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					Cost management,

Of vigilant shadow cost " funnel "

Cost management, Of vigilant shadow cost " funnel "

     In the building the market competes all-time and intense today,
how to dig the latent capacity that reduces cost adequately, strive
for low cost gain, it is the difficult problem with state-owned
construction thornier company all the time. Year of construction
production value of a few enterprises jump from a few yuan ten yuan,
not only profit changes without what, some glides badly still even,
returned some to be entered however so dry that more deficit jumps
over big odd group, was immersed in it seems that " cost falls hard,
benefit is begged hard, deficit bad check " in vicious circle pattern,
such pattern has to let a person sense worry and perplexity.

Be what reason created such situation after all? Someone says the
situation that is construction market is confused, action bid
competition does not have foreword, baleful contest mark is rampant,
some projects win the bid to mean a likelihood to want deficit,
ascribe crucial point to the external environment of the enterprise
is harsh. The malign competition with undeniable construction non-
standard market, bring about construction company to be begged in
crack live, unusually hard really. But the enterprise wants to live,
adopt the adjustment to oneself and reform, go active and actively
getting used to external environment, more what is more,the rather
that why similar project, same unit price, same team, external
environment is same, some project luckily are in a complete mess,
some project effects are very small, some projects however can gain?
We might as well the eye is inward, from enterprise interior, go
seeking this among them depth from inside the management of project
project second reason.

Shadow cost: Benefit " funnel "

The service divides packet of non-standard cost. Company service
divides bag management to have Zhang Ke follow, but the service of
inobservant enterprise divides some project departments bag
management system, do not undertake evaluate and be filtrationed by
the program, perhaps take a form merely just, it is individual or
small number of people essentially the option that assigns packet of
team from service of expedience decision setting out, so that be in
an enterprise,the service cent bag of all previous manages efficiency
censorial in, the use of fish is illuminated without card, the
problem that does not have team of service of aptitude, low aptitude,
low quality is not individual phenomenon, the use relative with
worker bigger report and " relation " the problem of contractor team
is banned repeatedly more than, once gave an issue,often be the team
that distribute a packet if really ever since, responsibility and
loss are assumed by the enterprise completely. Include the project of
team construction a few minutes, complete consign is used already a
few years, even after ten years, project quality problem is exposed
came out, the enterprise is returned beautifully hundred thousands of,
the about a hundred capital of 10 thousand goes the disease project
that team of punish cent bag leaves, money is earned by others, loss
and venture company are assumed; The team distributing a packet that
still has a few projects does not have construction capacity or spot
management is confused, its time limit for a project, quality is not
had assure, bring about an enterprise to be shined again and again by
construction unit " yellow shop sign " , even " red shop sign " , be
obliged clear to retreat its to come on the stage finally,

