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					361 degrees,

Another 361 degrees

361 degrees, Another 361 degrees

361 degrees of president man build a gentleman, give priority to
course of study formerly with cultivate land, avocation blows suona
horn inside play of tall armour of the tradition austral Fujian. The
reader can imagine, a farmer of four years old is in that stirring
time, all family belongs all go off with does him all along the
industry that have not contacts, do this need how old courage?

The author guesses gentleman of present date of company president
Ding Wu is likely is in those days he sends shoe factory to learn art
one of 4 children.

Step to installing " the first place rises abruptly " , special of
the pace " when sale of recreation of red giant star " , intensive
cultivation, essence of life is happy at manufacturing love,
"Dedicated basketball shoe " Jordan, "The first appears on the market
" Hong Xinger is overcome... 361 degrees, come so that appear too
late, perhaps be like an a dark horse of industry place character.

1994, do not overcome (Fujian) shoe line of business holds water;
2003, 361 degrees of companies hold water, carry on not to capture
shoe line of business.

Obtained 2003 " the country avoids check product " the title held
water to sell center and the first brand shop in Europe, 2001-2004
year continue to hold a title 4 years continuously Chinese sneaker
sale 3 armour, retail 2005 site exceeds 4500 and obtain " Chinese
famous brand " honorary title, 2006 again by national administration
industrial and commercial total bureau is judged for " Chinese well-
known logo " ...

2008 Beijing Olympic Games is forthcoming, 361 degrees carry resource
of 6 old brands: Team TOP partner waits for badminton of partner of
whole world of marathon of international of CCTV5 recreation
basketball, Xiamen, country, media resource has partner of direct
seeding of program of CCTV2007-2008 sports match, CCTV " same a song
" partner of commonweal strategy partner, Tecent net strategy; At the
same time together player of Li Yongbo of national badminton total
coach, outstanding badminton -- bully energy of life is very, never
character defeats Lin Dan, surmount the age, Zhang Ning that
transcends self, those who will explain 361 degrees " do oneself
bravely " core brand value.

Plus 361 degrees   with 5 million small get the better of NIKE, carry
off CCTV " 2007,   direct seeding of 2008 sports match " program
partner supports   advantageous position, agency is blundering ground
advocate " repel   NIKE 361 degrees " .

This a dark horse forward market of sporting goods of home,
international runs quickly all the way.

But, this does not mean 361 degrees to run already to the queen's

The brand transmits strategy to be not worth somewhat

To sports brand, the establish of core value is very important. "Do
oneself bravely " the core value as 361 degrees, although not be
special the concept of outstanding or special height, but also enough
is propped up have an old brand, the rest of close
Key is to be opposite 361 degrees to reach " do oneself bravely "
brand transmission and model.

(one) Core spokesman

Gentleman of date of Ding Wu of 361 degrees of presidents accepted
Tecent in May this year when the net is interviewed, express, li
Yongbo (total coach of national feather team) , Lin Dan, Zhang Ning "
Dai Yan of character of these 3 souls 361 ° , quite culture of the
person that agree with our brave, it is value of pair of core of
361 ° brand -- the best explanatory note that makes oneself bravely.
" Ding Hai undertook introductory to Mr Li Yongbo, li Ceng classics
is remarkable athlete, also be to guide badminton team to walk out of
difficulty to bring brilliant train at the same time. The author does
not suspect, also do not deny the Dai Yan of Mr Li to be able to be
361 degrees " sports attribute " add cent, but the character that
such operations must consider a brand above all. 361 degrees regard a
motion as the brand, sports attribute is unsharpness, do not be like
what how step place to flaunt with the city how to step sports, it
more those who emphasize particularly on is attribute of recreation,
recreational, motion, the important sale activity that we do from
place of its whole nation " recreational basketball " and " free 361o
" it is 361 degrees of hopes communicate consumer the explanation of
recreational to motion concept, can know a little about. 361 degrees
of presidents express in the purpose that goes up in exhibition of
China International sporting goods about the company, if you unfurl
the vigor of young, motion that can experience 361 ° and the word
that develop interest from this, so our purpose was achieved.

So no matter campaign is sale of recreational, recreation, strong
strong, what is the key of these attribute? It is young change, vogue
is changed.

