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									Ad strategy,

Two kinds in advertisement true

Ad strategy, Two kinds in advertisement true

Of the problem put forward
 An any course, can have problem of a core. The core problem of
economics is cost, the core problem that manages a Confucian school
of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is efficiency,
transmitting learned core problem is to communicate, the core problem
that sale learns is exchange, so, where is the core problem that
advertisement learns?
 Advertisement learns is a crack course that is placed in
transmission and sale, it is to achieve sale goal and adopted
transmission step, from afore-mentioned " core problem " angle will
tell, advertising is essential the mission is how from " communicate
" achieve " exchange " , tell on this meaning, advertising core
proposition is " change " , perhaps say, advertisement learns is how
a research is brought about " change " knowledge. "Change " it is the
goal with the most immediate advertisement, also be advertising true
core. Advertisement is brought only numerous to sufferring somehow "
change " the generation that ability causes consumptive behaviour,
achieve the goal of the sale finally thereby.
    "Change " regard advertisement core as the function highlight,
involved advertising " authenticity " problem, this also is one of
problems that controversy has most in advertisement research. Often
someone emerges with respect to the expression in advertisement "
deceit " or " misdirect " and criticise advertisement is lacked "
true " , actually, from " change " angle is told, there is two to
plant in advertisement " true " : Objective and true and subjective
and true. Former belong to the person that pass " true " , it is the
specific and objective information that shows advertisement is
communicated, latter belongs to the person that suffer " true " , it
is to show the brains after accepting numerous contact ad is medium
subjective to advertising acknowledge. And advertisement core depends
on giving out the person that pass " materialistic " objective and
real message " change " in be brains of the person that suffer "
mentalistic " subjective and real message.
 In advertisement two kinds " true " existence and advertisement "
change " this one core stands really, not be our without foundation
concoct, however the inspiration that a large number of classical
advertisement case on advertisement history give us. The purpose of
the article depends on exploring two kinds of actual existence in
advertisement from the angle of advertisement history condition and
objective and true " change " for subjective and real different kind,
so that make clear,advertising essence and advertisement learn this
one clip to learn with sale in transmission between " crack " the
independent course fixed position of course.
 Advertisement serves as the independence of an industry -- from "
take up beforehand authority " see advertising core
function Advertisement regards a kind of society as the phenomenon,
have the long history of all ages on the move, but till recently 9
centuries, there is a true professional adman hardly however on the
history. Advertisement is a kind " part-time job " the job. The
person that pursues advertisement job the earliest is the generator
of commodity, they are produced oneself sell oneself from cry out,

"Trinitarian " . After the 3rd times the society divides the work
greatly, regard a society as the occurrence of the group as the
businessman, another when advertisement becomes a trader again "
part-time job " the job. Although because all sorts of reasons employ
to certain person replaces their cry out to peddle or send out,some
businessmen are met,pass monoculture to be publicized for
advertisement, but advertisement did not become a special permanent
occupation from this.     Typographic invention offerred necessary
corporeal premise for the occurrence of the planar media such as the
press, the mainest factor in becoming recent ad to change.
Typographic invention, make past forestall is in the literacy
knowledge in noble and abbe hand is rapid to mass communication, also
make ad activity of the mankind is displayed from primitive objective,
literal specification or cry out, peddle evolution arrives public
media phase. Tell from firm sense, the advertisement ability that
appears on masses medium is true advertisement.     What newspaper
appears in traditional public media is the earliest, inchoate
newspaper ad and newspaper news are similar greatly, it is a kind of
pure information confess. Newspaper advertising is made, editor,
release what also do not have what essence with newspaper news is
different, advertisement also is edit personnel by news " part-time
job " finish.
 At the beginning of 20 centuries, advertisement begins to be shown
from inside pure information transmission as the character of sale
shift come out, its indicate is 20 centuries Hopkins offerred 20 time
" take up beforehand authority " academic. Before Hopkins, wide and
accuse transmission function is advertising almost sole function,
just about " take up beforehand authority " " sale " this one concept
introduces advertising essential technique can, from now on, world
advertisement history begin to enter " transmission " with " sale "
in the process of 2 heavy variation.
 We are necessary to review this 20 centuries advertisement of
inchoate United States history on the generation process of the most
classic advertisement theory, in because be this theory,making
advertisement is heard finally anew, complete depart comes out.
 20 centuries 20 time, hopkins is on invitation " grow happy force "
beer makes a ad. He is in above all of factory director Wei Lan
accompany next manufacturing processes that saw beer. Hopkins turned
whole factory, but the advertisement that did not discover what is
valuable appeals to seek a site. Fill steam room finally when them
when, hopkins asks Wei Lan to show the effect of this house. Wei Lan
explains: "We use vivid vapour to clean bottle clean here, won't have
so ferment material arises, but, this is worth to make a fuss of
without what. Every beer works is so dry, because if they are so not
dry, their bottle does not have a law to use, beer can ferment in
dirty bottle. " in