But often be when clear field, enterprise the pressure by force of
time limit for a project, must wrap a team to yield in claim for
compensation and the dispute that turn over claim for compensation
with cent, assume the team that distribute a packet to give an
enterprise brought credit loss in the respect such as time limit for
a project, quality, the payment for goods that assumes the team that
distribute a packet to buy stuff place to owe with the name of
project ministry waits pecuniary loss a moment, "Beautiful big price
" ability will assign packet of team unusually hardly " send " come
on the stage; Even particular is used be illuminated without card or
low aptitude " hang lean " " labor contractor " team, integrated
quality is poor, aptitude is spent with sincere letter not tall,
produce economic dispute to often coerce with shutdown photograph, be
mischievous pretty tangles, be defeated dozen win should, be hard to
manage do not say, still produce a labor contractor to whirl laborer
salary even, cause laborer collective to besiege a manger department
to beg to the enterprise the incident of salary, disturbed normal
construction produces order badly, create project department labor
cost is double disbursement phenomenon happens from time to tome;
Still have particular, with " labor contractor " the individual signs
subcontracting, as a result of " labor contractor " do not have the
capacity that assumes civil responsibility, the consequence that
produces inductrial injury accident is assumed by the enterprise
completely, leave processing of labor damage, death and comfort and
compensate a bereaved family to expend defray to wait for problem of
not little bequeath to the enterprise. Non-standard service
distributes a packet, cause the pecuniary loss with enterprise huge
incur, cause company reputation and figure damage, market share is
missing, of direct and minatory enterprise live with development.
Exceed the cost that moves project money. Company repeated orders is
forbidden surpass fund of Cheng of the contractor that move cent, can
still a few projects are in those who distribute contractor Cheng
fund to pay on opaque, individual or small number of people said to
calculate, against the wind exceeds batch. Some projects sign a
system without the couplet of money of settle accounts project,
create the department such as the goods and materials that concerns
with business of the team that distribute a packet, equipment, safe
quality, office not know the inside story, the concerned fee that the
cost of raw materials that should buckle and project ministry
generation pay is deducted not in time, cause super- allocate funds;
Some projects provide appropriate and fund of Cheng of contractor of
settle accounts cent not strictly according to the contract, violate
a budget to pay above quota or advance ahead of schedule, cause
super- allocate funds; The project amount of the partial process that
also still project bisect includes team construction is checked and
accept lax, debit is metric hole is larger, existence is much plan or
repeat valuation phenomenon, cause an amount to exceed produce the
expected result, form super- allocate funds. These exceed the debt
that allocated funds to form the team that distribute a packet mostly
finally, team of a few minutes of bags differs project complete
liquidation went, or " want money, have confoundedly " , the
enterprise is lawsuit to arrive court, include a team because of cent
eventually " hang lean " is low aptitude enterprise, flat perhaps
namely " portfolio company " , enterprise " although lawsuit wins, it
is difficult to carry out " , super- those who allocate funds chase
after denounce difficulty heavily, form loss of a huge sum finally,
the cost that causes a project controls a target to fall


Material runs not good at cost. What cost of raw materials holds
proportion in the dominance cost of whole project project the biggest,
want on average to occupy 80 % of 60 % ~ to control, it is the
cost control focal point that gets industry attention fully,
accordingly, the enterprise control fluctuation in cost of material
became sufficient effort, made a large amount of material invite
public bidding purchase, on-the-spot inquiry control waits the market
a moment system, can still a few projects are in on data management,
without restrict a mechanism, without diaphaneity, still camera
bellows operation. Link is purchased in material, because data market
value is Protean, the enterprise masters relatively reasonable price
information hard, the person that expends to covet rake-off and
advantage stayed chance to be able to be gotten, particular material
is purchased publicize program of invite public bidding without
passing, fail to accomplish goods to compare 3, make project ministry
buys the material with relatively reasonable price hard thereby,
increased the cost of material of project project; Still particular
does not weave by construction schedule material purchases a plan,
without primary and secondary, without batch, without the plan the
ground is contended for buy, cause capital of a huge sum to be taken
up, stuff is serious keep long in stock, if receive change of the
programme of construction, cause huge loss, down to occurrence
project already complete, serious keep long in stock handles odd
material hard, cause a project severe loss. Use segment surely in
material, particular management is confused, stage Zhang is not clear,
zhang content nots agree with, carry, receive makings of makings,
custodial, hair to lack supervise restrict a mechanism, fail
responsibility arrives person, bring about a service to divide packet
of team to use data at will, the material amount that the project
spends actually is more than cost accounting to measure far. If the
flashing of project of some highway tunnel designs dosage to be 19543
M2, and actual wastage is 29387.3m2, only the cost of this one
material overspends hundred thousands of yuan. Even still empty of
administrator of particular occurrence material opens material of
steal and sell of personnel of bill of material stock with goods,
construction to wait violate the act that violate discipline, finally
often is a project finishing, but cost of material overspends serious,
cause whole project occurrence loss.

