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Laosilaisi: Be still a noble?

Laosilaisi, Laosilaisi: Be still a noble?

Laosilaisi: Be still a noble?
The highest grade in ore is diamond, the highest grade in engine is
Laosilaisi -- people is so say. All the time since, people thinks
Laosilaisi's honor will go down continuously, during beginning till
new chiliad, the CEO of the company gives out Laosilaisi gain early-
warning, come to market personage unaware. Henceforth, this big
company that to the sky from the sea all sorts of engine all without
exception produce carried a notoriety on the back: "Lasting " be
attacked to break, any a sign of disturbance or trouble can make this
company faces a risk.
However, the not certain factor of this world is really too much, so
that the nerve of investor stretchs tight very closely every day. It
is extremely evil above all " 9 · 11 " , it makes American airline
slips to bankrupt brim, inadvertently faint also reorder any aircraft
products. Last year in October, the company announces Laosilaisi,
sales volume of its aircraft engine will steep fall 30 % . Hua
Shenggang falls, its share price steeps fall strongly instantly. It
is company of black sheep An Long next. Laosilaisi also established a
few joint-stock companies, this year in Feburary, fill a company high
to raise question to these joint-stock companies, think to have the
suspicion of gain of make a false report, one's voice in speech just
fell, laosilaisi's share price drops greatly instantly. After all,
investor people be given to frighten by An Long was afraid of.
But writing · Ross and Ralph Luobinsi of chairman of board of
directors are made an appointment with in CEO in the eye, the thing
is another appearance however. Ross points out, if you want to know
Laosilaisi's future, you must read its history. Ross thinks, he and
his work in the same placing made true plan in the past, a few new
products are being rolled out ceaselessly (the 900 engine of t of n
of T r e that if install,goes up in the A380 air bus of company of
the bus in sky) , this decided future will be Laosilaisi's golden age
10 years.
To his self-confidence, ross considers as normal. He says: "The
difficulty that others enters this party is tremendous, and we
outstripped any rival already easy to doly. Our product had
infiltrated the market, our market share is expanding ceaselessly,
our client base is very solid also. " Ross thinks future all been
masteringing even in. He says, laosilaisi's product can use 30 years,
and when carrying need in client hand to the last spare parts from
first time delivery 60 to 70 years. Change character, with position
of this company's current all corners of the country, ross calculates
play cards everyday goof, OK also and safe emeritus.
But Ross' word lacks a case of a physically strong patient running a
high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood. Be in
two weeks merely before, the finance report of this company makes
investor terrified disturbed again: Gain steeps fall 45 % , cash
decreases 2. 6.9 billion pound, debt increased 5 % . This company
still announces, the engine sales volume this year will drop than
last year 36 % . Another " steep fall " make people believes any
acceptance no longer, what also won't believe Ross again of course is
honey-tongued, more what is more,the rather that affirmatory itself
of Ross is very cadaverous -- he forecasts the gain that says company
next year to will amount to 35 million pound, but he rejects to
comment on current market condition again at the same time.
From short-term in light of, this company also cannot give a person
any hopes anyhow. However Luo Sixuan says: See the future with far be
expected to rise more! Before the company undertook be changinged
demesne 1987, war industry product occupied 60 % , annual yield is
3000 are controlled, applicable type only 4 kinds. End as cold war,
pelt of order of war industry product, laosilaisi is same at that
time get into trouble. Can is it to be held out now? This company
develops engine of series of t of n of T r e actively, got used
to the market that gives priority to with civil aircraft very quickly.
Ross points out at the same time, with Laosilaisi product of current
for military use looks, any competitors cannot be contended for to it
sharp edge -- in Europe it is of course " one elder brother " , and
American market has 25 % to put in its 's charge all.
Cleverer is, laosilaisi still has additional kind of profitable art.
Ross points out, engine work off after 5 years, maintenance serves
and sell the spare parts can bring income again. Although analyst
thinks, the income that this company passes special accounting method
to did not come to this part already plan into current gain, but Ross
denies this however. He insists to say from beginning to end,
everything must look forth, have quite let a person melt the meaning
in blue sky Bai Yun.


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