Wei Lan looks very common this, aroused great interest of Hopkins
however. Hopkins thinks, if oneself do not know this, explain average
consumer also won't know, then, hopkins captures this old write an
essay, for " grow happy force " beer drew up extremely objective and
real advertisement sign: "Our beer bottle is to use what vapour has
cleaned truly " . Put forward on this foundation " take up beforehand
authority " this one concept. Think " if who can find this industry
to have the product feature of common sense,use it above all, who got
namely ' take up beforehand counterpoise ' " .     "Take up
beforehand authority " it is to belong to advertising theory truly,
because it held the mystery of advertisement make a psychological
attack deeply, gashed advertisement transmission and the borderline
that news transmits thoroughly. We might as well contrast one below
two words:
 A, our beer bottle has been cleaned with vapour truly.
 The B, beer bottle that has us only has been cleaned exclusively
with vapour truly, other not be.     A sentence the original message
that is advertisement transmission, it is advertisement medium
objective and true. But once message of this kind of ad is entered
get numerous brain, can be machined, be sufferred finally numerous
remember became B sentence, b sentence in getting numerous head
namely subjective and true.
 Have the aid of suffers Hopkins numerous " information is out-of-
the-way " characteristic, " public property " regard as of oneself "
alone door secret ability " , be in in the product not "
characteristic " ad was created out of thin airly below the
circumstance " sell a site " , objective and true " change " in be
consumer brains subjective and true.
 Advertisement travels " objective and true " information is
completely lawful, because advertisement did not disseminate false
information. In sufferring numerous acknowledge " subjective and true
" serve as a kind " read by accident " , also be reasonable. Because
from transmission learned point of view is told, "Read by accident "
be one kind unscramble means normally, and " reading " just be
exceptional. But the article thinks the angle date from from the
reason more the authenticity with news and respective advertisement
and the cause that speech counterpoises, so that give advertisement
and advertisement truly,learn with appropriate fixed position.
 News travels, from the reporter " cover advantageous position " to
media " issue right " it is to build in the masses " know the inside
story counterpoises " on the foundation, have because of the masses
just about " know the inside story " influence, just gift what news
exists is necessary, also ask at the same time news must true,
objective, this also makes what news media makes a society fair
implement, the mouthpiece of public opinion.     Advertisement
criterion otherwise, advertisement pays fee, what media of
advertisement principal and subordinate buys is layout and time not
only, the character that is pair of advertisement content more says
advantageous position. Although get the limitation of code,
advertisement cannot travel

False information, but advertisement did not become true like news
accordingly, because although be in,transmit the bounds of real
message inside, advertisement still has a kind of option to real
message and discretion. Advertisement can choose those advantageous
to oneself real message only, skip over those adverse to oneself real
message, also can emphasize one share only real message, so that
create contrast, show different, or it is to change a kind of view,
turn defect into the good point. This makes advertisement greatly
just wants privative popular " know the inside story counterpoises " ,
cause thereby " change " the goal that achieves a sale finally. To
the masses " know the inside story counterpoises " gift and strip,
make news and advertisement break up finally to come.
 "Take up beforehand authority " theory sweeps past advertisement
shallow frank " confess " means, begin to discuss advertising sale
function from the technology. This brought about the world the first
time on advertisement history is great transition -- advertisement
from straight white information transmission appeals to the sale
shift transition that demands skill to praise highly, the immediate
consequence of this one transition is newspaper editor cannot be
competent again " part-time job " the design, advertising that make
works, make and advertisement must be released by the professional of
familiar sale, this should have socially with respect to the
requirement so a kind of person will be engaged in advertisement
technically working, this caused advertisement to serve as the
independence of an industry.     Visible, advertisement serves as the
independence of an industry, its requirement is appeared to be
different from news in advertisement true another " true " system.

