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Wednesday, 26 March
All Plenary sessions will be held in the Concert Hall
             Acknowledgement of Country - Ms Loueen Triffitt, Tasmanian Aboriginal Education Chairperson
             Introduction to the Conference Committee - Ms Catherine Hughes and Mrs Sue Wise
             Welcome - Dr Peter Carey, National President AACC Inc
             Official Opening: The Hon Minister Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Employment Participation
             Group Training Award presented by The Minister for Employment Participation and GTA CEO, Mr James Barron
09.30        Keynote: A career development perspective on the effects of globalisation - Ms Vivienne Brown, Head of Policy and Strategy, Careers Scotland
10.15         Morning Tea
10.45        Keynote: Changes to post-year 10 education in Tasmania - The Hon. David Bartlett MHA, Minister for Education, Tasmania
11.30 Concurrent Workshops (6)
 A: CONCERT HALL                                        B: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 1                             C: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 2
 Reflective practice workshop: what does                Using the student e-portfolio as a learning          Climb every mountain: Facilitating clients to
 globalisation mean for practice? - Ms Vivienne         tool to assist in the transition to employment       find their dream - Dr Sharon Crozier, University of
 Brown, Careers Scotland                                - Mr Col McCowan OAM and Dr Fran Finn,               Calgary, Queensland
                                                        Queensland University of Technology
 D: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 3                               E: CHANCELLOR 6 - RESEARCH                           F: HARBOURVIEW 1
 Today’s students – Managers of their own               11:30 Career stages and transitions: the             Fly on the wall..... (DEEWR)
 life, learning and work - Mr Stuart Harvey &           extent of cultural influence - Dr Nithya
 Mrs Viv Ride, Tasmanian Dept of Education              Tharmaseelan, University of Auckland, NZ
                                                        11:55 Occupational aspirations and gender
                                                        stereotypes of rural Xhosa-speaking South
                                                        African children - Professor Mark Watson,
                                                        Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South
                                                        Africa and Dr Mary McMahon, University of Qld
                                                        12:20 Urban versus rural perceptions
                                                        and perspectives on careers - Dr Gudbjorg
                                                        Vilhjalmsdottir, University of Iceland
12.45     Lunch
01.30     Keynote Panel: The Career Landscape: A global perspective (Chair - Mr Peter Tatham). Panel: Mr Mike Geeves (President) CICA,
          Ms Vivienne Brown (Scotland), Ms Tannis Goddard (Canada), Ms Glenys Ker (New Zealand), Dr Janet Lenz (USA)
02.30 Concurrent Workshops (6) PLUS Field trips to INCAT and Liferaft Systems Australia
 A: CONCERT HALL                               B: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 1                         C: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 2
 How to help your clients write resumes that   Responding to career climate change - Ms         Indigenous students and industry: Finding
 grab the employer’s interest                  Carole Brown, Individual Career Solutions and Ms pathways that work - Ms Coralie Boyd and Jenny
 - Mr Rupert French, The Job Winners                    Jenni Proctor, Career Clarity                        Mostram Local Community Partnership, Alice Springs
 D: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 3                               E: CHANCELLOR 6 - RESEARCH                           F: HARBOURVIEW 1
 Student/client resistance to career planning:          02.30 Influence, control and predictability:         Promoting a career development culture in
 common problem – shared solutions - Mr                 Am I asking too much? A chaotic answer               schools
 Frederick Stokes-Thompson, Flexible Learning Centre,   - Prof Jim Bright, ACU National and Prof Robert      - Mr Bruno Pileggi, AGQTP Career Development
 University of South Australia                          Pryor, ACU National and Congruence Pty Ltd           Programme,Department of Education and Training
                                                        02.55 Career decision status and important
                                                        work outcomes: Five years on ... - Dr Joanne
                                                        Earl, University of NSW
                                                        03.20 Decision-making styles, career
                                                        competencies and barriers to progression - Dr
                                                        Sally-Anne Barnes, Dr Jenny Bimrose, University of
                                                        Warwick UK
03.45        Afternoon Tea
04.15        National Career Development Week 2008 - Karen Penrose, CICA NCDW Event Manager
04.45        AACC Inc Annual General Meeting
06.30        Film Evening
07.00        Mystery Dinner

