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Table of Bouquets

Bouquet of 3 Latex                              £4.50
Bouquet of 5 Latex                              £7.50
Bouquet of 7 Latex                             £10.00
Bouquet of 3 Foil                               £7.50
Bouquet of 5 Foil                              £11.50
Bouquet of 7 Foil                              £14.50

Double Bubble Latex Bouquets

1 x Double Bubble                         £4.50
1 x Double Bubble + 4 x 11” (with collar) £9.50         Flutterbies Balloons
3 x Double Bubble Bouquet                £11.50          Handy Homestore
Floor Decks                                              88 Coleshill Road
                                                            Chapel End
3ft Column topped with a                       £15.00        Nuneaton
Bouquet of 3 latex balloons
                                                            CV10 0PH
6ft Column if topped with a                    £25.00
Bouquet of 3 latex balloons                              Tel. 02476393041
                                                         Mob. 07798630890
(Floor decks are ideal for doorways or
To really show the way to the dance floor!)

Balloon Archways

Single Pearl Arch                              £24.00
Double Pearl Arch                              £45.00
Wishbone Arch                                  £34.00
 B All balloons include weights within price
       Balloon decor is an exciting
    And creative way to add stunning
Colour and impact to your special occasion.
 Theses include, table decorations, balloon
 Arches, balloon columns and airwalkers.

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