    Of materialistic advertisement and idealism suffer numerous --
objective and true bring about 3 kinds of subjective and real
shapes Two kinds in advertisement true, either all along with respect
to some, however advertisement develops certain level, shirt-sleeve
transmission learns, sale learns and just form gradually after the
certain factor in psychology. But just about these two kinds are true,
the course that just made sure advertisement becomes independent as
had the core problem that attributes his to become independent:
Change. Advertising core depends on giving priority to objective and
real change view is true, this kind " change " have 3 kinds of forms
roughly. We combine on advertisement history a few classic case to
try to explain respectively.     Ad firm is the company that the
product that is a client has advertisement acts as agent, ad firm
always advertises for others, seldom advertise for oneself however,
because this someone says advertisement does not have good,
understood advertising ad firm to advertise early for oneself with
respect to ground of do sth on a large scale most otherwise. Actually,
just of this kind of view showed the core problem in advertisement
depends on a change, the advertisement that cannot cause a change
just does not have good. Deep know well this ad firm can be him
advertise. Amounting to firm of beautiful tall ad is among them

Model delegate.     Da Meigao ever had made a very successful ad for
oneself: "In before 300 brands that are worth to cherish most all
over the world, have the brand that be as high as 103 brands is
representative of world Da Meigao place among them, and all over the
world in before 10 old brands, have the client that be as high as 6
brands is Da Meigao. " The information that disseminates from
advertisement looks, this is absolutely objective and true
advertisement, because Da Meigao did not say a lie. But suffer
numerous can plant this in the cerebra in oneself however objective
and real ad message changes subjective and real ad message.      Of
format tower psychology " be over form " theory tells us, suffer
numerous meeting to be used to the ground to regard the information
of bring into contact with as a whole will understand, also think to
amount to beautiful tall sole agent with respect to ground of assume
sth as a matter of course the full advertisement of 6 old brands, all
over the world in 10 old brands, da Meigao had held above of half the
number, such looking, nature is OK without other ad firm with the Gao
Zhengfeng that amount to the United States. Actually not like that.
The world that happened 1994's biggest on advertisement history
business transforms event, offerred for us have another paradigmatic.
This year, IBM company turns the ad business of its whole world
entirely give Ao Meian accuses a company to act as agent. And before
this, the large ad company that serves for IBM company has many
40.     Accordingly, the whole world 6 old brands are absolutely
impossible to give Da Meigao his all advertising Wu, da Meigao
solelies pocket these 6 impossibly also " cake " , da Meigao just is
in these 6 " cake " went up to dig one spoon each just. Perhaps
report is connected, plum the bigger ad company such as Ao Beina is
in 10 before this " cake " go up to inserting oneself ladle. But stem
from " be over form psychology " , what consumer sees is idealism
only is subjective and true, they too " clever " , see a cap is shown
on far the top of a wall, can think below have an individual. Be in
objective and true to the middle of subjective and actual transition
process, the mystery of advertisement trick depends on leaving
customer reveal oneself adequately " clever " opportunity.      Let us
see case of an objective advertising again.     The United States has
a famous sale expert, when he is very small, a grocery store opened
in the home, sell the daily sundry goods such as the egg. But the egg
with same same price, the egg of a few around drug-store is inferior
to his home sell well. Old hind, the unlock in his biography in
oneself this is secret: When every time the client buys an egg, he
always lets mom help a client choose an egg, the result is in of
mom's fine little hand foil below, the egg can appear particularly
big, the client thinks the egg size of his home is large, will be
bought the person is naturally also

