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					Postpone conference plan,

Postpone conference plan program
is large trade exhibition
engineers plan

Postpone conference plan, Postpone conference plan program is
large trade exhibition engineers plan

-- large trade exhibition engineers plan

Project supervisor is allied, the project manages a problem.
    Since kapok city builds city oneself, whole town people all the
time cautious and conscientious, work hard, the hope eats well it is
dot, good to live it is dot, bit better to be worn, but as a result
of before backward, a mountainous area condition needs economy,
housing is special all the time and in short supply, buying a car is
the dream that a kind of Yao cannot reach more. These a few years of
kapok city change are very big, economic condition also is improved
greatly, whole town people begins a large number of addition to the
demand that live and goes. Unlikelihood having a house car, but the
car has a house surely, room and car are to contact two quite close
together big product, accordingly, the demand that live to satisfy
kapok person to be opposite and goes, also mix for active room city
car city, engineer especially this second large trade exhibition.

 One, concoctive purpose
1, concentration shows car of vogue of Lou Panhe of this locality
high-quality goods in the round, publicize this locality estate and
car, make the citizen understands this locality estate to develop the
development condition of level and car workmanship, facilitate the
comparison when buying a room to buy a car is consumed;
2, the product of business of development of stimulative house
property and car dealer is sold quickly, active kapok town house city
and car city, satisfy the housing demand of consumer and car
3, arouse broad citizen to be spent to the attention of housing and
car further, use this second large trade exhibition enlarges estate
and car to be opposite the consequence of this locality citizen.
4, help enterprise shapes brand image, publicize company product,
promote product sale at the same time.
 Project supervisor is allied, the project manages a problem.
2, extend meeting strategy
1, brilliant air strategy is brilliant atmospheric spot, make a
person broad-minded, tell from psychological angle, such environment
makes person meaning random affection is confused more easily, the
person's reason very be defeated by sensibility easily, stimulate the
shopping appetite with a potential customer very easily, appear
thereby the phenomenon of scare buying of 100 thousand people.

2, the spot decorates strategy
(1) the spot is decorated grand and enthusiastic. ① gules hydrogen
balloon 8; ② scroll 8; ③ blaze enrages arch 1; ④ pillar enrages a
model 1 pair.
(2) spot cent exhibits area and car to exhibit an area for house
property two area, show house property and car respectively, make
trade to have order more, stream of people parts more easily. ①
house property exhibits an area. Delimit piece break up, and number.
② car exhibits an area. Delimit piece break up, and number.
(3) house property and car exhibit at the same time, with house
property attention crowd drives the attention to the car, with the
car attention crowd drives the attention to house property, sale is
interactive, produce super person gas thereby, build the atmosphere
of sell like hot cakes;

3, the psychology that sales promotion strategy uses consumer to have
an insatiable desire for petty gain, whole develops sales promotion
activity, of stimulative house property and car annul

Carry out, stimulate consumer scare buying with strong sales
promotion activity, sales promotion activity is as follows: Every is
in during sales promotion this exhibition house property develops
business or car dealer is in the person that buy a car to buy a house,
by shopping bill or shop effectively proof, receive the following
gift to the place that receive award or enter activity of the
following sales promotion:
(1) fashionable mobile phone, value 2000 yuan (be restricted 1000,
preemptive get first) ;
(2) send 50 yuan of red packages (be restricted 100) ;
(3) attend trade activity of lottery of exhibition consumer appraise
through comparison, add up to of reward red package 20000 yuan;
(4) exceed market to be worth ticket of 50 yuan of discounts (be
restricted 100 people) ;
(5) before buying a house 10, send 5 m 2 areas;
(6) outside holding entrance ticket to buy the person that the room
buys a car to eliminate original privilege, 2% of again additional
and favourable price.
Note: ① is divided (3) , (5) , (6) outside, other section activity
is organized by the plan square contributive.      Process of ② above
privilege asks notarization to be in notarization.

4, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to although exhibition already had
sales promotion activity,conclude sales promotion strategy oneself,
but ginseng exhibit each Fang Kegen to revise sales promotion plan
oneself again according to actual condition, be united in wedlock
with photograph of activity of exhibition sales promotion, will
surely produce ideal sale result.

