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									Strange   luck: Own internationalization
Strange   luck,
Strange   luck: Own internationalization
Strange   luck, Strange luck: Own internationalization

                       Strange luck: Own internationalizationIn what pass
nearly 10 years after slumber period, strange luck, this typical own
brand company is entering a brand-new benign development phase, more
brought confidence and hope to car of homebred and own brand.
The strange luck 2005 very make public. From T11 " lucky tiger " come
out, to the 2nd engine plant completion; From a few brand -new model and
engine of several brand-new and own research and development detonate
Shanghai car to exhibit, to not long ago ACTECO of new generation engine
is released appear on the market; From exit many 10 thousand car, become
our country car to export the first brand, to October each brand model
sells 16039, jump house car seniority the 5th... the record that strange
luck creates in ceaseless him refresh. Regard door of strange luck palm
as the person, originally the public person that the Yin Tongyao of one's
previous experience of low-key, skill also became equipment to get
attention nowadays. On October 31, 2005, the engine of strange luck new
generation that common people fixes eyes upon name formally ACTECO, at
the same time first carry the east of this engine child appear on the
market formally. The first this is a car " Chinese core " . "In core
component respect, strange luck becomes China the first is on a brand to
turn administrative viatic company, and also mean, own brand is in
Chinese car safer, more domain of environmental protection, more energy-
saving new generation engine achieved the breakthrough of 0 eventually! "
this is selection committee of figure of year of 2005CCTV China economy
of Yin Tongyao of president of car of strange to candidate luck recommend
reason. Strange luck struggles for years by right of oneself with actual
strength, be in eventually the suspicion of people, eristic, wait-and-see
in begin to move toward maturity. Yin Tongyao laugh, laugh so happily,
because of strange luck every advance one pace, the dream that leaves him
is closer one pace.
Own so self-improvementYin Tongyao, this face takes the bookishness,
person that does not love make public, often make however lift
breathtakingly. Yin was the same as boast to make 1995 so bold that make
beside the decision that everybody astonishs: Abandon oneself be in one
steam the career of at the summit of one's power, head for lake of Anhui
overgrown with weeds to build up from nothing, establish a company of
brand-new own brand car. And this bold decision comes because of Zhan Xia
of secretary of municipal Party committee of lake of overgrown with weeds
only a word at that time. He gives 7 people from one steam belt, in Anhui
the support of municipal Party committee of lake of overgrown with weeds
falls, registered a company with 300 thousand money that give in city,
set foot on the road that builds a car independently from now on. "The
first car got offline 2000, obtained license of national capital fund in
March 2001, sold 90 thousand cars 2003, we sold 80 thousand cars last
year, the plan exceeds 180 thousand this year, exit is in 18 thousand
about. We developed 3 brand-new engine set

                       , two gasoline engine, series of a diesel engine,
execute Europe entirely 4 discharge a standard. " speak of strange luck
these year of route that has taken, yin Tongyao has some of mention
lightly it seems that. 10 years ago, "Build up from nothing " strange
luck is mixed at policy of the market " crack " in, can say whats are
done not have besides the determination of secretary of municipal Party
committee of lake of overgrown with weeds, even the company holds water
several years, model car comes out several years to still be not taken "
birth certificate " . But no matter how hard, yin Tongyao never regrets
to his choice. "Work in the joint ventures better off, but tell from
ethical affection, still do the easy in the heart to take to oneself, the
taste that help foreigner makes money is bad to suffer. " he thinks, it
is the root of industry of nation of a country independently. Have own
ability self-improvement only, have self-improvement only ability is
unapt person of be enslaved to be enslaved to. He the crucial factor that
this kind of courage is considered as strange luck to succeed by Zhu
Lilan of minister of ministry of former science and technology. Old
hardship is explored, the success that exporting the market especially is
sturdier he builds an own brand, high-quality goods car that owns own
intellectual property only, ability wins the conviction of position in
world car line of business. October 2001, strange luck accident obtains
the order of the first piece of export that comes from Syria, after this,
surprise to lucky exit is sent and cannot close. Nowadays, strange luck
already with the whole world 23 countries were signed truckload or CKD
exports a contract, the product involves cloud of wind and cloud, banner,
QQ, east child, model of whole set of SUV luck tiger. "This is the
advantage of own brand, I want to sell where to sell. " the Yin Tongyao
that comes out from the joint ventures is quite deep to this feeling.
December 2004, strange luck and American dream Motor Corporation sign
cooperative agreement, issued the signal that marchs to American market,
yin Tongyao stunned industry again. Senior personage evaluation says
inside course of study, although this one strategical act can bring what
kind of destiny to strange luck after all indistinct still now, the
ambition that Dan Jirui develops gets confirming further: It should move
toward a whole world.
The station grows on giant shoulderOf own brand model the actual strength
with real need, not be to cry those who come out, also great ambition can
be not accomplished. Circulating in automobile group a such words, the
person that get engine gets the world. Strange luck is from engine build
up. And research and development is own the engine of intellectual
property, it is a when strange luck develops own brand main content. But
start as a result of our country auto industry late, all through the ages
of technical research and development is own car brand is short board,
accordingly, own brand car often encounters doubt on character, function,
technology, even somebody thinks own brand is to have make do not have a
technology, low case is equal to low character. Technology

                       The Yin Tongyao of one's previous experience sees
the intellectual that is like a follow rules, actual and special clever,
he is very clear of strange luck short board where be, why very clear
also Chu Ru overcomes this short board. Yin Tongyao tells a reporter,
strange luck from take design research and development seriously very
much at the beginning, but the ability of design research and development
that begins us is very weak, how to do? We make full use of the technical
company of foreign major, design company, development company, modelling
company especially, let them gnaw bone to become a teacher. Austrian AVL
company is the biggest engine design company on the world, for general
(GM) , BMW (the international car tycoon such as BMW) has designed
engine. Began 2002, before Jiruipa gives the engineer group that heads
with Hu Fu of assistant chief engineer, toward Austria case pulls at
present, develop 18 engine of strange luck jointly with AVL. Hu Fu guided
whole journey of engineer of ten strange luck to participate in the
design of engine of strange luck series to work. After two years past,
ten technologies personnel became senior engineer, get the self-identity
of AVL company is persuaded to stay even. Face strange luck today's
achievement, yin Tongyao is very sober: "Strange luck is too little
still, strange luck is too young still, we still fumble at at present,
the phase of found, also be the phase of a study. Strange luck company
still belongs to a recruit of automobile industry, also be a batman...
"But the brand concept when strange luck by original " character, s cience
and technology, my vogue " adjust for " safer, more energy-saving, more
environmental protection " , in the change that pays close attention to
the level to change consumer to the interest from the product from its,
be like can numerate the inner monologize that Yin Tongyao oath has own
brand after all. He is leading strange luck this group sides with the
target in his heart to trying hard indefatigably.

  Strange luck,
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