Construction site superintends the cost of not do one's best. The
practice experience that project project manages makes clear, the
victory or defeat of construction management is in time limit for a
project, success or failure is in quality. According to calculating,
be in usually, construction is periodic every shorten 10% , can
reduce project cost about 3% , accordingly, engineering construction
must at a dash, fast breakthrough, reduce expense thereby, reduce
cost, get profit. But often our construction schedule always is so
fare badly, a few projects make initiative issue because of the
labour of administrator constantly, appear the harmonious job not do
one's best that asks for the ground to remove change, not strong the
programme of construction took heart of responsibility of technical
staff job crooked road, and not blueprint of have a thorough grasp
causes needless do poorly done work over again, still have

Site of construction of administrator job not do one's best wraps the
organization that team across works many minutes to coordinate the
issue such as the disorder, cause construction plan slow, incur loss
through delay time limit for a project, raised not little cost pay
finally; On the monitoring of safe quality, the supervisory
examination efficiency of the quality of Cheng of contractor of spot
administrator bisect of a few projects is not tall, the incorrect
team that distribute a packet from raw material purchase detect, of
the mould choose, quality of craft, working procedure undertake be
checkinged and accept strictly guarding a pass, fail to undertake
itinerate is checked seriously, ambulate management, the quality
hidden trouble that be in is put in in time discovery and
construction of team of processing cent bag, bring about in the
future project repair, the loss that causes project quality-related
cost to the enterprise is huge; The contract management consciousness
that still has administrator of a few spots is not strong, to
subcontracting clause fulfill supervisory not do one's best, collect
the evidential data that brings about contract dispute possibly
surely with appropriate carelessly, perhaps omit, tardily, missing
economy recovers a basis, once produce contract dispute case when,
because the fact is not clear,perhaps often build success or failure
to appeal to, the increase that ought attribute an enterprise in vain
submissively photograph lets, fu Zhidong spreads the wealth that
oneself work laboriously creates, cause the pecuniary loss with
enterprise needless suffering; Still administrator of a few projects
does not have the administrative function that brings into the public
concern that produces be closely bound up with construction his,
ground of as soon as possible foreknows, be on guard actively the
interest conflict problem that the likelihood in construction
produces, lack conscious, designedly and local government,
circumjacent common people, and the communication communication
behavior of unit of manage of unit of owner, design, inspect, public
concern is disharmonious, often when after common people block is
versed in or the interpose of square field surface waits public
relations crisis a moment to appear, just improve public concern
issue passively, be forced to pay exorbitant public relations fee,
the cost expenses that brings about a project to expend increases.

Issue crucial point: "Clog light person "

Subjective reason of the person brings about news channel not free.
Much side is chosen in company construction project wide dispersive
condition leaves the height that spreads all over countrywide each
district, often an enterprise needs to manage project of a few
construction at the same time, sheet relies on business management
layer to run face concentrate on work at selected units, trot along
on horseback the management of the type that watch a flower, discover
in time hard and process the error that appears in project management,
go up objectively those who formed an enterprise to basically be
relied on to the management of the project is seasonable, accurate
and true information communication and communicate will undertake,
however just is delivered in the communication of information went up
to appear however not little problem. The administrative information
that is from above to below on one hand is delivered slow, even by
block. The document that some projects get a business is not
communicated seriously, carry out with fulfil, the interest
orientaton that presses oneself however is intended innocently filter
information, with

As to appear " hair money " the file is fulfilled very quickly, other
file discards at will, the information of a few government of the
enterprise is given out for a long time, project business section and
employee still do not know, some even with respect to disappear
forever, the management of the enterprise is decision-making hard
ground of one hundred percent gets carrying out fulfilling; The
information that is from bottom to top on the other hand is lack
fidelity. Because enterprise and project put the space that be in
objectively to be apart from, the information both neither that the
enterprise gets is complete, not seasonable also, what often get is
lack fidelity however or the information of lag. Some projects as a
child group profit sets out, the collection in information, appear in
the newspaper, and the inspissation to information in collect link,
undertake accept or reject or be machininged to the real message of
the project, aux will be able to mirrors the useful information of
deep-seated contradiction to be masked innocently of purpose, the
information of announce good news is much, the information that signs
up for care is little, cause an enterprise to cannot know the true
condition of the project in the round, the before the event that
lacks rare specific aim consequently is on guard and process
surveillance practice, often be the problem when the project cannot
cover the day that expose, namely when the enterprise winds a day
feebly, audit is supervised is more " the autopsy after dying " .
Deliver as a result of the information between enterprise and project
inadequate and even lack fidelity, business management layer runs the
information of condition to hold to the project, it is one-sided
mostly, of the surface, scattered, some circumstances return utterly
ignorant even, lost the correction chance when behavior of normal to
project management deviate course, cause a company to basic level the
management of a few projects is in condition of out of control.

