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Solution of OA of NEC medium and
small businesses

Nec, Solution of OA of NEC medium and small businesses

Number of favour beneficial happiness uses NEC Japan's electric
wholy-owned subsidiary product commerce (Shanghai) limited company
(NECIS) the network business that complies with Chinese enterprise to
differ manages need, rolled out specialization, the server product of
high-powered, tall stability, series of server of NEC Express5800/ft
fault tolerance is the among them person that above average.
Additional, NEC ESMPRO is the systematic management software that for
NEC server the user designs one, this software can concentrate all
sorts of soft hardware resource of administrative server meticulously
in the round. Effective use ESMPRO, the usability that improving a
system while can reduce moving cost significantly. The server that
offers by NEC company manages software MWA remotely, the noise that
can reduce an administrator effectively to operate a server is in
season, can cooperate to use with ESMPRO. Apply what NEC offers to
have the solution of specific aim, medium and small businesses can be
built easily and safeguard oneself OA platform.

Server of NEC Express5800 series can be satisfied completely medium
or small the user of network application, share to the file besides
contented user, print share, Internet is received, outside the OA
demand such as data storage, data processing, it still can be used at
the erect mail server and Web site, company course that offers Web
Service, moving high load capacity to apply a program to wait. With
server of NEC Express5800 series, especially the enterprise OA
platform that compose builds server of fault tolerance of NEC
Express5800/ft series, be like next characteristics:

Cheap always have cost

Use fault tolerance server, the first cost of hardware is more
expensive than traditional server, but medium maintenance moves in
the system cost is reduced greatly. And, server of fault tolerance of
NEC Express5800/ft series uses Windows/Linux operating system, reduce
cost, cast off the frame of nobility of fault tolerance server

Stabilize efficient uninterrupted service

System of NEC series server supports double CPU synchronous operation,
server of stand-alone fault tolerance allocates operation task to add
up to manage science more. All components of server of fault
tolerance of NEC Express5800/ft series are completely redundant.
Appearing below the circumstance of any hardware breakdown, the
server can depart automatically breakdown module, facilitate
undertake heating up inserting dialing maintaining, make sure the
server is uninterrupted at the same time the tall usability that move.
And after all physical breakdown are eliminated, can automatic new
synchronism runs the system.

In configuration and performance side

, server of NEC Express5800/ft fault tolerance all main parts all are
double entry is installed beforehand, every server can configure chip
of processor of two Intel Xeon, assured the work efficiency during
the system moves and high rate; Server memory capacity is highest can
upgrade to 3GB; NEC Express5800/ft server supports port of hard disk
of two Ultra160 SCSI, highest can amount to 164.5GB, compatible RAID
(0, 1, 5) technology, this can avoid to lose important data not only,
still allow a system to still work normally when occurrence breakdown
of a disk. The system still deploys net of a double aether to control
card (support thousand or 10/100Mbps bandwidth) , special set two 4
64 PCI bus line insert groove, transmission rate is 33MHz, the design
of PCI module can join a lot of PCI port equipment.

Handy and powerful system manages

The administrative software that NEC series server binds includes NEC
ESMPRO and MWA, the system that NEC ESMPRO is an user design that is
NEC server runs software, can run much stage server and table machine
from a PC. Use ESMPRO, the usability that can improving a system
while, reduce moving cost significantly, reduce the working burden of
systematic manager greatly.

MWA is the runs server of NEC Express5800 series remotely software
that provides by NEC company, when it can reduce an administrator
effectively to operate the noise of the server to answer. The long-
range power source that uses WMA controls a function, can undertake a
server remotely start, close the operation such as machine, the
floppy disk driver that uses administrative terminal or it is to
start dish of image file to start a server remotely. When the server
is in condition of BIOS self check, the remote control console of MWA
is OK telemonitoring server picture, input the clavier that controls
terminal directly information passes a server. When the server works
normally, it can convey the hardware information of the server and
log file answer administrative terminal to go up. MWA can be used as
a function of ESMPRO.


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