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The advertisement of extraordinary
-- converse psychology

Advertisement, The advertisement of extraordinary -- converse

The advertisement of general merchandise is publicized, it is ground
of do sth on a large scale alleges oneself commodity how good, what
kind of advantage is waited a moment, especially advertisement of
medicines and chemical reagents, what " cure-all " , be the "
revolution " that what caused global medicine bound, still have " of
what " miracle, say to get fantastic, said divine medicine quickly
even. This kind of advertisement moves very hard person, persuade a
person, " of alleged " Things will develop in the opposite direction
when they become extreme. , say too blackly, believed without the
person instead. Sometimes the angle that the company also can stand
in consumer thinks, treating customer is what kind of idea, come a
converse thinking, run in the opposite direction with others in sale
next, often can obtain the results that expect is less than.

2000, shenyang department store of some daily expense, the keep long
in stock in storeroom many washing powder. Manager very be anxious,
announce to depreciate 19 % processing. A month went, unmanned still
make inquires. The manager forged an excellent plan later, stick in
inn door give an advertisement: "This inn sells washing powder, be
restricted only each a bag, two bags of above increase price 10 % .
"After the pedestrian saw ad already amazed alarmed, suspicious in
succession: "Why can you buy a bag only each? "Is " washing powder
should rise in price again? "Why is " bought more should increase
price? "In this kind alarmed, guess what suspicion manages to control
below, people begins rush to purchase, some notting hesitate an a few
second teams, some still arouses family and friend will queue up,
return some would rather overpay even the money of 5 % , also want
to buy a few bags more. For a short while, washing powder became
tight smart money, the washing powder that has done not have inn of a
few days of this general merchandise sells one sky.

Some moment, the controller of the enterprise or sale personnel give
commodity to sell, let " of oneself enterprise " extraordinary, make
consumer more recipient you and accredit, also can apply converse
thinking, the angle that stands in consumer considers an issue. This
example has the curiosity that is benefit choose and employ persons
partly to manage actually above, but main still is the manager
applied converse thinking, stand in the angle of consumer, understood
the attention that how does ability to attract customer, buy a

The psychology that uses a person ably can make his product more
popular, also can let an enterprise be walked out of from inside
predicament. But occasionally we handle psychological sale, also
should have degree, some methods can fall in specific situation only
or the enterprise is faced with the ability when predicament to be
able to be used, cannot use too much, use too much also lost action.

The expert gives directions: A stratagem uses a success, important
depend on be opposite advocate, objective element should have
sufficient, accurate knowledge. Occasionally we use converse thinking,
run in the opposite direction, not be to deviate from completely of
the thing

Objective law. Of the convention to some respect disobey, just about
in order to be opposite on the other hand of the rule abide by
additional, violate a thing completely to develop regular meet an
emergency, be meeting meet with a rebuff.


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