5, advertisement content strategy sends bright fall, wind clear cloud
is weak; Harvest season, beaming. At auspicious season, hold 4
sumptuous dinner especially: Room banquet, car banquet, bank banquet
and green banquet, be the same as with whole town people happy,
enrage with happy event of this congratulatory bumper harvest fine
(1) room banquet " estate big food " . Building of this city high-
quality goods dish concentration is revealed, exhibit in the round
this city estate is newest development level, building dish reveal a
plan to include far amount to garden of the hill austral · ,
benevolence with · spring village of edifice of grand of peaceful of
garden, international, phoenix, face inferior garden of new season of
bank of water of smooth · of smooth village of home, lake, lake, the
four seasons, morning.
(2) car banquet " car big eat " . The car shows this city fashion
centrally, exhibit in the round model of new fund of city of this
city car, center a choice for the user, the car reveals a plan to
include Yue of masses of sea lion of cup of strange luck QQ, gold,
Xue Tielong, Xue Folai, Shanghai, east wind to amount to case
inferior, the numerous brand model such as Qing Ling, the Big Dipper,
Ao Di, Chang'an. The article turns from project supervisor alliance
(3) bank banquet " bank big eat " . This city is much the individual
that the bank with domestic abundant actual strength rolls out buys
car loan, individual to buy the loan item such as room loan, to
numerous this city common people, not less than is good at message,
have the aid of this second large trade reveal meeting, each bank
will introduce his loan project and loan fashion in detail. Project
supervisor is allied, the project manages a problem.
(4) green dinner is special invite this

Ground youth is beautiful beautiful girl combination, vigor 4
ejaculation young orchestra and the singer that contain attractive
organ, no matter be cool breeze,send bright in the morning, romantic
still and attractive in the evening, can sing the song of be handed
down from ancient times of famed star, have youth beautiful beautiful
modern song and dance, play green and fiery contemporary music. In
green banquet foil under, flavour of room banquet, car banquet is
more special.

6, advertisement media is politic
(1) newspaper ad. Edition of 1/2 of ① kapok daily, 2 days; Full page
of ② kapok evening paper, 2 days; ③ involves steel daily full page,
2 days. ④ affects a number directly: ⑤ of 20 thousand person
affects a number secondhand: 100 thousand person
(2) DM announce handbill

①     Paper: 105 grams art paper;

②     Norms: Big 8K;

③     Quality: Hai Debao 5 kinds of printing machine presswork;

④     Impression: 50 thousand pieces;
⑤      Extend object: One is given

⑥     Affect a number directly: 250 thousand person (press average 5
people / door computation)

⑦      Affect a number secondhand: 750 thousand person

7, production news chooses strategy

To beg large house car trade exhibition produces resounding effect,
special production news is nodded " consumer chooses an activity " ,

(1) The kapok town building with afforest best landscape dish;

(2) The kapok town building with building best shell dish;

(3) Sexual price compares best kapok town building dish;

(4) Most the kapok town building of economic material benefit dish;

(5) The kapok town building with first-class service dish;

(6) The kapok town building with the most all ready function dish;

(7) The car with kapok city the most fashionable appearance;

(8) The car with kapok city best function;

(9) Price of kapok city sex compares best car;

(10)   Kapok city most the car of economic material benefit;

(11)   Kapok city serves best car dealer;


①      Selection activity is in notarization by notarization;

②      Selection activity collects any fee not additionally;

③     Participate in selection consumer to play lottery, number of
win a prize in a lottery 3 people, add up to of reward red package
20000 yuan;
④      By obtain pick a company each are contributive 2000 yuan of

⑤     Award extends to just supervise next unity to extend in
notarial place by the organization.

8, the spot controls strategy

To because person energy of life is all-time,avoid to upsurge, the
spot creates the situation that confused extruding, personnel gets
hurt, special strengthen control spot order, arrangement crowd has
order to the ground looks around and be bought, ask 20 security
personnel to maintain order especially.

3, strategy is carried out

1,   exhibit can exhibit bitmap (slightly) ;

2, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be in appoint exhibit a proper
motion cloth;

3, &nbs

P; exhibits meeting organization to just be dealt with exhibit can
relevant formalities;

4, spot safety order just is in charge of controlling by the

5, advertisement contest is patted just be in charge of arranging by
the organization;

6, advertisement and integral sales promotion just are in charge of
carrying out by the organization;

4, exhibit can sell a site

1, show building of this locality high-quality goods in the round

2,   show the car model of city of this locality car in the round;

3, of estate and car reveal centrally together first, will in front
1, the 2 two influence overlay that sell a site greatly, this is 1+1
> of 2 classical show;
4, 4 regale attract room banquet, car banquet, bank banquet, green
banquet numerous eyeball attention, advertisement originality is
distinctive and novel, with the banquet the analogy trades exhibition,
it is a kind of innovation that publicizes to exhibition;

5, the spot decorates extensive great air, occasion mood is
enthusiastic and solemn, wonderful confused shows estate, the car is
gotten each coquettish, bank credit at the summit of one's power, the
person that enough makes look around throbs unceasingly;

6, sales promotion strength is powerful, strike the chord of
consumer heart directly, your consumer heart relapses concussion,
cannot help doing sth.