Much.     The 3rd example is a the famousest advertisement about the
famousest adman on the world.     This is " advertisement pope "
David Aogewei is the ad that car place makes Laosilaisi -- " in speed
per hour 60 miles when, the biggest noise comes from this new
Laosilaisi in the car the electronic bell on the car " . [The
classical ad headline of this be handed down from ancient times makes
4](P95) contest of countless advertisement hero bows. Of course, also
somebody is ill-affected to this advertisement, thinking is not
advertisement is done well, however Laosilaisi the car is good.
Actually, no matter be,criticize, what I should say is, although
already passed half many century, because true to two kinds in
advertisement lack understands, because person of this our great
majority did not see this advertising essence.     Let us unscramble
this advertisement afresh from subjective and true point of view.
Watched the objective and real news that advertisement relays, suffer
numerous subjective and true had been changed to be: The car opens
Laosilaisi rising is too quiet really. Because everybody always
thinks,in exceeding and quiet environment only ability can hear the
voice of an electronic bell that with a tick answers. Plant this
naturally " quiet " add in Laosilaisi on car body, (attention:
Mentioning a car in objective and true advertisement is quiet) the
highest grade in thinking plus people Laosilaisi is a car, this is
equal to the feeling in oneself to went up to be built again "
official seal " .     Actually, this advertisement is done in last
centuries 50 time, we should like to ask: It is euqally mature now
whether has the technology of the car resembled Laosilaisi at that
time? Why 60 miles (96 kilometers) is speed per hour still worth to
be carried? What does this speed calculate to contemporary China
economy car. At that time Laosilaisi hit the nail on the head of a of
the manufacturer senior engineer " nature's mystery " : "It is this
repair well build this blamed electron clock, noise is too big, let a
person be overcome really. " this ability is Laosilaisi the truth of
car advertisement backside -- either the car is good, or
advertisement is good. This advertisement is absolutely and true, the
Laosilaisi at that time does not see is a very quiet car,
advertisement says this car has noise obviously, and the biggest
noise is electronic bell. Suffer numerous say whats are believed
however. Still an evidence can prove the viewpoint of the article:
Did not give Laosilaisi the car again later with rigorous and
celebrated David Aogewei had made ad, because he thinks,Laosilaisi is
not the good car with reliable quality.     3 afore-mentioned example
represented advertisement respectively objective and true cause 3
subjective and true kinds of main types:     One, part -- all. Da
Meigao that example.     2, the truth -- false appearance. Sell an
egg that

Example.     3, defect -- advantage. Laosilaisi car that
example.     Anyhow, the advertisement of real actual effect cannot
let suffer numerous stay in objective and actual level only to
advertising understanding, and must let suffer numerous right
objective and true undertake " treatment " , in be being changed into
their brains thereby subjective and true. This is place of
advertising core function.     20 centuries since 80 time, it is the
patent of the advertising height developed country such as the United
States no longer to two kinds of real knowledge in advertisement and
the control to advertisement core function, contemporary adman can
begin more and more China realise objective and true " change " for
subjective and true function of core of this one advertising, make
oneself advertisement makes contemporary ad thereby history the
classic case that go up. Be like: "Le Baishi is pure water, 27, layer
upon layer purify " , " farmer spring is a bit sweet " , " farmer
orchard, 3 kinds of fruits are in inside, before drinking, shake " ,

