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									Wo Erma,

3 of Wo Erma basic belief

Wo Erma, 3 of Wo Erma basic belief

Rank the whole world 500 strong of first super and retail gigantic
child Woerma is had distributing more than 4000 shop of alive bound
each district, 100 more than employee, year sale reachs two dollars.
Wo Erma has 3 big basic belief to carry out in all jobs and activity,
obtained today's special honour to have main effect to its.

Esteem individual - - successful cornerstone

In Woerma, wo Erma's director and manager are not a boss, however
coach, all people build a kind of friendly, happy, harmonious work
atmosphere in effort. Wo Erma is certain, the leader wants
perfectness business not only, and the staff of at hand of even
capable help grows. Each employee can be regarded as copartner,
through grooming, praise reach constructive feedback opinion, the
colleague knowledge with new help, disentomb oneself potential, wo
Erma has complete and powerful groom system, the staff that help
Woerma ceaselessly through grooming grows, tarry and induct more and
more outstanding talents. Respect the opinion of every employee, it
is Wo Erma company's distinctive management concept. Any idea of
employee can open policy to fall to be mirrorred to the director in
its special family status, if employee is dissatisfactory to
reflective result, they can continue to mirror with the boss of any
level. Wo Erma is certain, the issue that employee can encourage of
open mode to raise the presence in the job morely in managing the
atmosphere that opening, care a company morely, help company grows
ceaselessly. If employee understands from beginning to end the target
of the company and how to go achieving these goals, what the job can
do is more outstanding. Wo Erma thinks: Be kind to each employee to
be kind to each clients namely.

Service client - - the foundation of culture.

Outstanding customer service is Woerma distinguishs the
characteristic at all and other company to be in, patriarch hill Mu
of Wo Erma. Wo Erdu has said " each person that the client can fire
our firm, they need to spend money to other place only, can
accomplish this " in Woerma, only the client just is a boss, the
client is right forever. "Should provide more satisfactory than
satisfaction service for the client " , company of fertile Er Ma
accomplished this really. Wo Erma not only " client the first "
serves as catchword, and serve as it carry out from beginning to end
management concept, the made main component that makes company
culture. So, wo Erma all strategy are to satisfy the client's
requirement. Without giving thought to when, you should walk into Ma
of any a fertile Er to interlink inn only, you affirm the real
service that can get you hope. Although Woerma interlinks the
business of inn each first-rate, counterjumper is very busy, but the
thing that day is in too

Must working before this world is downhill is the level that every
counterjumper must reach, no matter be the chain store of chain store
of countryside or downtown, want a client to raise a requirement only,
counterjumper must satisfy a customer that day. This is Woerma's
famous " sun downhill " is regular. Company of fertile Er Ma still
has famous " 3 meters of principles " , namely employee of demand of
Wo Erma company whenever, want a client to appear inside limits of 3
meters of distances only, employee must smile to look at the client's
eye, greet sb actively, encourage them to seek advice and appeal to
you. In the meantime, still have quantified level to the client's
smile, show you to the client already " 8 teeth " . These " exceed Wo
Erma the service of expectation " , the enthusiasm that won a
customer not only praises and billow exchequer, and won the " of "
public praise with infinite value for the enterprise, for the
enterprise long-term development laid solid foundation.

Pursuit is outstanding - - progressive motive force

Wo Erma is while pursuit is outstanding, above all praise highly
sincere letter principle. Start business of store of Ma of the first
fertile Er when, hit " namely every day the catchword of low " , view
of " par " included two fields cheek by jowl: It is ground of leave
no stone unturned reduces cost, lower price, "Offer price minimum for
the client, character is preeminent the commodity of " ; 2 it is the
service " that offers " overflow for the client, in client expenses
particular case falls, the client can obtain the service of " of
opposite " low. To abide by acceptance, let benefit give a customer,
wo Erma prevents strictly in the job and control all sorts of expense
and use up, control strictly to each expenditure, adopt storage type
to manage, strict control overhead expenses, wait for measure with
deserving formidably to send center and communication equipment to
make a technology prop up, reduced the cost of commodity effectively,
pass " drop king " traditional, make Woerma's employee offers the key
point of various cost saving to administrative layer ceaselessly,
save each minutes of money. Be used to living when the western
administrator of cell is away on official business, also live between
two-men mark, using their word to say is " for customer save money " .
And Woerma implements none hesitant refund policy, ensure every
client always can not have trouble back at home.

Wo Erma has 4 standard that return money:

(1) if   the client does not have receipt -- smile, retreat goods or
refund   to the client;
Bo Rui   40
(2) if   you are taken forbid Woerma to whether sell such goods --
smile,   retreat goods or refund to the client;
Bo Rui   40
(3) if   commodity work off exceeds a month -- smile, retreat goods or
refund   to the client;

(4) if you suspect commodity ever had been used by impertinent ground
-- smile, retreat goods or refund to the client.

This makes Woerma won good business in consumer praise, also make
oneself maintained long fill unabated competition ability.
Wo Erma,

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