The subjective activity that ignores employee is brought about
complete a weakness of operating ring section. In each segment that
project of project cost consist in produces management activity,
closely related the interest of the working content that cost
supervises as all as the project staff and oneself, each employee of
project interior are the affect person that cost forms, should be
cost management and pilot participator. However, we have not little
person to think project management is the thing of a few
administrator, have nothing to do with the other employee of the
project, just be inadequacy of cost management and understanding of
pilot main body to employee, those who pay attention to is
administrator manages medium main effect in project cost, average
employee is regarded as only the object that factor of production
configures, manage medium importance to did not give enough attention
in project cost to average employee consequently, the cost government
that causes extensive staff to care a project, participate in channel
of project cost pilot not free, enthusiasm is not tall. The
subjective activity of particular employee not only did not get be
developinged well, produce traitorous psychology even, be slack in
work, so that appear,a few employee are opposite can foreknow in
construction, the problem hold loose that can avoid, bisect damages a
lot of phenomenon of company profit in bag government process

Turn a blind eye to, apathetic, still particular appears even the
employee trust to project administrator the crisis, bring about
popular feeling slack, benefit runs, risk, phenomenon of drop,
leakage is serious, cost loses control, the project runs be in hot
water. In fact, the effort that the cost control of the project
relies on to manage layer and one-sided of relevant business section
only is insufficient, if lack a project the participation of average
employee, form resultant force hard up and down, the much angle of
its cost, all-around control is short of caustic, so the control of
project cost gains actual effect very hard.

Project management diaphaneity brings about supervisory function not
high to be changed infirmly. What administration of law of
engineering construction project executes is project manager is in
charge of making, but we are in grant project manager management own
right while, did not restrict the interior that covers suitably to it
well however with control the mechanism catchs up with, how the
administrative action of effectively monitoring project manager, this
problem did not get very good settlement all the time. The influence
height of a few projects is centered, the management of the project
does not have democracy but character, the great and decision-making
individual that affects item profit and loss said to calculate, of
project employee " go, stay " power be under one's control, under
high pressure, formed " superior is not supervised, peaceful course
cannot be supervised, inferior dare not supervise " situation, bury
fell " rich abbot became poor temple " hidden trouble; The management
of a few projects is in close moving condition, the economic activity
of the project is operated by camera bellows of individual agency
person, administrative state of affairs, financial standing is opaque,
left exercisable space for individual and illegal element; Still a
few projects are in on the publicity that runs message, conceal true
condition intentionally to perhaps avoid the important and dwell on
the trivial, employee knows empty affection to be equivalent to not
know the inside story, cannot produce supervisory effect normally,
make masses is supervised faint, effect is not big. On project
management " camera bellows is operated " form an enterprise to
control administrative blind spot, causing a company often is when
the problem exposed to the sun smooth, go again censorial audit, go
squaring again processing, wait a moment so, we paid a lot of heavy
price for this.

