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					                                      CAMP DIAMOND SUMMER 2009
                                          JOB DESCRIPTION

 Position:           PROGRAM DIRECTOR – DRAMATIC ARTS                     (1)

 Reports to:         Creative Arts Director

 Supervises:         General Counsellor/Assistants

Qualifications:      Previous camp experience required.
                     Prior teaching experience an asset.
                     Knowledge of drama and/or theatre experience required.
                     Musical talent (vocal or instrumental) an asset.
                     Good communication and organizational skills an asset.
                     Minimum 18 years of age as of June 17, 2009.
                     Standard First Aid & CPR preferred (Training will be provided at camp if uncertified).
                     Clear Criminal Record Check is required.

 Responsibilities:   Organize and implement drama program for campers and families.
                     Execute (with assistance) plays and performances for campers.
                     Assist with production of staff/camper talent shows and campfires.
                     Live with campers during children-only sessions.
                     Assist in the organization and implementation of special programs.
                     Communicate requests and concerns to Assistant Director.
                     Provide a safe and fun summer for campers and staff.
                     Develop risk management practices for all program activities within your section.

 Prior to Camp:      Plan a summary of program activities for entire summer.
                     Develop risk management practices for all program activities within your section.

 Pre-Camp:           Ensure proper equipment and supplies are available for drama/music program.
                     Set up drama and cabin areas.
                     Assist site team with planning of activities for cabin free time.
                     Participate fully in staff training.

 At Camp:            Follow procedures as outlined in staff manual re: health, safety & enjoyment of campers/staff.
                     Ensure Assistant Director has a schedule of drama activities.
                     Ensure campers have adequate supervision at all times.
                     Keep activities on schedule, adapting where necessary.
                     Be aware of and follow all emergency procedures.
                     Communicate with the Assistant Director, discussing any problems as they arise.
                     Complete detailed inventory of program area supplies must be submitted to Director at end of camp.
                     Evaluate staff assistants and site team, provide report to Camp Director.
                     Other duties as assigned by the Camp Director.

 Employment dates:   June 17-August 19, 2009

 Salary Range:       $800-1500 (plus room & board, one day off per week)