireweed maintains this lawn " pure " , can be fireweed is
long too fast, unplug do not unplug, be forced to abandon finally
disregard. After half an year, insanity sees this to Home Jiang Hongliang
again " lawn " , had been " 100 careless garden " , cannot find what
think vitality is the strongest so actually among them " dogskin gathers
up child " .
   Why to fall in the sort of harsh environment side
Xiaolu, "Dogskin gathers up child " what can grow is very good, and
transplant is excellent in, water it fertilization, caress meticulously
to it, didn't it live to go down instead however?
    Insanity and friend discuss a long time, realize
eventually understood, this " dogskin gathers up child " special
competence, can be able to bear or endure particularly namely " trample "
, get ceaselessly in alley edge " trample " in the environment, other
fireweed cannot bear, cannot live, became instead " dogskin gathers up
child " " heaven " . And change a relatively superior environment, the
limitative element that other weeds grows was done not have, and "
dogskin gathers up child " the nature is to sticking the ground to grow,
cannot compete with other fireweed " headroom " sunshine bounty, be
enclothed by fireweed gradually, lost those who live " influence " . This
can make remember " black tornado " meet " in billow white " scene,
"Advantage " play does not come out in appropriate environment.
   Still listen to Ai Feng to make a speech once, ai Feng
asks authority, "The tiger is fierce or mice is fierce " , ai Feng says,
"Mice is fiercer than the tiger " , everybody laughs. What actually Ai
Feng says is reasonable, from the point of individual doughty sex, mice
cannot be compared with tiger photograph of course, but, in the
environmental change process that in human development the activity
brings, the tiger is fed

                       Source of goods and materials decreases gradually,
the tiger also is in chronic hunger drop off, became finally " protective
animal " . The word that uses Ai Feng says, "The tiger is very pitiful "
. And Where is mice? Although people is in every day,try to eliminate
them, but they can keep away from the mice medicine of people and
bludgeon, find many food natural resources, ceaseless multiply haunt. Who
" actor " who " bad " , who most " fierce " , so easy still answer?
   Advantage and inferior position, contact with ambient
conditions photograph so.
    In ecology, have " zoology " concept, the
definition that the biologist gives out is: "Zoology the interval limits
that is the change of different environment factor that shows biology
suits to live in the environment. " (Yang Dong just wait, 2004) this
definition very " learning " , insanity gives change common nonstandard
view: "Zoology " be the harmony that points to species and environment
and unified, be species and environment " agree " . The specific time
place that every biology species has to suit oneself to live most in
long-term struggle for existence, space position and functional position.
Species is taller to the fitness of resource and environment, criterion
the pressure that its live is less.
   Look so, darwinism is alleged " superior bad discard "
it is a fuzzy concept really, extortionary cover this concept, can be
only " get the better of " person regard " actor " , " be defeated "
person regard " bad " , what be equal to to also did not say actually.
   The enterprise is in the life of higher administrative
levels to exist than organism as, also should imitate is natural,
comprehend a few enterprises from which live the path of development.
   The understanding of insanity is, not " superior bad
discard " act according to to criterion, darwinism is actually medium at
the back of this back-to-back word " survival of the fittest " just be
withstand test " the truth " . Place of positive-appearing image the
ancients says: Courser can adventure, agrarian cropland is inferior to an
ox; Firm car can carring capacity, cross a river to be inferior to a
boat; Abandon long with short, wisdom person be a hard job to seek; Raw
material is expensive applicable, careful do not make excessive demands
    Management enterprise, want above all "
understanding yourself " , find oneself advantage gene, him avoid weak
force gene, be in like Collins " from outstanding to outstanding " in
tell in that way, find oneself " hedgehog concept " . Next, should as far
as possible avoid to happen with other company " zoology jackknife " , do
not think oneself are a certain domain " superior " person, without any
consideration the zoology domain of the person that enter inferior
position be regardinged as by oneself, be careful " dragon defect
decharge gets shrimp play, the tiger falls level land meets with canine
bully " ; Cannot enter blindly more " strong " person feudal, become big
fish dauntlessly to take the victim of small fish. Although won't
complete escape competes, but as long as likely, have to keep away from
of the competitor restrict,

                       Avoid bilateral and meaningless contention, use
the resource that still has no adversary competition, build oneself not
to produce jackknife with other company " zoology " , or be in what
overlap lesser as far as possible " zoology " in live development. The
3rd, after the advantage gene that uses oneself forms his characteristic,
should match in him oneself characteristic and environmental element
photograph, agree " zoology " in become " the most comfortable " person,
expand oneself special capacity ceaselessly, become the dominant position
that other company cannot compete to it, say like father place, "The
husband is not contended for only, criterion the world not is contended
for to it " . Find the environment that fits most, do the business that
fits most, just be management highest wisdom.
   The work that Heermanximeng did not cause how many
person that to take seriously in him " invisible champion -- the whole
world 500 beautiful are anonymous the successful line of the company "
final summary says: "Invisible champion company is the route that takes
his development " . Those who tell is this truth.

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