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					                                                                                                 higher cognitive process



                                                                                                                  look for

get      With the Visual Thesaurus                                                      Suitable for ages 9 to adult,

students your students can:
                                                                                        the Visual Thesaurus is an
                                                                                        animated display of words

excited                                                                                 and meanings — a visual
                                                                                        repre-sentation of the English
about     Find the right word and explore.
          The Visual Thesaurus has over 145,000 words and 115,000 meanings.

words     Your students can search for the word they're looking for and then follow a
          trail of related concepts to reveal the way words and meanings relate to
                                                                                        The Visual Thesaurus creates
                                                                                        unique, and remarkably
          one another.                                                                  beautiful word displays that
                                                                                        go beyond the static results
          Improve their grasp of the English language.                                  of a traditional thesaurus.
          The Visual Thesaurus's intuitive interface helps your students find words
          through their semantic relationship with other words and meanings. Its        Students find it playful and
          focus on connecting words through their meanings results in a more            are quickly engaged, learning
          precise understanding of the English language.                                new vocabulary and thereby
                                                                                        improving their ability to read,
          Hear words pronounced correctly.                                              write, and communicate
          The Visual Thesaurus offers a choice between a British and an American        effectively.
          English accent.

          Understand the relationships between English words and meanings.
          In addition to synonyms, the Visual Thesaurus shows 16 kinds of semantic
          relationships. Your students will see that a nose is part of a face, that a
          horned poppy is a type of flower, and that epinephrine is a type of

          Expand their search to the Internet.
          From any word, your students can initiate an Internet search for either web
          pages or images, encouraging further exploration and learning.                CONTACT US:
                                                                                        The Visual Thesaurus
          Check spelling.                                                               c/o Thinkmap, Inc.
                                                                                        157 Chambers Street
          The Visual Thesaurus suggests spelling alternatives so your students can      New York NY 10007
          find the right word even when they're not sure of the spelling.     
                                 The Visual Thesaurus Benefits Students of all Ages:
                                 The Visual Thesaurus can be incorporated in a broad range of curricula from elementary school to college
  Visual Thesaurus is a          and continuing education courses.
  superbly conceived
  and designed piece of          Ages 8-11:                                               Ages 19 and up:
  software that is as            For younger students, the Visual Thesaurus makes         College students and adult learners can use the
  addictive as it is useful,     clear what a thesaurus is and how powerful a tool it     Visual Thesaurus across a wide range of
  and is suited to ages          can be. Through the Visual Thesaurus's innovative        coursework: English, Literature, Creative Writing,
  ten to adult.                  interface, students can immediately see all the          Humanities, and Social Sciences. The medical and
     - ICT For Education         words and meanings that are related to their word.       science definitions can also be employed in science
                                 Students also learn how the words are related and        coursework to learn about related biological and
                                 can learn from sentence examples, pronunciations,        anatomical systems. Many professionals in writing
                                 and word usage. The Visual Thesaurus reinforces          and creative fields praise the Visual Thesaurus for its
                                 lessons on the parts of speech and on understan-         ability to spark creativity and the brainstorming
  A+                             ding words in context. Plus there is built-in spell      processes.
         - Education World       checking, which is crucial for this age group!
                                                                                          English as a Second Language:
                                 Ages 12-14:                                              Students who are learning English as a second
                                 Seeing the richness of the English language can          language love the Visual Thesaurus because it helps
                                 spark explorations in vocabulary and word usage.         them to understand that many words can mean the
  Once again, my favorite        It's not unusual to see students from this age group     same thing, and that there are subtle differences
  of the show was not the        spending hours clicking through the Visual               among similar concepts. The meanings list can help
  latest hardware gadget         Thesaurus, finding words not seen before, and            in comparing word meanings at a glance. Sentence
  or some technology             listening to pronunciations. As they explore, they are   examples help the student confirm that the right
  wonder; it was in fact a       learning new words and concepts, and discovering         English word is chosen. Word pronunciations also
  small little English utility   subtleties of the English language.                      help in the learning process for ESL students. Also,
  that just astounded me.                                                                 subscribers to the Visual Thesaurus automatically
  The       Ages 15-18:                                              have access to our beta program for the Internatio
  just what I need to get
                                 Older high school students can use the Visual            nal Edition, which adds Dutch, French, German,
                                 Thesaurus as a vocabulary builder and will benefit       Italian and Spanish words to the Visual Thesaurus
  students excited about
                                 from using more descriptive words in their creative
  learning vocabulary.
                                 writing, poetry writing and essay writing. Science       Students Learning Foreign Languages:
              - Tech Edge
                                 and medical terms from the Visual Thesaurus              For the online edition only, we are offering the Visual
                                 dictionary can be integrated into upper level            Thesaurus in multiple languages through our beta
                                 science course. With internet search, the Visual         program. Try the new beta versions of the Visual
                                 Thesaurus becomes a key resource for all paper-          Thesaurus in French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, or
                                 writing and research.                                    German. Students can see how words are related in
                                                                                          different languages to aid their memorization of
                                                                                          words and their understanding of word concepts,
                                                                                          while seeing the English counterparts for words and
Features for Administrators                                                        We offer 2 Versions for
and Educators:                                                                     Unlimited Access:

DESKTOP AND ONLINE VERSION FEATURES:                                               Desktop Edition
Standards Compliance                                                               $29.95
The Visual Thesaurus helps teachers and students meet educational
standards as set forth by IRA, NETS, NCLB, etc., as well as State Standards.

