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					Cafes, management skill,

The meeting that cafes runs " take
" also be management skill

Cafes, management skill, The meeting that cafes runs " take "
also be management skill

The meeting that cafes runs " take " also be management skill

    "Cafes is not average person can leave " , this word very afford
for thought. Cafes since enterprise, not be the enterprise of general
quality, management cafes person the quality that should have
industrialist, want to have good sense to culture, even advance and
retreat has degree, be able to achieve success one way or another. "
sanded home creek " medium A Qing elder brother's wife " kitchen of
the 7 stars since base, cupreous crock boils 3 rivers; Lay out old
fashioned square table for eight people, entertain 16 " , manage
small cafes more than sufficient, because there is the administrative
ability that shows her in play, bad to say or state with certainty
whether also manage big cafes clear and logical. At least, celebrate
elder brother's wife like A such talent, do executive manager to do
not have a problem absolutely. Cafes cannot leave culture, on bubble
of plain boiled water a few dry leaves can sell a high price fund,
battled culture will prop up completely. Do not do the cafes of
culture, resemble doing not have the barren mountain of afforest,
lack clever spirit; Do culture but without the feeling, do culture to
do culture, like go to the opera of a deaf person unidentified so,
time grew to be able to lose interest.

    How can have been cafes just managed after all? After Xiang
Chunxia passes general manager of tea art house to carry out for
years, Heibei 3 swords of Xing Tai put forward: "Unrestrained and far
-ranging " do culture; "Hardheaded " do manage. Although benefit of
whole of countrywide cafes course of study glides, but in this kind
academic guidance falls, 3 swords tea art house benefit is certain in
have litre.

    Glacial heart says: "Successful flower, people Jing admires its
uptodate Ming Yan, however at the outset its bud soaked struggling
lachrymal spring, perfuse hematic rain of sacrifice. " the author
often goes art house tastes 3 swords tea tea, give a lady to had
offerred many proposals, also wear in intention appreciate at the
same time the successful experience over there. I am certain here a
lot of experience are maturity, it is the summary with remain better
only, so that develop bigger effectiveness.

    Theory comes from coach again at practice at practice, for
instance this " unrestrained and far -ranging " " hardheaded "
academic, "Look be like common the strangest absolutely, cheng Rurong
is easy hard however " , more or less can give other main aspect
cafes with enlightenment. Lu Xun gentleman advocates " take doctrine
" , meeting " take " also be productivity, cafes operator mights as
well " take " go trying. Do culture to want to search " unrestrained
and far -ranging " feeling, cannot not put, the environment decorates
need to go out new, investment of be willing to part with or use
answers below the condition that culture conduct propaganda allows in
the condition, concoctive activity appropriate defeat sb by a
surprise action; Do manage " hardheaded " , tea tastes strategy of
quality of grade, service, sales promotion and fundamental management
to wait, wanting Ding Shiding the fourth of the twelve Earthly
Branches is the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches, deceive is not
gotten, it is to deceive oneself as well as others otherwise.
    "Unrestrained and far -ranging " have in empty solid, "Hardheaded
" solid hurried needing empty, "Two tactics wants to catch, two
tactics wants hard " , attend to one thing and lose another all short
of get twice the result with half the effort.

Cafes, management skill,

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