                                                                      AACC National Career Conference 2008 Registration Brochure                               12
Thursday, 27 March
All Plenary sessions will be held in the Concert Hall
             Schools Quality Outcomes, Youth and Transitions, Ms Rebecca Cross DEEWR
             ACS Judith Leeson Award for Excellence
             Keynote: Translating theory to practice: A cognitive information processing (CIP) approach to career development and services - Dr
             Janet Lenz, Program Director-Career Advising, Counselling, and Programming, Career Centre, Florida State University, USA
10.15        Morning Tea
10.45 Concurrent workshops (6)
 A: CONCERT HALL                                        B: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 1                             C: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 2
 Effective career services for all clients:             From here to there: Gaining careers                  A beginner’s guide to providing e-guidance - Mr
 Practical tools and techniques for career              experience before leaving school - Tasmanian         Russell Booth, Career Change Ltd, New Zealand and Past
 practitioners - Dr Janet Lenz, Career Centre,          LCPs, SCOPE, Local Community Partnerships            President of CPANZ
 Florida State University, USA
 D: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 3                               E: CHANCELLOR 6 - RESEARCH                      F: HARBOURVIEW 1
 Career counselling and career coaching                 10.45 Career ethics: Corporate responsibility Career conversations - DEEWR
 practice under the microscope of                       and sustainability in career decision-making
 practitioner standards and continual                   - Ms Rosemary Sainty, University of Sydney
 improvement - Ms Judy Denham, Edith                    11.10 Understanding the Practitioner
 Cowan University, WA                                   perspective in building confidence using labour
                                                        market information - Ms Lucy Marris, Dr Jenny
                                                        Bimrose, Institute for Employment Research, UK
                                                        11.35 Social justice and career development:
                                                        Views of Australian Career Development
                                                        Practitioners - Dr Mary McMahon, University of
12.00        Keynote: The other side of 55 - Ms Martha Russell, Director, Russell Career Services, Battleground, Washington, USA
12.45        Lunch
01.30        Keynote: Career counselling: Storying new identities - Dr Mary McMahon, Lecturer, University of Queensland
02.15        Concurrent Workshops (5) PLUS Field trip to the Hands-on Energy Centre
 A: CONCERT HALL                                             B: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 1                             C: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 2
 The other side of 55: Expanding the career                  Online career counselling: A new approach            The career landscape: From island to global
 landscape for mature workers - Ms Martha                    for constructing individual stories in a global      work transitions – The career lifespan. The
 Russell, Russell Career Services, Washington USA            environment - Ms Tannis Goddard, Training            formative years - Ms Kate Castine, APAPDC, Ms
                                                             Innovations, Canada                                  Jayne Shortt, Kildare College SA, Robin Stickland,
                                                                                                                  Vermont Primary School Vic, Ms Lynne Rushton and
                                                                                                                  Ms Deborah Beswick, Elizabeth College Tas
 D: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 3                                    E: CHANCELLOR 6 - RESEARCH
 Career counselling: Storytelling and identity               02.15 Locating the researcher and practitioner: Auto ethnography as a method for
 - Dr Mary McMahon, University of Queensland                 reflexive research and practice - Mr Peter McIlveen, University Of Southern Queensland
                                                             02. 40 Supervisory and reflective practice: The role of e-portfolios? - Dr Jenny Bimrose,
                                                             Dr Sally-Anne Barnes, Professor Alan Brown, University of Warwick , UK
                                                             03.05 The shaping of discourse positions in the development of support and
                                                             supervision for personal advisers in England - implications beyond the UK - Dr Hazel Reid,
                                                             Canterbury Christ Church University UK
03.30        Afternoon Tea
04.00        Sessions end
05.30        Government House Reception hosted by The Hon William Cox (buses depart from the front of the Hotel Grand Chancellor at
             5.10pm sharp).
07.00        Conference dinner including the Ray Stacey Memorial Award and the Miles Morgan Career Excellence Awards