 "Factory Wu makes public " : The plan of the effect a permanent cure
Go up in cost management in recent years, the enterprise was adopted
go up salary, raise wage, wait for a series of incentive measure;
Increased supervise investigate strength, penalize to damaging what
the behavior of company profit undertook severity, this although a
series of measure got the result of get effect instantly, but hard
from go up at all solve a problem, lack the mechanism of the drive of
a lasting effect and tie. How to build accord with market economy
rule already, accord with the drive with state-owned real company and
tie mechanism again? Execute can yet be regarded as of business
management democratization a good way, and factory Wu public system
is our country the democratic canal with state-owned real company is
accorded with in what in be being carried out for a long time, form

Manage form. Should see however, we are run in what factory Wu
publishs a system on the existence of different still level is worn
clause relatively principle, content is more abstract, the form is
not quite agile, supervise carry out lack of power wait for a problem,
especially the system of sex of form a complete set imperfectly, lack
the provision of qualitative requirement and quantity, the mandatory,
specific aim that causes factory Wu to publish a system and
maneuverability are not quite strong, so that factory Wu makes public
a system to be fulfilled truly hard,reach the designated position,
affected factory Wu badly to make public the practical effect of the
system. Accordingly, publish a system in Wu of factory of project
project ministry in running, we still should notice to hold two

The first is to hold to be practical and realistic, say the principle
that begs actual effect. The constituent structure that should be
aimed at project project ministry form of different, management
dimensions of different, team construction environment is different,
different wait for actual condition, the open form that takes box of
announcement of oral, written, conference, Zhang Bang, opinion to
wait for agile diversity, demand open result only, need not
constrained at open form; The characteristic that should join project
project and different construction level, specific aim ground chooses
to make public content, or the choice that emphasizes particularly on
to include a team at cent, or the invite public bidding of side
overweight material, or valuation of project of side overweight test,
and the appropriate of project money is waited a moment, pay
attention to pair of open content to undertake be adjustmented
appropriately, enhance open specific aim; The particular case that
should be aimed at project management executes multistage to make
public, adopt project cost accounting, finance affairs beforehand
final accounting of revenue and expenditure, appoint outside material
of a large amount of appropriate of money of valuation of project of
affirmatory, test, project, goods and materials mix project unit
price of mechanical equipment purchase with use etc, contract in
project ministry make public in collective. The income of project
project money, big fund and the use that management activity expends,
outside hire the item such as personnel, party card is communicated
between main leader. It is certain that plurality measures processing
of useless old goods and materials, project of subcontracting of the
profit and loss of period, service fulfill wait for a circumstance,
open in layer of project department administration. Construction goal
of production and finish, add close cut down expense, dig go promote
the effect, government such as make up deficits and increase
surpluses measure and fulfil pay of circumstance, worker and bonus to
allocate, of gold of social security of rewards and punishment of the
business accounting that produces worker piece rate, worker, worker
hand in, safe production, open in all worker. Adopt adjust measures
to local conditions, cent administrative levels, be restricted the
multistage of limits makes public means, in order to enhance the
specific aim that factory Wu makes public and maneuverability.

The 2nd it is to who abide by to sponsor, who is open, responsibility
fulfils the person's principle. Should represent informal discussion,
questionnaire through holding a worker investigation, poll, dog
supervise wait for a form, public to Wu of project ministry factory
work undertakes selectiving examination appraise sth through
discussion, employee works publicly to factory Wu " full

Meaning " and " basic satisfaction " the sum under of 60% , not only
should give corresponding punishment to relevant responsibility
person, still answer to appoint and dismiss link up with with the
cadre, build strong responsibility to find out a system, make public
the job in order to prevent factory Wu to flow at the form.

Factory Wu is open " sunshine is operated " , let extensive staff
have participate in government and political affairs discuss politics
influence, activation the master passion of employee and wisdom
thereby, since promotes a project to manage decision-making science
to change, raise the important step of project level of management,
it is the efficient way that the enterprise establishs mechanism of
lasting effect drive. Factory Wu is open " sunshine is operated " ,
to project supervisor should be a kind of consciousness, a kind of
responsibility should be for the superintendency enterprise to the
project, one had faculty to participate in democracy to supervise,
the enterprise of democracy management, be sure is to become the city
numerous records, vibrant, company that is full of a hope!
Cost management,

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