So, invite Dai Yan of Mr Li Yongbo, it is unwise choice. Up to now
the author has not seen, 361 degrees those who invite Mr Li Yongbo
with great quantity advertisement puts in. Can go up in the rich of
advance river shoe this year, letting what the person shakes is to
still exceed big screen monitor a lot of to Lin Dan advertising is
revealed, have shock power very much. If 361 degrees of companies
consider to put in the advertisement about Mr Li Yongbo, ought to
think carefully. And Zhang Ning's advertisement, want to undertake be
forecastinged cautiously to its profession achievement. Be not the
transmission of well-known figure to, often can need more
transmission fee, and consumer often won't be approbated easily again.
Recently 361 degrees " spend series " outdoors advertisement, make
elegant, statement beautiful, advertisement extraordinary success and
give prize. But, the author thinks, although 361 degrees obtain
multinomial state level already honorary title, but its famous the
dilute that no matter Jin Jiang place or total national capital can
are the same as city brother brand,spends, what so it needs more at
present is the figure that the individual figure of Yu Lindan of have
the aid of will come to to promote a business and height. 361 degrees
should put more energy and resource in this

Of the respect have transmission, in the cooperative deadline with
national feather team.

(2) the transmission of actual strength

The transmission of brand value is admittedly special and important,
and international brand lets Chinese consumer be convinced and "
admire inspect " , still have a main reason, because,be its actual

Consulting the phylogeny of 361 degrees of companies when, innocently
in the center discover this message: 2001-2004 year continue to hold
a title 4 years continuously Chinese sneaker sale 3 armour. Although
in recent years, 361 degrees brand transmission and exposure rate
intensity are very high, but in view of much sports of advance Jiang
Zhong (motion) the brand also is in in the agency such as CCTV keep
conduct propaganda of sale plan, brand, so attenuant very much
transmission effect. And between numerous brand, consumer can think
probably, these brands that be the same as a city may differ very few.

The respect travels in the brand, the first surpass best principle,
orgnaization of plan of the sale in believing 361 degrees brain
truster Xie Mao is certain know. Although 361 degrees say in sneaker
category the first do not accord with a fact, and if use " 2001-2004
year continue to hold a title 4 years continuously Chinese sneaker
sale 3 armour " and high strenth advertisement puts in will travel,
so its are in the position in consumer memory, it is the 3rd at least!
Can move quickly in numerous Jin Jiang highlight in the brand, height
and imposing manner are shown immediately.

The CBA a huge sum that the position in stepping a few years to come
in consumer memory lasts with its firm all the time is aided
financially, successive sneaker industry market of 6 years has rate
first to travel not to have nothing to do is, let partial consumer
think even, how to step surmount Li Ning.
The market is had leading is an enterprise in the market the very
sensitive, seating arrangement data that has demonstrative power, can
show company actual strength very much. And be in additional on one
hand, the product that also shows a company is welcomed by numerous
consumer -- China is not to have an adage -- the eye of masses is

2003, 361 degrees held water to sell center and the first brand shop
in Europe.

A lot of international brands come to China of look down at by right
of international height athletic brand, when with manage China
athletic brand begins a brand to extend in the world, need these
brave, the information that can make compatriots proud delivers
compatriots, the height that gives a brand adds cent. In those days
Li Ning sponsors foreign basketball team " suffer a defeat " the
Chinese basketball team that NIKE sponsors, consumer agrees with the
internationalization strategy that Li Ning starts stage by stage,
brand height gets consumer is approbated. And 361 degrees held water
to sell center and the first brand shop in Europe, have development
fact to the international market, also can raise 361 degrees
international height greatly.

Of course, it needs

Want conduct propaganda, conduct propaganda, publicize again.

Of the innovation order goods mode whether " innovation " ?

It is reported, at present company of numerous shoe estate carries
out order goods system, use commonly " in order to produce a system
of fixed quotas for marketing " principle, each one class (provincial)
the agent is reached according to be being tasted newly before
experience, the sale of firm half an year undertakes ordering goods
to manufacturer, again apportion goes to each joining in that
business reachs agency. This kind of practice and market share are
out of line, create popular fund easily " stop money " with slow-
moving money " keep long in stock " , create enormous waste, bring
capital pressure, the reason depends on, kinds or types of goods is
decided according to experience by the agent, with the market
probable existence comes in and go out, and again the order
production that decides according to experience comes out the product.

