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									MultiChoice DStv

DStv works on the principal that no two people are exactly alike. MultiChoice, through
DStv provides a broad spectrum of entertainment and information and offers customers
various bouquets to suit their tastes and their pockets.

Below is a list of the current bouquets that we offer our viewers:

DStv Premium

As the name suggests, our DStv Premium bouquet offers the best and widest array of
entertainment and information. It is made up of over 80 video channels, 6 data, 28 radio and
40 audio channels.

DStv Compact

Launched in 2005, DStv Compact provides a package of great entertainment and information
channels, including the national free-to-air channels and the DStv radio channels. It is made
up of over 36 video channels, 6 data, and 28 radio.

DStv Select

DStv Select is another original offering from MultiChoice. In partnership with Vodacom,
South Africa’s leading cellular network provider, DStv Select brings viewers channels
packed with action, movies, sport, music and more. It is made up of over 26 video channels, 3
data, 31 radio and 4 audio channels.

DStv EasyView

As DStv’s entry level bouquet, DStv EasyView is the most accessible. Containing a selection
of news, general entertainment, religious, interactive, shopping, kids’ and free-to-air
channels, it offers viewers a comprehensive entertainment option. DStv EasyView offers 15
video channels, 3 data channels and 28 radio stations Including Soweto TV, Magic World,
Aljazeera, CNBC Africa, Parliamentary Channel and IQRAA.

DStv Indian

DStv Indian is South Africa’s only 24/7 Indian television offering, catering for both the North
and South Indian communities. Content includes channels that cover, film, sitcoms, news,
sports and more.

DStv Portuguesa

DStv Portuguesa offers South African viewers three of the world’s leading Portuguese
channels. The programme line-up includes tele-novalas, game-shows, news, talk-shows and

Courtesy of: Active TV & Video, Pretoria East

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