13       AACC National Career Conference 2008 Registration Brochure
Friday, 28 March
All Plenary sessions will be held in the Concert Hall
09.15 Welcome
09.20 Launch of AACC Employer Award - Ms Diane Tompson, Managing Director, Powercom
09.30 APN Educational Media Smart Start Award
09.40 Keynote: The challenge of ethics in the contemporary career landscape - Professor Jeff Malpas, University of Tasmania
10.25 2009 Conference Promotion - DFR Field Trip - (Read information below)
10.40 Morning Tea
11.15       Keynote: Shift happens - Professor Jim Bright, Professor of Career Education and Development, ACU National
12.00 Concurrent workshops (6) PLUS Field trip to CSIRO (Read information below)
 A: CONCERT HALL                                 B: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 1                           C: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 2
 Ethics in the contemporary workplace -          Shift happens - Professor Jim Bright, ACU National The Nutcracker Suite – Skills and concepts
 Professor Jeff Malpas, University of Tasmania   and Professor Robert Pryor, ACU National and       for use in all aspects of life - Ms Maggie Bolton,
                                                        Congruence Pty Ltd                                     Barebones, Career and Management Consulting, NSW
 D: CHANCELLOR BALLROOM 3                               E: CHANCELLOR 6 - RESEARCH                             F: HARBOURVIEW 1
 Re-engaging not retiring - Ms Merilyn Hill,            12.00 Rarning from entrepreneurs: Career               Towards a methodology of calling in Careers
 Director, Career Portfolio, Vic                        decision making - Dr Polly Parker, University of Qld   Practice - Ms Jenny Bean and Miss Jane Hercoe,
                                                        12. 25 Career transitions: The experiences             Career Services Rapuara, NZ
                                                        of unemployed women managers - Ms Terry
                                                        Sheridan, Guardian Angel Holdings Pty Ltd
                                                        12.50 A transitional model to assist those
                                                        experiencing labour market disadvantage - Ms
                                                        Roslyn Cameron, Southern Cross University, NSW
01.15        “A taste of Tassie” (A Tasmanian food and beverage extravaganza)
02.00        Conference close

About the field trips (pre registration required - ask at the Registration desk)
Wednesday 26 March 2.30pm–4.30pm
Bus will collect delegates from the Grand Chancellor at 2.30pm                       The Centre also makes “learning fun for students and teachers alike, as
returning in time for the AGM. Max. 15 delegates to each trip.                       well our other visitors, in a creative, stimulating, tactile environment”.
1. INCAT - Incat produces ‘world class’ catamarans, uses state of the art            You will also have the opportunity to find out about cloud seeding,
technology and employs over 700 people. Join us on a tour and see the                energy trading using Basslink and wind generation at Woolnorth. The
latest vessel being built. You will also hear about an exciting partnership          Centre is in Elizabeth Street just two blocks from the conference venue.
between industry education and TAFE which addresses skill shortages,                 The maximum number of participants is 40.
and assists students to link their learning with the real world of work.             Friday 28 March 2008 10.30am–1pm
There is a fair bit of stair climbing and walking involved. Long trousers,           Defence Force Recruitment
long sleeved shirt and sturdy shoes are a necessity. You will be required to         10.30am - Board Bus to Anglesea Barracks .At the Barracks, the group
wear a helmet and safety glasses to comply with OH&S practices.                      participates in an interactive session at the Defence Force Recruiting
2. Liferaft Systems Tasmania - Life-raft Systems manufacture                         Centre. Conducted by ADF Recruiting staff, delegates will experience
inflatable marine evacutation sstems and large capacity liferafts for                the DFR recruiting process from the initial enquiry stage through to
ships all over the world. It not only exports this innovative technology,            their enlistment day. A guided tour of the Anglesea Barracks, including
but also the manpower to maintain and install these systems world-                   the Military Museum will also be included in the tour with delegates
wide. You will gain an understanding of the combination of design and                return to the venue in time for lunch at 1pm. Delegates will require to
technology that has positioned this business as a world leader.                      register their interest for this event at the DFR Exhibition booth in the
                                                                                     Trade Display. Capacity 50
Thursday 27 March 2.30pm–4pm
Hydro Hands On Energy Discovery Centre                                               Friday 28 March 2008 12pm–1:15pm
Overview of career opportunities at Tasmanian power generation                       CSIRO, Castray Espanade
companies (Hydro Tasmania, Transend Networks and Aurora                              CSIRO is a short walk (10 minutes) from the Hotel Grand Chancellor,
Energy). The aim of the Centre is to “tell the story of Tasmanian                    and is a marine science research facility. Delegates will be shown
electricity production and promote the benefits of renewable energy,                 around parts of the facility, with information about some of the facets
environmental responsibility, sustainable living and safety in a fun                 of research, occupations and educational pathways. The maximum
environment.”                                                                        number of participants is 8.

                                                                      AACC National Career Conference 2008 Registration Brochure                                14

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