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    Please support the 2008 Army Cadet Expedition
•    Since 2000, the Army Cadet League of Canada and the Department of National De-
     fence has sent Army Cadets on International Expeditions to Morocco, Australia, South
     Korea, Costa Rica, the United States, Mont Blanc and Italy. As well, Army Cadets have
     had the opportunity to explore the Canadian landscape through National Expeditions
     within Canada.

•    The Army Cadet Expedition Program is the culmination of at least four years of train-
     ing for the cadets. It is mentally and physically demanding in nature, requiring a high
     level of fitness and maturity. This travel experience provides cadets many opportunties
     to develop more self-reliance, leadership, and the true spirit of adventure, as well as a
     sense of being Canadian!

•    The Army Cadet Expedition Program would not be possible without your generous do-
     nations. We need your help to ensure that these hard working and dedicated youth get
     suitable civilian equipment and the little extras that will make this experience a journey
     of a lifetime.

•    This year, the International Expedition will challenge top Army Cadets in the majestic
     Pyrenees region of France. Army Cadets will bike, paddle and raft over 500 kilometers
     from Toronto to Ottawa as this year’s National Urban Expedition challenge.

•    Thank you for your generosity and support of the 2008 Army Cadet League of
     Canada/Department of National Defence Expedition Program.

•    If you would like to more information on the ACLC/DND Expedition Fund,
     please email Sharmila at

•    If you would like to donate to the fund, please send a cheque in the name of
     Army Cadet League of Canada to 66 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0C1.

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