18. Word- Thesaurus Practice - S by pengxiang


									Thesaurus Practice. Save this document, then open it in Word.

1.     Replace as many of these words as you can, using the thesaurus.

Hint: Right click on the word.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.

I went to school this morning. It was hot and the sun was shining. Birds sang. Dogs
barked. Kids played. It was pretty boring.

It was a cool day when we went to Disney World. The rides were fast. The weather was
warm, but it rained after we ate.

I like candy. It tastes so sweet and yummy.

School is boring. Class is boring. Homework is boring. Practicing skills for sports is
boring. Movies are boring.

Add a word count at the bottom of the page.

Add a complete SBMS header to this page, using just the header function. Add time as
well as date. (Hint: Insert tab.)

Print this page.

2.     Use the thesaurus to improve something you already wrote.

       Open a document you wrote already this year.

       Use the thesaurus to improve your vocabulary on one page.

      Add a footer to that page. The footer should have your complete name, the page
number, and today’s date. (Hint: Insert tab.)

       Print just that page. (Hint: an option on the Print dialog.)

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