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Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinar by fjwuxn


									Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
           October 5, 2008
"The stone that the builders rejected has become the
cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful
in our eyes."
Matthew 21:33-43

Dear Parents,

This weekend we hear another story in the Gospel about a vintner and his
vineyard. The ending of this story is much "darker" than what we have been
hearing these past few Sundays. Yet, Jesus adds a hopeful note to the end of
the parable: The life of the son, cast away like a worthless stone, will
become the vital support of a new and wonderful future. We might ask
ourselves: What holds the central position in my life?
What is the ultimate support of my goals, efforts, and dreams? Is Jesus at
the center, or off to one side or relegated to one hour on Sunday morning?

During this busy month ahead, with school, sports, social events, and after-
school activities getting into full swing, how do you answer the question:
What is the cornerstone that supports you at this season of your life?

October Calendar:
 - Sunday, Oct. 5, 12 noon. Blessing of the Animals. Sunday classes
    will gather in the picnic grove for the Blessing of the Animals. As
    parents drop off their children, you are reminded to return at noon with
    family pets and join your children at noon for the Blessing. Children
    will be receiving a St. Francis of Assisi holy cards before they go to the
    Blessing. Students may go to their parents and pets during the service.
    Students without parents are to remain with their class and under
    teacher supervision until a parent comes for them.

 - Sunday evening and Monday classes, Oct. 5/6- Monthly Prayer
   Service. We will be reciting the first decade of the Rosary. Please stay
   and join us for this first of our monthly prayer services.

 - Sunday/Monday October 12/13- Our first fire drill! Please review
   with your child the importance of a silent, orderly exit for their safety.
   Lewes Fire Department will be on site during the fire drill. We thank
   them for their guidance and assistance with this activity during Fire
   Prevention Week.
 - Sunday, October 19th, Parish Ministries Fair and Annual Forum in
   the Parish Life Center, 11 am to 1:30 pm. All parents are encouraged to
   attend, find out what is going on in the parish and provide their input on
   parish goals and dreams. Refreshments will be served. Sixth, seventh
   and eighth grade Sunday morning classes will be participating during
   their class time, going to class as usual and then arriving in the Parish
   Life Center at 11:30 where they are invited to partake in refreshments
   and then do a scavenger hunt on the parish ministries and annual forum
   activities. We will return for dismissal from the Religious Ed. Center at
   the usual time. Father Jim and the Pastoral Council welcome your ideas
   and concerns. Use this forum to voice them!

The Saints are Here!
Are you and your child excited about the saints statues and icons in each
classroom? You can research your saint at                      and Encourage your child to find out about their
class saint by using the internet and to bring in information to class about
them. There are also many saints books in the library, a Saints Kit with
stories of the saints, and the Catholic Encyclopedia in the reference section.
Our November prayer service will focus on the saints, so please be sure to
talk about your classroom saint with your children before then.

Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Malooly
Last week each child was given a spiritual bouquet sheet to keep track of the
prayers that they say for the Bishop. As a family, pray with your child and
see how many Masses, Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be prayers you
can offer together. The teachers will be tallying the prayers on October
25th and 26th so that we can present them to the Bishop when he comes
for the 10 am Mass and reception on Sunday, Nov. 16th. If your child has
lost the form you can access one in the bulletin or online at the Religious Ed.
link at

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call, e-mail or see
me during class time. Along with our catechists, you are the mortar that
makes the cornerstone of Jesus so strong in the lives of our children and
young people.

God bless,


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