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The guest on company culture iceberg_28785


									Company culture,

The guest on company culture

Company culture, The guest on company culture iceberg

    Antarctic is the biggest ice house on the world, because get for
a long time the concussion of ocean wave, tidal influence, and the
buoyancy action of water, place of glacial wearing brim always is in
continuous crack, the iceberg that sends every year to sea mile have
diarrhoea, weigh many tons 14000 about. Some icebergs should be in
maritime float several years to just may be dissolved entirely.
Antarctic iceberg gross makes an appointment with 220 thousand, it is
the place with the most iceberg on the world. And common iceberg is
as high as 3 ~ 10 buildings, highest can amount to 2700 meters, some
big icebergs are as long as unexpectedly 333 kilometers, wide 96
kilometers, form the jade island in ocean. Go southward more, the
iceberg also is jumped over greatly more much. More peculiar is,
chromatic iceberg still can appear sometimes here, have shallow black,
gules, brown with bottle green. If weather is sunny, the seawater of
the iceberg of different color and blue mutual set off, picture is
very grand.

Iceberg grand, do not show outer extraordinary because of it, conceal
undersea however broad massiness. Company culture also resembles an
iceberg same, look from the surface won't bring directly to the
enterprise hundred thousands of, millions of benefit, but from the
point of long-term development, company culture can bring aeriform
benefit to be more than economic benefits far to the enterprise,
either with 1 million, ten million will measure.

Western scholar has made a figure of speech: Manage the iceberg that
floats in the sea like, show the share of surface, occupy 1/3, be
equivalent to roughly managing the materiality such as organization,
system, technology, method and method to manage; concealed to be in
water part, occupy 2/3, the aeriform management such as habit of
tradition of the value sense that is equivalent to roughly organizing
a member, human relation, culture, custom. The tradition manages more
with a view to to take the materiality management of 1/3 proportion,
company culture with a view to takes the aeriform management of 2/3

This analogy is from company culture management and traditional
business management different will elaborate. The industry survives
future of administrative expert, company lives those who manage
academic author Deng Zhenggong use this analogy to show core concept
and company culture is different.

When Japanese government is summing up Ming Zhiwei new period why to
can gain rapid development experience, once published a white book,
have a paragraph of word among them thought-provoking: "The 3 element
that Japanese economy grows:

The first it is spirit

The 2nd it is code

The 3rd it is capital

The proportion of these 3 element is, spirit is occupied 50% , code
is occupied 40% , capital is occupied 10% . " capital of this enough
specification is not crucial factor, culture just is the mainest.
1932, hemingway is in work of his on-the-spot record sex " afternoon
dead " in, the first

Second the iceberg that floats literary creation on ocean than doing,
he says: "What the iceberg moves is grand and grand, because he has
1/8 to be on surface only,be. " in literary work, character and
figure are so called " 1/8 " , and affection and thought are so
called " 7/8 " . Before both it is specific and visible, hind both it
is contain at before both in. Later, when everybody is studying any
literary work, always should make clear Chu Shui falls above all "
7/8 " , because this one part is the foundation of the iceberg.

     Company culture is not formed for a short while. He won't bring
benefit directly like the product, also won't resemble a service can
bringing Shu Xin euqally, he is a kind of long term investment. He
sometimes often working atmosphere reachs the culture that the palm
is controlling whole company to enhance higher immune power for the

Company culture,

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