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									                                    Township of Elizabethtown – Kitley

                              Public Works Committee of the Whole
                      Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 @7:00 p.m. – New Dublin

Meeting of the Public Works Committee took place on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 in New
Dublin at 7:00 p.m. Those in attendance were Chairperson J. Miller, J. Pickard, E. Brayton
J. Johnston, H. Scott, S. Prettejohn and staff D. Kulp and V. Galway.
Absent with regrets – E. Renaud.

Chairperson J. Miller welcomed the new members of Council to the meeting and requested that
issues to be placed before the committee be given to staff on the Thursday preceding the
committee meeting.

Disclosure of Interest – None


Moved by J. Johnston, seconded by E. Brayton that the minutes of December 4th, 2007 meeting be
approved as circulated.


Business from previous minutes:

Mr. Kulp attended a truck sale and purchased a 2003 Ford 550 with dump body for a good purchase
amount and at the same time sold the 1 ton ’98 GMC. This truck will be ideal for asphalt patching and
replacing culverts as sides as well as rear tailgate are movable.

The mailbox policy was questioned and it was explained that if it is the snow only that hits the box and
there is damage it is the owner’s responsibility, but of course if our equipment hits the box or post then it
is our responsibility. Each incident is evaluated individually.


Information from Les Shepherd of the United Counties with regards to street lights, passing zones, speed
limits and cross walks within the Village of Frankville was placed before the committee for comment.
The County had no objection to a street light being located in the area of the old feed store but the costs
would be borne by the Township and certainly would have to be in the budget for the future. It was
agreed that the Village sign and the speed limit signs would be moved to pare down the passing
opportunity. The centerline zones are to be adjusted when the next painting of the lines takes place. As
for the crosswalks we feel that that would create a false sense of security and would lead to further
accidents. It was suggested that we should ask Canada Post if relocation of the mailboxes to the east side
of the highway would be a possibitity.

The Memo from the Environmental and Conservation Advisory Committee about interest in our sharing
the cost of purchasing a colour printer was briefly discussed and it was decided that at this time there was
no interest in sharing the costs.

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Copies of Resolutions from Council were noted.

Copies of the previous year end financial was inspected and discussed. There were a number of good
questions on what was included in certain entries. There are still some figures to come in before all costs
will be tabulated. Some areas it was stated how much both work and associated costs had improved both
the safety and level of service. It was stated that the amount of ditching done was vital to our roads and
had greatly improved and even saved certain roads from deterioration.

Mr. Kulp is to work on the operating budget and have it ready for the Treasurer by the first part of
February. He is also to start on the annual stone tender and have it ready to submit.

A brief summary of Capital Projects as discussed at the November meeting took place and will be fine
tuned at the next meeting. A new plow truck and the Road Supervisors truck were both mentioned as
needing to be in the 2008 budget plan.

Staff Report:

Mr. Kulp gave a report on the progress of the Mud Creek Bridge and additional costs associated with the
more extensive excavating.

Mr. Kulp also suggested that we should look into different areas to obtain and store our winter sand as
there may be changes in the next year that he felt could affect us.

New Business:

The Ontario Infrastructure Project Grant Application that is to be submitted mid February was discussed.
The Committee requested that Councillor J. Johnston forward a written submission and speak to Ms.
Robert about the application.

It was felt that the Public Works had achieved a lot of beneficial work this past year and that the level of
service was very good.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 4, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in Toledo.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:06 p.m.

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