So are 361 degrees how innovate? Introduce according to Xia Youqun of
chief inspector of 361 degrees of sale, terminal participates in "
futures orders goods mode " it is the form that meets in order to
order goods invites a client to order goods centrally, next the
enterprise measures according to joining in business, agent puts
forward to order goods again more or less will arrange raw material
to purchase, manufacturing segment, divide second shipment group by
group according to client order finally.

From the introduction of summerly chief inspector, we can reach, 361
degrees of so called innovations order goods mode, basically be "
measure according to joining in business, agent puts forward to order
goods again " will produce, and " divide second shipment group by
group according to client order " .

Actually, this does not see so that how many have " innovation " :
One of, 361 degrees of companies just consult again on original basis
join in of business, agency " experience " , with " experience " will
decide the overall condition that decides production does not have a
change; Secondly, they just are used group by group means to whole
order goods the quantity undertook decomposing, the hope reduces the
error that decide as a result of experience and causes through such

Order goods of mode " innovation " core, depend on how changing
direction to be decided by the market through be being decided by
experience, have production. The market is Protean, not be experience
can control completely, and once appear great judgement error, cost
it may be said is bitter.

How complete " innovation " order goods mode?

This gets the operation of the brand of international style dress of
attention quite at present, worth while study.

ZARA realized the reaction of 10-14 day production to deserve to send,
namely its bellwether time (arrive from design, development,
production deserve to send to terminal) finish 14 days; So its
subordinate brand shop orders twice according to sale status every
week -- one year ability holds enterprise of most Jin Jiang twice to
order goods meeting, spring and autumn. Of ZARA order goods mode just
from essential and aspirant travel " innovation " , basically be by
the market oneself are decided, and rather than depends on experience.

Computer information system reacts quickly, one

Body is changed supply chain, shorten supply chain link...
Of course, the newer rate with sneaker located industry was not
necessary to place on a par with fashionable dress, but this kind of
fast concept can give order goods mode is brought " innovation " ,
bring simple change thereby, decide by experience namely him market
decides for the change.

Want to gain such fast strength to 361 degrees: Promote a factory
manufacturing government firstly, undertake " thin body moves " with
flexible manufacturing improvement; Secondly, the construction of
computer information system, this believes to be in enterprise of
river of a lot of advance to had been built, just did not produce its
effect truly; Thirdly, integrated, shorten supply chain.

Such operations, the purpose is not point to continuously order goods
mode, "Much breed, little batch " the big trend that is a kind of
production, and the construction of afore-mentioned quick response,
occupy in below one trend to the enterprise first machine, big

Of course, express to place of summerly chief inspector, the
enterprise should not seek the amount that order goods simply, the
kinds or types of goods that wants attention to order however is
reasonable; Order goods can want cogent to join in consider of
business, agency, share win-win talent long, just be the sale victory
on the real significance that is worth pursuit. The author is agreed
with deeply.

What the brand locates is random

"Professional sports " fixed position makes a person yearn admittedly,
but inside have Li Ning, how to step, there is international brand
NIKE, Adidasi to make clear fixed position etc outside hereat, 361
degrees of re-orientation at " professional sports " how many
opportunity to still have?

The fixed position of the brand decided the way of sale of brand
transmission, market. In light of the brand transmission that comes
to 361 degrees with respect to a few years and sale, 361 degrees
brand fixed position presents pendulous appearance, although its
brand is built,obtain the result that your person fixes eyes upon.

The author suggests 361 degrees, escape " professional sports "
alluring, with international brand and home strong brand difference
changes fixed position, escape competes intensely, initiate oneself "
La Hai " , by right of already had accumulate send force strong in
this fractionize market, get the position of shoe estate market in
order to contend for. Author proposal, 361 degrees are located in
surely " fashionable motion " , amuse to come for masterstroke brand
of him sale, transmission, what acquire below one station more easily
probably is brilliant. Author: Chen Shixin

361 degrees,

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