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									                    Clickbank Commission -


If you have not heard of Clickbank, this is basically a marketplace where you can choose a
merchants product and promote the product. When the affiliate marketer makes a sale, the affiliate
marketer receives a commission. Many people have become very wealthy by Clickbank
Commission and you can too, by using this simple step by step guide:

Step 1:

Before choosing a product, you first must choose your topic. My advice is if you are a newbie to
affiliate marketing, then choose a topic which you have an interest in. However the topic you
choose will very much define on how much money you make. This brings me onto my next step.

Step 2:

You will need choose a topic which is profitable and is attractive, when considering to promote a
product, ask yourself whether you could see yourself buying that product. Does the product give
value to the customer?

Step 3:

Review your product on your website, make sure that when reviewing your product, that your
content is article rich. And also make sure you promote the benefits of the product to the customer
as well as giving the customer more value for their money, meaning that you should consider
giving away tips and valuable information about your chosen subject, so that your customer feels
that you care about them. The key to successful marketing is you genuinely care about your
customers, to give away free e-books or tips and secrets about your topic.

Step 4:

In order to get the correct keywords, use the Google keywords tool, this is useful as the tool will
inform you of the competition and amount of advertisers for each keyword.

Step 5:

Now all you need to do is promote your website; how you ask? Well promotion is one of the
hardest things steps to do, you could spends months to no avail trying edit your website to make
sure it goes to Google’s page one. Therefore the trick to getting traffic to your site is by back links.
This means you need you promote your website link on other highly visited sites such as topic
related forums.

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