; Chapter 1 Study Guide
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Chapter 1 Study Guide


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                                                                  Core # ____________

                             Study-guide for Chapter 1:
                                  Pages 8 - 23 (textbook)
Directions: The information below will be covered on your test on Monday September 20th. We
have been reviewing in class together and will continue to do so on Friday September 17th, but
it would also be a good idea for you to study this weekend as well.
      Prehistory
      Meaning of “pre”
      Archaeology
      History
      Iceman of the Alps - Otzi
      Discovery of “Fire” –why was this important to human beings
      Artifacts
      Oral Traditions
      East Africa (what important discovery was made in Tanzania?) – 3.5 million
       year old early human footprints
      Artisan
      Fertile
      Irrigation
      Surplus
      Nomad
      Domesticate
      Examples of how animals have been domesticated (pgs. 17-18)
      Social Classes (examples on page 23)
      Trade
      Job Specialization
      Civilization
      Why would people need government in a civilization (review your web)?
      Old Stone Age (Paleolithic Era)
      Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic Era)
      New Stone Age (Neolithic Era)
      Extra credit opportunities will also be available if you know the 7 Ancient
       Wonders of the World.

                         TEST MONDAY 9/20/10!!
     You may use any notes that you have taken on your own while reviewing?

            The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.
                                   - Socrates

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