    Course and science -- talk again " advertisement learns " " learn
" To advertisement a such concepts, we do not have exact location for
quite a long time, advertisement attributes transmission or sale
after all, it is the problem that argues since authority is long-term.
Actually, the essence of the problem does not depend on advertisement
the fixed position between transmission and sale, and depending on
advertisement after all is " learn " or " art " .     If say,
advertising core function depends on " change " , so advertisement
comes up from essence telling is not " science " , however a kind "
technology " , advertisement can be only one kind " transmission art
" , " sale art " , " art of make a psychological attack " .      From
science history in light of offerred evidence, as a science, it must
have the following 3 requirement:     The first, have some kind of
general and applicable constant guidance of in order to of constant
sex principle studies.     The 2nd, can offer a thing between of
inevitability causal in order to offer research.     The 3rd, the
purpose of research is for thorough knowledge study a target and not
be to be other subject service.
Regretful is, advertisement is not had. Because advertisement is,one
kind is achieve " sale purpose " and adopt " transmission method " .
Advertisement is general without him exclusive applicable principle,
advertising theory is " borrow " learn from transmission, sale learns,
the other subject such as psychology. a general principle that can
you do not have oneself scientificly?     Advertisement cannot offer
a thing between of inevitability causal in order to offer research,
because advertisement appeals to,be being begged always is to be in
change in. Accordingly, alleged " art of advertisement make a
psychological attack " want to suffer in the light of what differ
namely numerous individual adopt appeal to differently try strategy.
can a science resemble " physiognomy " adjust at any time euqally
causal?     The deadliest is,

Study advertising purpose does not depend on advertisement itself,
serve for sale or transmission however. can a scientific purpose be "
do for other marry clothes " ?     Accordingly, than at "
transmission learns " and " sale learns " wait to having truly
lodestar, causal the science with oneself purpose sex, advertisement
just assists a technology one kind, the essence of this kind of
technology and core depend on objective and true " change " for
subjective and true.     This has to mention us today's "
advertisement learns " investigator, try hard in adman objective and
true " change " give priority to while view is true, we also are
undertaking in effort some is planted " change " , that attempts to
locate advertising namely by " art " the change is " learn " . Here,
advertisement investigator followed a kind of such logic:
Advertisement is the major with a very strong practicality, the
experience of the person that inchoate advertisement has
advertisement to carry out only without theory is summed up, namely
all sorts of " sell " , " art of make a psychological attack " ,
because this advertisement is academic construction is very fragile
still, want an ad only now from " experience " the level rises "
academic " the level, advertisement also can from " art " rise "
learn " .     Actually, true scientific logic and scientific practice
tell us: "Science " it is a source, "Technology " it is to flow,
"Technology " just " science " a kind of method that can be used at
social practice directly on the foundation and improves producer type.
Science studies the mainest motive is the mystery of exploration
nature and society, the purpose depends on making clear the reason of
phenomenal backside, the nature that this is the mankind makes like
that, not be for practical purpose. The major gain that studies
scientificly can not advance the progress of productivity directly,
in the wisdom arsenal that keeps existence mankind however, have the
testimony of the nature that probes sealed world mystery as the
mankind. Can last what this kind of nature is maintaining the mankind
just about development. And technology, just draw lessons from
scientific achievement and will a kind of method that is used at
practice. Science and technology, resemble planting root and the tip
of a tree, did not establish a root, why to come the tip of a tree?
So, "Learn " can to " art " change, but " art " cannot to " learn "
promotion.     Additional, in advertisement objective and true to
subjective and true changeover, be the controversy that having moral
ethics side. Serve as a kind " technology " , advertising purpose sex
can arrive purely " tool sex " , it is promotion sale or the tool
that spread the effect and exist one kind namely, "Tool " itself need
not be in charge of for moral ethics surely, this makes the
controversy of ethical respect can allow in advertisement operation.
But if regard advertisement as " science " , operation or research
itself became an end, "Purpose sex " the final value that serves as a
course, cannot violate moral ethics.

 Advertisement research also is such, what we say today "
advertisement learns " medium " learn " , do not be equal at "
physics " medium " learn " . Because advertisement itself is not a
science, "Advertisement learns " medium " learn " it is one kind is
opposite " advertisement " of this thing " follow-up sex studies " ,
resemble long-term " red Lou Meng " consider and form " red learn "
same. Had continual to this thing research just about, this kind "
research " just became " knowledge " , plant when this " knowledge "
in entering the school to teach a system, became " course " , this is
college education is medium " advertisement learns " . Tell on this
meaning just about, "Advertisement learns " either " science " ,
however " course " . This already by advertisement history
development is proved, also will be prepared to undertake with the
article subsequently " deliberate " proof of institute of other and
follow-up sex.

Ad strategy,
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