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Affordable Wholesale Wedding Cake Toppers Can Be Found Online

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					Affordable Wholesale Wedding Cake Toppers Can Be Found Online

We started C&R Unique Ornaments from our garage. Through our creativity, business sense
and family assistance we created this company to provide couples a resource of Wholesale
Wedding Cake Toppers that they can afford. That was over twenty-five years ago. We are
no longer running the company out of the garage but we still are dedicated to offering the
highest quality products at affordable prices.

All our wholesale wedding cake toppers are assembled and designed in the USA. We offer
customization and you can choose any engraving, color, embellishment or option of figurine
you desire. We design the Bella Novia figurine line and are a direct importer of resin and
porcelain figurines from China.

Our designers have over forty years in the wholesale wedding cake topper industry. It takes
over six months to design and sample every piece. We are serious about maintaining the
highest quality standards. Our Wholesale Cake Toppers may be constructed or
embellished with Austrian Crystals, twenty-four karat gold, and details of pearl glazes.

At our online site you can find a variety of toppers to include: Anniversary, Novelty, Ethnic,
and Contemporary, Monograms, Traditional, Floral, Sweet Sixteen, Engraveable and much
more. Any theme or design you can imagine we can create for you at C&R Unique Ornaments.

C&R Unique Ornaments is a family business with our daughters joining the company after
graduation from college. We are located in La Mirada, California. You can contact us at 800-
536-5753 or 562-694-5753, our fax number is 562-694-6054 and our website

Description: Whether you are purchasing cake toppers for wedding cakes, birthday celebrations or other events you can purchase them at wholesale prices.