The Hunger Games 03 - Mockingjay by tomyzanpaktou

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									Mockingjay opens with Katniss surveying the ruins of District 12, while trying to grapple with her feelings of
responsibility and sadness towards the firebombing that occurred at the end of Catching Fire. Peeta is still a prisoner of
the capital, and his family all killed in the bombing.

Katniss then talks of her new life with the rebels in the underground District 13. When Peeta appears on a Capitol
broadcast, Katniss sees that he is being used, and strikes a deal with the District 13 leader, President Coin: in exchange
for immunity for all of the Hunger Games victors and the opportunity to kill President Snow herself, she agrees to
become the "Mockingjay", or the face of the rebellion. After Peeta interrupts a live broadcast to warn District 13 of a
bombing run in the morning, Peeta is beaten on camera and dragged away as the rebels go to ground.

After the bombing ends, Katniss grows frustrated as those in charge relegate her to the sidelines to be nothing but a
symbol. Meanwhile, she witnesses disturbing things done by her own side of the war that cause her to struggle internally.
After a rebel attack causes the deaths of innocents, Katniss rushes into the battle to try to stop it and is shot. Peeta is
rescued from the Capitol, but his memories have been tampered with, and he now hates Katniss.

Katniss is assigned to Troop 451, where she, Finnick, Gale, Boggs, an Avox named Pollux, his brother Castor, Peeta, and
five others are to be filmed invading the Capitol for propaganda purposes. Katniss plans to sneak away from the group
and assassinate Snow on her own. During the mission to the Capitol, they lose members to land mines, muttations, party
strife and Capitol assaults. The five remaining members split up upon reaching the Capitol. Katniss presses alone towards
Snow's mansion, where the president has penned several children in front of his home as human shields. An apparent
Capitol assault kills several of the children and bystanders, including Katniss' sister Prim who was part of a medical team.

President Snow is tried and found guilty, but Katniss discovers that the final assault that killed Prim and the children may
have been developed by Gale. Katniss realizes that she can never forgive him for this. On the morning of Snow's
execution, President Coin proposes bringing back the Hunger Games, using Capitol children as tributes. Katniss says yes,
but as she goes to execute Snow, Katniss changes her aim and kills Coin instead. She is then imprisoned but acquitted
due to her apparent insanity. She endures morphling addiction, catatonic depression and suicidal thoughts.

Katniss is waken from her stupor by Haymitch who informs of her acquittal by the government. Haymitch explains that
pandemonium exploded when Katniss assassinated Coin and states that Snow was found possibly of choking on his own
blood while laughing at Katniss' decision. Katniss was acquitted by her doctor pleading insanity - Haymitch tells her she is being
forced to return to District 12 along with him. Katniss returns to her old house in the Victor's Village and finds Greasy Sae there
to take care of her as she struggles to find meaning in her life. One day, she goes outside and finds Peeta planting primroses beside
her house, in memory of her sister. Each of the Distric 12 victors resume their usual activities to forget the game - Katniss
hunts Peeta bakes, and Haymitch has returned to alcoholism. Katniss and Peeta help each other through the terrible psychological
aftermath of the Games and the war, and over time, Katniss discovers that she loves Peeta as he recalls his old love for her.

In the epilogue, Katniss speaks as an adult, over twenty years later. She is married to Peeta and they have two children.
The Hunger Games are over, but she fears the day her children's innocent world will have to be shattered by learning of
the games and the war along with their parent's roles in each. Katniss has taken to counts every good thing that she has
seen someone do when she feels upset - which she says is a tedious game, but not the worst there is.

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