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					                               Welcome to Ram Country

    Our 2010 season is here and I want to say Welcome to everyone. I hope that this
season will be a time to see old friends and to make new ones. Making memories that
last a life time.

    I would like to take a few minutes of your time to provide you with some important
information. Please bring all necessary papers that are due (i.e. physicals, report cards,
original birth certificates for those of you who are new and haven’t given a copy to be
attached with you information). If I do not have your physical in by Monday you will not
be able to practice. If you have scheduled an appointment for a physical to be completed
please bring me the appointment card so I can attach that to your paperwork.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget to go to Darrow’s and order your sneakers,
lollipops, and for some of you body suits. Please make sure that all orders are in by next
Tuesday. We will not wait for orders after this date to come. Once all our orders are
placed Darrow’s will bring them to us to the Exchange Field. I will hand them out to
each of you. If there is a problem with your order you will go straight to Darrow’s and
they will take care of this. I will be giving each girl a pair of socks and hair ribbons
along with your order.

   For practice, the attire for all the cheerleaders may be shorts, sweats, tee-shirts,
sleeveless shirts, and sneakers which are to be worn at all times. There will be at no time
jeans, tank tops, spaghetti straps, belly shirts, jewelry, or long nails with polish. Also,
there are no beads allowed on sneakers or in your hair at any time and no make-up either.
This is most important for safety reasons. If you do wear any of these items you will be
asked to remove them or you may not be allowed to participate in that evenings practice.
So please remember to dress properly.

     Please remember we are here to have fun but we need to keep safety at the top of our
list. Please do not build or do any kind of stunting without being supervised by your
coaching staff.

   As a participant of Somerville Pop Warner Cheer Squad, it is important to remember
we are a team. We will treat each other with respect and give 100% of our attention to
the coaching staff. Also remember that when you are wearing your uniforms you are
representing Somerville Pop Warner, show you team spirit with pride and sportsmanship.

   I am anticipating a great season, and I can not wait to see you all out on the fields
cheering and for all of our newest members of the squads, welcome. Remember have
fun, enjoy your friends and stay safe.

Thank you and have a great time cheering!

Jacqui Manna
Cheer Commissioner

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