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					Human affairs management,

The moral character of good
employee is mainer than ability

Human affairs management, The moral character of good
employee is mainer than ability

Xiaozhao is a typical small boss, he opened a little news to resemble
inn in Xi'an road, have 3 stuff only. The twists and turns that in
doing poineering work two years, experiences, make small Zhao feeling
quite deep is: Employee need not too beautiful, moral character is
mainer than ability.

When strong start business, xiaozhao passes friend invite
applications for a job two employee, be duty high finish school,
quality is good still. Among them a girl lets Xiaozhao feel to have a
characteristic quite, new money was taken in inn, she always should
read brief introduction seriously, still can come home comment of
online inquiry netizen, recommend to the guest next. When selling
goods, still see she asks a customer often, like to see what kind of
movie recently, hear what kind of music, suggest Xiaozhao goes next
replenish onr's stock. But this girl grows commonly, also be inferior
to another counterjumper can dressing up.

The person that initial stage of set up shop knows is little,
business of 3 two months also improvement of it doesn't matter,
xiaozhao's girlfriend was worn urgent, run in inn to want to locate
root, she suggests to Xiaozhao after a few days, remove that
salesgirl, reason is she grows uglily, and those who will buy disc is
some of youth, rely on her to cannot be attracted later guest.

Although some are not willing, xiaozhao is unable to dissuade a
girlfriend, still fired this counterjumper, looked for again
beautiful. She not only beautiful, and very active, do not have two
words to be mixed with the guest ripe, energy of life of the person
in inn rose as expected many. But soon Xiaozhao discovered a problem,
salesgirl relies on appearance to make sales volume rises, will raise
sale to differ with the way that so that girl leans to have a good
command of to disc, this kind of way cannot rely on hard to solve.
Additionally two employee can be accepted not quite to this, they
become very inactive. More depressed is to do not have two months,
sound of a chain comes over like inn undermine the foundation, what
given salary compares Xiaozhao is tall, this girl found new job
immediately, still took away many member clients.

This experience lets Xiaozhao discover, pick employee or should
choose simple minded reliable, and moral character is mainer than
ability. Moral character is good, the boss can save a lot of hearts,
do not need to wanting how to be on guard, because oneself cannot
stay in inn every day after all. Capability is too strong, mean
fluidity tall also, they are to won't set their mind at to stay in
your small shop, total meeting is wanting to seek more opportunity.

Responsible feeling, humanness is honest and kind, become Xiaozhao to
choose the important level of employee, his small shop also went up
gradually accordingly as expected orbit, sometimes oneself are busy,
a few days also are not held out in inn be at ease. Get along for
long come down, xiaozhao had a few experience again on personnel

System of rewards and punishment must complete, but small-sized
storefront is not executed fastidiously, want to weigh award light
punish, let employee know he made a mistake
OK, because compunctious later he is met more with one one's heart.

Him person that do poineering work should be brave in to assume
responsibility, appear management mistake cannot shirk arrives on
employee body. Treat employee appropriate wide should not be severe,
if there is some of small discrepancy now and then on money, do not
suspect employee immediately. But this kind of discrepancy is regular,
be about particularly advertent.

The person that do poineering work is not contended for with employee
result, special in strong poineering level, employee and enterprise
be closely bound up, to giving the employee of effort expression is
appreciated, he can make greater efforts create benefit for you.

Do not count name or a few one employee too much, disperse
responsibility. When can avoiding to leave when some employee so,
company business is affected badly. Must respect to employee, but the
principle is neither haughty nor humble.

Need not regard the client as overly sacred, want to notice to
protect the self-respect of employee, sometimes the client is not
right certainly, cannot ask blindly employee stoop to compromise.

Human affairs management,

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