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					Social Media Link Wheel – Riding the Wheels of Future
Do you wish to reach higher levels of Social Media before others do? Then you have to ride the
link wheel and race past other and find success in Social Media Marketing. Social Media
Marketing through microsites (blogs) is not strange to anyone anymore. But what remains
strange to everyone is, why do the search engine spiders ignore these microsites? Because the
search engines are spiders and they cannot identify a chain of information unless we notify them.
SubmitINme has learned the "search spider language" through all these years and we know how
to attract them.

As you know "content is the king" in SEO. However, things have changed a lot these. While
unique content is still importance to SEO, you have an additional task to let the search engine
know that all these fresh content belongs to you. This can be accomplished by forming a chain
link between the content distributed online. This is what we call as "Link Wheel".

Forging The Perfect Link Wheel
There were hundreds of link wheel strategies that came online through the past few months. All
these days, SubmitINme was silent because we were under the process of research in finding the
perfect link wheel, which is really effective and non-spammy. Remember that not all link wheels
are liked by the search engines. In fact link wheeling without following the SEO rules will
damage the SEO advantage of your website. However, the social link wheel that SubmitINme
has forged is totally safe and complies with the search engine rules as well.

Know How The Wheel Is Made Before You Buy It
We are not overwhelming you technically. Explained simple, Social Link Wheels is formed with
a group of popular social media sites such as blogger, wordpress, live journal etc. To forge the
link wheel, all you have to supply is the main keywords of your website that you wish to

The Initial Preparation
As a first step, our well experienced SEO researchers will find well-related sub-keywords for
each of the main keywords that you supply. So with a group of well arranged keywords,
SubmitINme's team of professional content developers will write unique and informative
content. All these content will be sent for your review. Upon approval of the content, we will
execute the great link wheel strategy

The Strategy
The unique articles that are written based on the main keywords that you provide will go into the
top Social media sites of the inner wheel – Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Windows Live
Spaces and Weebly (sites vary depending on the package you choose). Another set of content
written on the sub keywords will be distributed each to popular social media sites in the outer
wheel. Now we have groups of social media sites with unique content, ready to be linked. This is
where the expertise of SubmitINme's team comes into play. Our team will form link wheels with
these social media properties (linking the best related keywords) as in the figures.

Bronze Link Wheel                                            Silver Link Wheel

Gold Link Wheel                                                      Platinum Link Wheel

As you see, the inner wheel of social media properties will be linked directly to your site. On the
other hand the outer wheel of social media properties will be promoting the inner wheel thereby
making the inner wheel visible to the search engine spiders. As the out wheel of social media
properties form a chain of information (unique content), they will attract the search bots as well.
In addition the outer link wheel is further optimized using social bookmarking.

Project At a Glance:

      Manual registration and activation of accounts in best Social media properties including
       blogger and wordpress
      Enhanced customization (custom made themes related to the business will be used) of the
       microsites created.
      Fully completed profiles (with inclusion of logo and links).
      Selection of proper category based on the keywords
      Addition of proper meta titles, meta description and meta tags for each web 2.0 property
      Researching and generating the best sub-keywords for the 5 main keywords that you
      Totally unique, well researched and keyword optimized original articles
      Manual Submission of the unique articles to the microsites along with addition of images.
      Formation of well optimized link wheels by linking the best suited main and sub keyword.
      Social bookmarking of each Web 2.0 property to 6 of the most popular bookmarking sites
      Google analytics setup done and account handed over to you to track the effectiveness of
       the project.
      All account details and Web 2.0 property profile pages handed over to you

View Inner Wheel Sample                     View Outer Wheel Sample

Oiling the Wheels
Regular maintenance of the link wheels is indispensable. With regular maintenance the link
wheels can function with great efficiency in passing great link juice to your parent site along
with generating a flow of traffic. You have to feed each wheel with fresh content regularly so
that you can get maximum benefits out of this campaign. Understanding that You can’t roll these
heavy wheels by yourself, our team is ready to support you. We write all the content needed for
posting in these link wheels and our submission team will format it and post it with proper
linking for you. Simply said, we roll the wheels while you ride to the top. For more……

Description: Link wheel is one of the popular SEO service that is available today. The link wheel applied to social media marketing can produce great results. We present the best link wheel for the top social media optimization results.