Teachers' Guide and Student Workbook                                               - Installed on your computer
We offer a Teachers' Guide and Student Workbook designed to improve                - Hybrid PC/Macintosh CD-ROM shipped to you
reading, writing, and vocabulary skills. These lessons can be used as the basis    - Perfect for small classrooms and labs
for integrating the Visual Thesaurus into your curriculum.                         - Internet connection optional
                                                                                   - $29.95 (volume discounts available)
Administrator Control of Content Filtering
As an administrator, you decide which of the four levels of content filtering is    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:
appropriate for your students.                                                      Windows:                    Apple:
                                                                                    Version 98, ME, 2000 XP     Version OSX
                                                                                    128MB Memory                128MB Memory
ONLINE VERSION FEATURES ONLY:                                                       100MB Disk Space            100MB Disk Space

Flexible Authentication Options
We offer a choice of three authentication options: Referrer-based
Authentication, IP-based Authentication, and Username/Password
Authentication. You can use a combination of these to provide access to your       Online Edition
students and teachers both at school and at home.                                  pricing based on number of users

No Installation Necessary
If you choose the online subscription option, students can access the Visual
Thesaurus immediately with no need for installation. In addition, you will         - No need to install software
automatically get new features, updates, and improvements.                         - Updates / upgrades included
                                                                                   - Internet connection required
Adding a Search Box to Your Web Site                                               - Pricing based on number of users
You can put a search box on your intranet that allows your students to open
the Visual Thesaurus. We provide you with the code.
                                                                                   SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

Access to Subscriber-only Features.                                                 Windows:                    Apple:
                                                                                    Version 98, ME, 2000 XP     Version OSX
Subscribers get access to our subscriber-only features such as Word-a-Day
                                                                                    128MB Memory                128MB Memory
and ongoing discussions of language and word relationships.                         Internet Explorer 4+        Internet Explorer 4+
                                                                                    Netscape 7+, Firefox        Netscape 7+, Safari, Firefox
                                                                                    Java VM 1.1+                Java VM 1.2+
history                                  search                          print                           help                                    settings
To return to the last word               To search for a word,           To print what is                When you turn the help                  The Settings panel is
that was in the center of the            type the word in the            currently displayed in          function on, you can roll your          where you can customize
display, click the "BACK"                search box at the top of        the Visual Thesaurus,           mouse over any area of the              many aspects of the
button in the toolbar. To go             the window and press            you can press the               screen you would like to                Visual Thesaurus to your
forward again, click the                 the "LOOK IT UP" button.        "PRINT" button on the           learn more about, and after             liking. Inside, you can
"FORWARD" button.                        If you misspell a word,         toolbar. You can                a second or two, a "help tip"           adjust the font size of the
                                         the word suggestions list       choose from two                 will appear that explains that          display, change the audio
Open the history tab to see
                                         automatically opens to          different print formats.        function.                               from British to American,
a list of all the words and
                                         show possible correct                                                                                   enable and disable
meanings you have visited
                                         spellings.                                                                                              different relationships, or
since starting the Visual
                                                                                                                                                 simply choose from a
                                                                                                                                                 number of pre-set
                                                                                                                                                 combinations of settings.

                                              cheerful                LOOK IT UP

                                                                                                                the quality of being cheerful and
                                                                                                                dispelling gloom

                                                                                                                being full of or promoting cheer;
                                                                                     sunny                      having or showing good spirits
                                               cheerless                                gay                     pleasantly (even unrealistically)
                                                                                        cheery                  optimistic
                                                                                                                cheerful and bright

                                             cheerful                                    jaunty
                                                                                                                smiling with happiness or optimism
                                                                                                                carefree and happy and
                                                                                         debonaire              lighthearted
                                                                                            debonair            characterized by liveliness and
            enjoying or showing or marked                                                                       light-heartedness
            by joy or pleasure or good                                                      chipper
            fortune                                                                                             bringing cheer or gladness
                                                                                                                bright and pleasant; promoting a
            "a happy smile"; "spent many                                               cheering                 feeling of cheer
            happy days on the beach"; "a
            happy marriage"                                                                                     having a cheerful, lively, and
                  beamish                                                          cheerfulness                 self-confident air
                    smiling                                                         cheer
                                 happy                                      perky
                                    blithe                             chirpy
                                   blithesome                glad buoyant

meanings                                                       audio pronunciations                                       meaning list
The Visual Thesaurus displays                                  Click on the speaker icon to hear the                      Meanings are divided into the four parts of
meanings as individual circles                                 word pronounced. If a word has more                        speech: noun, verb, adjective, and adverb.
connected to words. Roll over a                                than one possible pronunciation, it may                    Each part of speech is color-coded to match
meaning to view its definition.                                have more than one speaker icon next                       the circles representing meanings in the
                                                               to it. Click on each speaker icon to                       Visual Thesaurus display.
                                                               hear the different pronunciations.