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					                                 WEDDING PHOTO CHECKLIST

Bride & Grooms Name: _________________________________________

Church Location: ______________________________________________

Date & Time of Wedding: ________________________________________

Time of Pre-Ceremony Photographs: ______________________________

Before the Ceremony:

Bride & Attendants Dressing
     Bride arriving at church
     Wedding gown on hanger
     Personal wedding accessories (veil, garter, shoes)
     Hair details
     Wedding party bouquets
     Bride & attendants doing hair & make-up
     Family/friend helping the Bride with her dress
     Bride in gown touching up in mirror
     Bride or maid of honor putting on garter
     Adjusting veil
     Flower girl handing bouquet to bride

Bride with Attendants
     Bride with maid of honor
     Bride with each bridesmaid
     Bride with all attendants
     Bride with flower girl
     Bride with ring bearer
     Bride with both flower girl and ring bearer
     Bride with groomsmen

Bride with Bride's Family
     Bride with both parents
     Bride with both parents and siblings
     Bride with each parent
     Bride with all siblings
     Bride with each sibling
     Bride with maternal grandparents
     Bride with paternal grandparents
     Bride with all grandparents
     Bride with each grandparent

Bride Only
     Bride from the front (waist up)
     Bride looking down at bouquet
     Bride from side
     Bride looking up and away from the camera into light
     Bride sitting with dress spread out
     Bride standing with dress spread out
     Bride’s profile with back to camera (full length)
     On location studio portraits of Bride (if applicable)

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Groom & Attendants Dressing
    Groom adjusting tie
    Groom putting on, buttoning jacket
    Groom and groomsmen putting on boutonnieres
    Groom relaxing with attendants
    Groom leaning down handing ring to ring bearer or to best man

Groom with Attendants
    Groom with all attendants
    Groom with best man
    Groom with each attendant
    Groom with ring bearer
    Groom and Groomsmen on steps of church
    Groom with bridesmaids
    Groom Alone
    On location studio portraits of Groom (if applicable)

Groom with Groom’s Family
    Groom with both parents
    Groom with both parents and siblings
    Groom with each parent
    Groom with all siblings
    Groom with each sibling
    Groom with maternal grandparents
    Groom with paternal grandparents
    Groom with all grandparents
    Groom with each grandparent

Detail Close-ups
    Boutonnieres
    Wedding programs
    Planters
    Flower girls holding hands

Décor Shots of Ceremony Space
    Ceremonial table
    Wedding arch
    Guest book table
    Wedding aisle
    The altar & decoration
    The church outside

The Processional
    Lineup of the bridal party
    Each person walking down the aisle, several of the bride and groom
    Groom as he sees the bride walking down the aisle

Ceremony Highlights
    Guests arriving
    Guests signing the guest book
    Groom's parents being seated
    Bride's parents being seated
    Bride’s grandparents being seated
    Groom’s grandparents being seated
    Bride and father (and mother) starting down the aisle
    Father lifting the Bride’s veil
    Father (and mother) kissing bride before she stands at the altar

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       Bride and groom saying vows
       Bride and groom holding hands
       Fisheye view or room
       Any singer or special reader
       Ring ceremony
       Key religious or cultural points in the ceremony, such as, lighting candles, receiving holy communion,
        couple with kidduish cup, jumping the broom, or stomping the glass
       Signing of the Ketubah, Nikah, or marriage license
       Parents reactions to key moments
       The kiss
       As couple is introduced or turns to face the guests
       Bride and groom departing place of worship
       The recessional

After Wedding:
Bride & Groom with Parents & Grandparents
     Bride & Groom with all grandparents
     Bride & Groom with her grandparents
     Bride & Groom with her grandparents and parents
     Bride & Groom with his grandparents
     Bride & Groom with his grandparents and parents
     Bride & Groom with her parents
     Bride & Groom with her parents & siblings
     Bride & Groom with his parents
     Bride & Groom with his parents & siblings
     Bride & Groom with all parents
     Bride & Groom with all parents and siblings
     Bride & Groom with all

Bride and Groom with Complete Family
     Bride and groom with her complete extended family
     Bride and groom with his complete extended family
     Bride and groom with both complete extended families

Bride & Groom with Wedding Party

       Bride & Groom with entire wedding party including pastor, singers, etc.
       Bride & Groom with Pastor
       Bride & Groom with bridal party and groomsmen
       Bride & Groom with bridal party
       Bride & Groom with groomsmen
       Bride & Groom with ring bearer and flower girl

Bride & Groom
     Missed shots during the ceremony
     Groom kissing Bride
     Groom Dipping Bride with/without Kiss
     Bride & Groom holding hands
     Bride & Groom together
     Close up - Groom putting ring on bride's finger
     Close up - Bride putting ring on groom's finger
     Bride and groom's hands with rings and flowers
     Bride and groom’s hands with Bible
     On location studio portraits (if applicable)
     Bride and Groom at Church Door or Window
     Bride and groom Outside of Church
     Bride and groom coming out front doors of church with party on steps (if daylight)

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Bride & Groom’s Entrance
     Bride and groom making grand entrance
     Couple greeting guests

Cake Cutting
    Cake and cake table
    Bride ad groom cutting cake
    Bride and groom feeding cake to each other
    Bride & Groom drinking first glass together

        Parents giving toasts
        Bride and groom reacting
        Bride's toast
        Groom's toast
        Family and guest reacting
        Best man giving toast
        Maid of honor giving toast
        Bride and groom reacting

Bouquet Toss
    Female guests lining up
    Bride tossing bouquet
    Women reaching for bouquet
    Lucky winner
    Bride and bouquet recipient

Garters Toss
     Groom retrieving garter
     Male guests lining up
     Groom tossing garter
     Men reaching for garter
     Lucky winner
     Groom and garter recipient

Bouquet and Garter Catchers
    Two winner together

Bride and Groom Dancing
     Bride and groom's first dance
     Bride and her father dancing
     Groom and his mother dancing
     Bride dancing with father-in-law
     Groom dancing with mother-in-law
     Parents dancing together
     Bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing
     Everyone dancing

        Bride and groom visiting with various guests
        Individual table
        Wedding party table
        Ring bearer and flower girl
        Candid shots of wedding party
        Head table with attendants and bride and groom
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      Bride with bridesmaids
      Bride with friends
      Groom with groomsmen
      Groom with friends
      Bride and groom with party
      Bride and groom with friends

Décor Photographs of Reception Area
    Overall shot of reception area
    Table centerpieces
    Place settings
    Buffets
    Hors d'oeuvres & cocktail tray
    Menus, seating cards, and table numbers
    Basket of throwing petals, rice, bubbles
    Party flavors
    Presents

Bride and Groom Leaving Reception
     Decorated car or limo
     Guest tossing petals, rice, bubbles
     Bride and groom dodging petals, rice, bubbles
     Bride and groom getting in car or limo
     Shot while seated in car or limo
     Car driving away in the distance

NOTE: The is only a guide for the photographer. It may not be possible to photograph every pose

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   Names of people to be photographed with bride and groom:
                                 Bride’s Side                 Groom’s Side
   Step mother
   Step father


   (fathers side)
   (mother’s side)




   Maid of honor
   Best Man
   Maids in waiting



   Special Friends
   to be
   Flower Girl &
   Ring bearer

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