7, propagandist strength is powerful, no matter be advertisement
originality strategy, still be advertisement media strategy, be aimed
at consumer " weakness " and plan, the be good at teaching of
advertisement originality, the iteration of advertisement media is
pounded, enough makes bold and flowing of consumer heart defence,
crumble, hold high finally white flag, pay money subscribe. Below the
spot atmosphere of enthusiastic fervor, it is difficult to want not
to his mind disturbed!

5, extend meeting advantage

1, advertisement effect is outstanding. Of such strength exhibit
meeting conduct propaganda to compare any traditional ad, the effect
should be gotten apparently much, extend the news sex of the meeting,
resounding sex, influence that shows the place such as gimmick to
arise, surmount effect of traditional advertising advertisement far.

2, sales promotion effect is apparent. Have the aid of exhibits the
advertisement effect of the meeting, the sales promotion gimmick with
strong recycle cooperates, the experience that comes for years
according to him machinator, will surely produce ideal sales
promotion result.

3, fare is low. Compare with traditional advertisement photograph,
predicting ginseng postpones a business highest investment 30000 yuan
or so, compare with photograph of traditional ad fare, fare is quite
low. Traditional advertisement only " kapok daily " one edition a day
of charge is 10 thousand much, if media of newspaper of 3 kinds of
this locality puts in at the same time, two days are about to be
spent nearly 40 thousand, publicize the advertisement such as sheet
to throw like TV, broadcasting station, DM plus other, its ad fare of
two days will exceed 60 thousand yuan. If plus sales promotion
activity, charge will rise sharply. Compare traditional advertisement
sales promotion, trade those who exhibit conference expenditure is
low, of the effect good, the advantage is very clear, this also is
current the main reason place of a lot of urban popularity exhibition


6, ask for ginseng exhibit business sentiment

1, exhibit to this ginseng He Yi sees, whether be willing to join

2, if join,exhibit, is need how old does cloth exhibit an area?
3, to strategy of this sales promotion He Yi sees, is strength
enough big?

4, to this ad strategy He Yi sees, whether to have more is the
advertisement with more efficient economy politic?

5, whether be willing to attend this second exhibit meeting
advertisement hold the belt, be in thereby extend the influence that
oneself enlarges on the meeting?

6, it whether have other is better to whether have other extend
meeting think of a way?

Note: Feedback above opinion in time please our company, so that be
made in time,adjust appropriately, thank!

7, plan opinion seeks time

On October 21, 2003 -- on November 1, 2003

8, plan fixes date

On November 8, 2003

9, exhibit meeting organization square            (slightly)

10, business pay cost reports for duty time
(1) On November 9, 2003 8: 00 -- 18: 00 cars dealer between capture
take time;

(2) On November 11, 2003 8: 00 -- 18: Between take time of pay of 00
estate company;

(3) On November 12, 2003 8: 00 -- 18: Between take time of capture of
company of 00 banks, adornment.

11,      advertisement contest takes time

On November 15, 2003 8: 30 -- 11: 00, contest pats successful company
to must pay that day.

12,      advertisement contest takes a place

      Kapok guesthouse 2 buildings assembly room

13,      enterprise cloth extends preparative date

                     On November 28, 2003 8: 00 -- 16: 00 cars cloth is

       16: 00 -- 22: Cloth of 00 house property is exhibited;

                        22: 00 -- 24: 00 banks, decorate company cloth
to exhibit.

14,      extend meeting time

      On November 29, 2003 8: 30 -- on November 30, 2003 17: 30

15,      during sales promotion

On November 29, 2003 -- on December 16, 2003, adjourn sales promotion
activity, can make sales promotion effect the biggest change.

16,      cost budget


Seventeen,         join membership due to use

18,      exhibit meeting site

By gymnasium

Postpone conference plan,

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