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					Olympic Games knowledge,

Olympic Games knowledge - Olympic
Games torch

Olympic Games knowledge, Olympic Games knowledge - Olympic
Games torch

Olympic Games knowledge - Olympic Games torch
The Olympic Games is closer and closer from us, make to sponsor a
country we are familiar with the Olympic Games already unfamiliar,
popularize relevant Olympic Games knowledge for everybody here so,
welcome to everybody learns together and be shared.

"Olympic Games torch " did the ceremony already have much teenager

On the Olympic Games, the most exciting unceasingly, the most
enthusiastic occasion, should belong to the torch relay that pushs an
opening ceremony to go up and the ceremony that ignite blaze of get
angry of holy fire stage, how many person will have favour to witness
this one grand occasion to serve as the greatest glory all one's life
in the spot.

Ceremony of Olympic Games torch already had 2700 old histories, and
ceremony of relay of Olympic Games torch criterion only then on the
11st Olympic Games that Yu Zaide Guo Bailin holds.

The birthplace of contemporary Olympic Games, abstruse Lin Pi
inferior, be located in Greek capital Athens with 350 kilometers are
being made an appointment with on the west uncle Luo Ben Buddhist nun
scatters a peninsula to go up. Here is arboreous and verdant,
charactizing a fine spring day, landscape is beautiful, the scenery
is quiet and tastefully laid out, still circulating up to now the
fairy tale of a lot of moving heart soul. The Ao Linbo Si Shan of Gu
Xila of according to legend is the ground of the perch of thearchy,
people is beg good weather for the crops, golden harvests, every
other 4 years, be about sacred thearchy, sacred before should have
dash competition. Take part in the match in the athlete, who runs to
sacred stage to had received firebrand first, the holy fire that gets
on the chancel before igneous god Prometheus is ignited, he is
conqueror, be regarded as a hero by people and be respected. After,
dash race evolves gradually for sports athletics congress, became an
activity with the the biggest, most absorbing dimensions in sacred
activity. And, the ceremony that ignites holy fire also accompanies
as sports athletics congress continuance to come down all the time,
became an indispensable ceremony.

Why cannot torch go out during the Olympic Games?

On all previous Olympic Games, during whole game, the torch on stage
of stadium emperor fire is burning silently all the time ceaseless,
so, why cannot torch go out during whole game?

1920, the 7th Olympic Games is held in Belgian Antwerp. The Entente
countries that sacrifices to commemorate the the First World War is
medium officerses and men, pass via organizing committee discussion,
fireworks is ignited in the assembly room, with indicative peace.
When flowery fireworks upblaze, occasion is very grand and majestic.
To develop the drive of Olympic, transmit friendship and peace, the
Olympic committee passed resolution 1928, formal regulation should
hold grand ceremony on the opening ceremony, ignite the torch on holy
fire stage, with torch combustion and go out indicative kick off with
conclude. Of the same age implemented this one resolution namely on
the 9th Olympic Games that Dutch Amsterdam city holds. At that time
the tradition according to archaic Olympic Games, protruding is used
on Greek Olympic hill

Lens ignites holy torch, by way of Greek, Yugoslavia, Austria,
Germany and the Holand that take a person, be in finally kick off the
conference that attends to enter person Amsterdam by formulary time,
ignited the blaze on holy fire tower.

When Olympic Games of Berlin of the 11st Germany, the kind that
formal choose and employ persons has relay is delivered is greeted
send torch, the means that people thinks the athlete runs with relay
will greet send torch, be helpful for enlarging the influence of the
Olympic Games, transmit the spirit of Olympic, popularize Olympic
Games knowledge, the following Olympic Games all the time continue to
use this law.

Olympic Games knowledge,

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