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					TechTextil North America April 2008
Summary Report

Compiled by:

Swiss Business Hub U.S.A. – Atlanta branch
U.S.A., April 2008

1. General Overview

Techtextil North America is the international trade show for technical textiles and nonwovens.

Trade show

Techtextil North America


Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.


April 1-3, 2008


Messe Frankfurt, Inc.
1600 Parkwood Circle
Suite 615
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Tel : (770) 984-8016


Annually, rotating between Atlanta and a western region site.

Date of next trade show

April 21-23, 2009 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Type of trade show

Trade show focus

Research & Development
Planning & Consultancy
Technology, Machinery and Accessories
Fibers and Yarns
Woven Fabrics, Laid Webs, Braiding, Knitted Fabrics
Coated Textiles, Canvas Products


Agrotech: horticulture and landscape gardening, agriculture and forestry, animal husbandry, fences, etc.
Buildtech; membrane, light-weight / solide construction, engineering and industrial building, temporary con-
struction, interior construction, earth, water and traffic route construction, agricultural construction.
Clothtech: technical components of garments, shoes, bags, etc.
Geotech: underground, civil engineering, earth and road construction, dam engineering, dump construction,
ground isolation, drainage systems, erosion control and containment, etc.
Hometech: technical components of furniture, upholstery and interior furnishing, rugs, floor coverings, etc.
Indutech: filtration, cleaning, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, electrical industry, seals, sound ab-
sorption products, etc.
Medtech: hygiene, medicine, rescue organization equipment, etc.
Mobiltech: automobile and shipbuilding, aircraft and space travel, rail vehicles, motorcycle and bicycle con-
Oekotech: environmental protection, recycling, waste disposal, etc.
Packtech: packaging, protective cover systems, sacks, big bags, storage systems, etc.
Protech: protection of persons and properties, etc.
Sporttech: sport and leisure, active wear, outdoor, sport equipment and outfits, sports shoes, etc.

Foreign exhibitors

Country                                            Number of exhibitors
Austria                                                      3
Belgium                                                      3
Canada                                                      14
China                                                       12
Colombia                                                     1
France                                                       8
Germany                                                    33*
India                                                        7
Italy                                                      29**
Japan                                                        1
Mexico                                                       3
Netherlands                                                  3
Pakistan                                                     1

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Portugal                                                      7
Russia                                                        1
South Korea                                                   2
Switzerland                                                   6
Taiwan                                                       10
Turkey                                                        4
United Kingdom                                                9
USA                                                         153
Total of countries: 21                            Total of exhibitors: 310

Swiss exhibitors

EMS-GRILTECH / EMS-Chemie (North America), Inc. (U.S. subsidiary in Sumter, SC)
Schaetti AG (Switzerland)
Strahm Textile Systems AG (Switzerland)
Santex Group International (Switzerland)
Rieter (U.S. subsidiary in Spartanburg, SC)
Forbo Adhesives, LLC (U.S. subsidiary in Research Triangle Park, NC)
Schoeller Textil USA, Inc. (U.S. representative in Seattle, WA)

National pavilions

Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy (two pavilions – fabrics/nonwovens and machinery), Portugal, Taiwan
and Turkey.


3,711 from 39 countries (show organizer does not categorize this by country, majority of attendees are from
North America)

2. Assessment of Trade Show / Results

General impression on trade show and scope

This show attracted an eclectic group of manufacturers, researchers and product specifiers and provided them
with an internationally recognized symposium program and industry-leading exhibitors, spanning more square
feet of exhibition space than ever before.

Specific business contacts

Italian Trade Commission
Mr. Ueli Schmid, President & CEO Rieter Corporation
Mr. Tom Weinbender, President, Schoeller
Mr. Damian Wirth, President, Schaetti AG
Mr. John Fromwiller, Forbo Bonding Systems
Mr. Rick Horton, President Santex AG

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Contracts concluded at the trade show

Not known

Comments by Swiss exhibitors / degree of satisfaction (please anonymize company names!!)

Schaetti: They are just in the process of opening up a U.S. warehouse in Charlotte, NC for their grinding. First
time at show.

Rieter: Important for them to have a presence at this show. “The key is seeing what’s new and we are” said
Rieter’s Tim Hockney.

Schoeller: “TTNA is better for us in attracting more qualified prospects. We met many new customers from
niche industries that we would not otherwise see at other trade shows. The turnout was very good.” Stated
Thomas Weinbender, President, Schoeller USA Mr. Weinbender also mentioned that they are losing money
with the current exchange rate. They used to price at CHF 1.30 and now are at CHF1.15 and still losing money.

Products / services in demand (market trends)

Agrotextiles are viewed as being one of the fastest growing and most important markets in the future. The
growth in agrotextiles relates to an increase in population worldwide, including the demand for more and better
quality foods in soil that is often compromised. As a result, varieties of agrotextile products have been devel-
oped for specific purposes such as energy efficiency, type of crop, land, forest or animal needs and geographic
location. The agriculture sector accounted for 8% of total consumption of technical textiles in volume terms, but
only 6% in dollar value. Consumption is projected to nearly double in this decade from almost 1.4 million tons
to just under 2.0 million tons.

The transportation sector of the technical textile category represented the single-most valuable world market
for technical textiles at $25.6 billion. It is one of the largest users of “engineered” nonwovens. Although only
modest volume growth and even slower value growth are forecast in the longer term, Mobiltech will remain the
most valuable application area and is predicted to reach $29.3 billion by 2010. The average car uses over 33
meters of textile fabric of all types for interiors alone – nonwovens represent just over 10% of that with about
3.64 square meters per vehicle. Add the “working” fabrics under the hood – filtration, sound absorption and the
like – and the usage is much greater.

General economic situation of the exhibiting sector in the host country

Responding to the growing demand for technical textiles and nonwovens across the U.S., Messe Frankfurt, the
show’s organizer, conducted an in-depth analysis of the attendee opportunity across the Western region. The
research, focused on general technical textiles, agricultural, transportation, industrial and medical sectors, iden-
tified nearly 90,000 companies in the Western region as potential participants. The Western U.S. has proven
itself to be a strong consumer of high-performance fibers and textiles with new innovations and technologies
emerging over the past several years. Offering the largest concentrations of potential attendees in focus sec-
tors, 41% were found to be in California, 21% in Texas, 8% in Washington and 7% in Colorado. The Las Vegas
location for Techtextil North America 2009 was strategically chosen as most accessible to each of these key
Western states. The analysis found good opportunities for the expansion based on the companies identifying
themselves in the focus sectors of agriculture, transportation, industrial and medical and based in the Western
region. Aside from the general textiles classifications which accounted for 70% of the opportunity pool, agricul-
ture and transportation have been identified as increasingly promising. The agriculture sector represented 18%
of the total companies, while the transportation sector (including aerospace) accounted for 7%. The industrial
sector opportunities represented 3%, while the medical sector accounted for 2%.

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Evolution of trade show (compared to last year’s event)

Starting this year, the show will be held every year instead of only in even years in Atlanta, GA. It will now be
held in alternating locations between Atlanta and a Western region site, which next year will be in Las Vegas.
The western region features a significant concentration of manufacturers and customers in important growth
markets. By offering Texhtextil annually in two U.S. regions, this event will be accessibly and beneficial to sig-
nificantly more buyers and make it even more valuable for the exhibiting companies.

Date:                            April 30, 2008

Author:                          Kimberly Roth Corradi
Author’s address:                Swiss Business Hub U.S.A. – Atlanta branch
                                 1349 W. Peachtree St.
                                 Suite 1000
                                 Atlanta, GA 30309

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