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					              THE STREAM OF HISTORY                                    THE STREAM OF HiSTORY

hear Brother Rowiett's sermons.       Thus, the Pleasant
Valley   hG1T1{COÏfl1II    esam,1sfle..'.                    JAMES F. HUNTERI SOLDIER AND BUILDER
    Through the years, tw more customs have been                        by Helen Marie Laux
added to the homecrning. Eveiyone attencdg con-                 Among the names inscribed on the Confederate
tributes a bcautful bouquet or dowers which is             Monument in Jacksonport State Park is that of
placed on the stage near the pulpit. Orten only the        Captain James K FIunte, who contributed greatly o
face of the speaker may be seen among the rn.ary           the defense and development of Jackson County.
floral tributes. T1ie other addition is a mo3t de!ec-
able jeast-of-loods following t h e worship services.          James Franklin Hunter ras born August 27,
The culinary etforts of the ladies attending are           1833, the second of nine children of Josepn Hunter
to be lorgotteri at t.he.e "dinners ou the ground."        (1807-1870) and Rebecca Thompson Hunter (1815-?).
                                                           All but one were born in Tennessee and movect to
     During the 1910s, the church waas moved to            Jackson County, Arkansas, about 184k), settling in
the New Home community, a}ut 2½ miles south,               Jefferson Township, \srcSt of present-day Campbell
and renamed. The reunions were held here a ew              Station, The other Hunter children and their ap-
times. The disastrous torna10 of 1929 demolished           proximate dates were as follows: Thomas D. (1832-)
the Pleasant Valley school, and a new building was         married Mary Ann ---, who lived in Tuckerman ii
erected immediately. This year also brought the loss       the 1920's; Rachel Adeline (1836-?) married John J.
of A. J. Rowiett tø the community. His only son,. D.       Selvicige; Richard V. (1337-1899) married (1) Melvina
A. Row1ett motivated the continuation of the annual        C, --- and (2) Mary Ann Penix; William H. (l83i-1873
homecoming, now in iemembrance of Pastor Rowiett.          married Jnnie i.And, 'iliims; Nancy "Nannie" (1845-
He was aided by severtil members of the family who         1869) married (1) Alexander C. Dunaway and (2) a
had entered the ministry. They vere Willie Sneed           Mr. Thornton; Julia Ann (14347-?) married (D Joseph
and Ray Anderson, grandsons, and a son-in4aw, J.           Pul1iain and (2) John T. Mills; John H. (184ß-1870);
i3. Rousey. Other relatives and friends also insisted      Mary E. "Mamie" (1514929) married (1) James Y.
u:i the vïay reunion. Each first Sunday in the month       Harrison and (2) Henry G. Shetters.
of May has continued to be "homecoming" for these                 On April 23, 1857, James F. Hunter marriec
past eighty-six yearsa tribute to A. J. Rowiett.           Sophronia Caroline Selvidge (1Aug. 17, 1842-Aug. l2
      The Sunday before th first Sunday in May in          1887. the daughter o J. J. Selvidge 1SI8-1864) and
!i-)7, a fire of mysterious origin again destroyed the     Malaze C. Selvidge (1818-1872). The Selvidges also
Pleasant Valley school building. rftis was no deter-       had come from Tennessee to settle in Jackson County
OnE to 1h? faithful homecomers. They held their re         at Elizabeth and then had moved to Jacksonport,
uiinfl -ervie and the dinner it t1' shade under the        where the young couple lived with them.
brauches of the giant oak trees in the old yard.                  When Arkansas entereJ the Civil War, the uiit
      Again in 1976, the weather permitted a reenact-      known as the 'Jackson Guards" was recruited in
ment of the past year's get together, under the old        April. 1861. James F. Hunter was its original first
trees. Although all of those first nine members are        sergeant. and his brother William was a private.
gone, and their children have died or moved away.          The Jackson Guards. which became Company G o
only a severe illness or emergency prevents tfle           the First. Arkansas Infantry Regimente WS the fus;
tendance of their descendants at the Pleasant Vailey       to leave the state and took part in the first Battle of
homecoming. the first Sunday in May. And it will           I''Íanassas. James F. Hunter was transferred to the
be held again in 19771                                     Second Arkansas Infantry Battalion on December 1.
                                                           1861, and soon was apponited sergeant major.

                                                                Helen Marie Lux. 210 Buchanan Street, Jeffer-
     Could any man have a finer or more lasting            son City. \rIissouri (iiOi.
tribute iaicl to hirn and his niemory!
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