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									                                    Meeting Summary Form
                   Name of Committee: Prevention Systems Committee
                                Location: State Capitol Building
                                       Date: June 5, 2008
                                      Start Time: 9:00 am
                                      End Time: 11:25 am
                  Chair/Co-Chair: Michelle Aycock/Captain Donna Jones

Agenda Attached                                                      Yes _Χ __ No ____
Previous Meeting Summary Distributed                                 Yes _X__ No ____
Task Force and/or other Reports Distributed?                         Yes _X__ No ____
Next Meeting Date: August 7, 2008
Vision: To recognize that alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse is a serious social and public
health issue that when addressed will create a climate of healthiness and community wellness for
all of Louisiana.

Mission: To implement Louisiana’s Strategic Plan for Substance Abuse Prevention

Members Present at Meeting:
                               Ms. Michelle Aycock – PSC Chair
                               Captain Donna Jones – PSC Co Chair
               Mr. David Alvarez                     Ms. Cindy Savoy
               Ms. Dawn Diez                         Ms. Dawn George
               Lt. Bryson Williams (Capt. M. Paul)   Ms. Terri Boyd
               Dr. Bobby Gaston                      Ms. Kathy Hayward
               Dr. Murelle Harrison                  Ms. Melba Oubre
               Ms. Sheryl Ranatza                    Mr. Freddie Landry
               Ms. Jennifer Pearce (Ashley Ross)     Ms. Melba Oubre
               Mr. Stephen Phillippi                 Ms. Patrice Waldrop
               Ms. Audrey Pugh                       Mr. Ellis Roussel
               Dr. Nancy Mathews                     Dr. Jay Bulot

Members Absent from Meeting:
            Ms. Malerie Thornton                     Ms. Fredia Dunn
            Mr. Bob Sawyer                           Mr. Mark Ford
            Mr. Scott Griffith                       Mr. Murphy Painter
            Mr. Warren Rivera                        Dr. Leslie Brougham
            Dr. Brandon Romano                       Ms. Catherine Childers
            Ms. DC Sills                             Sgt. James Spurlin
Of Counsel Members Present:
             Dr. Tommy Grafton                      Ms. Bernetta Gray
             Mr. John Lacour                        Ms. Lutricia McDonald

Guests present at Meeting:
               Ms. Monica Johnson                   Ms. Vi Martin
               Ms. Danelle Washington

Staff present at the meeting:
                Ms. Kathryn Farris                  Ms. Jonetta Bennett
                Ms. Dortha Cummins                  Ms. Linda McIntyre
                Ms. Cynthia Smith

I. Welcome, Minutes and By-laws
Chair, Michelle Aycock called the Prevention Systems Committee (PSC) meeting to order,

Discussion: Ms. Aycock reminded the PSC that all future meetings will begin promptly at 9
o’clock a.m. and it is the responsibility of each PSC member to be present and on time for the
meetings. Ms. Aycock asked for a motion from the PSC to approve the minutes from the May
PSC meeting. Dr. Bobby Gaston moved that the PSC accept the minutes from the May PSC
meeting and Mr. John Lacour second the motion. Ms. Aycock asked Ms. Jonetta Bennett to
update the PSC committee on the current draft PSC By-Laws. Ms. Bennett stated that the draft
By-Laws were cross referenced with the Open Meeting Laws and that the current draft reflects
those changes. CHANGES: Under Article VII Procedures, Quorum, the definition of quorum
was changed to reflect that a quorum consists of half the public body’s total membership plus
one. Also, under Item 4 of the By-Laws, the website for the Governor’s Office of Safe and Drug
Free Schools and Communities was changed to reflect the correct web address.

The May PSC minute’s motion and a motion on the draft By-Laws were tabled at this point in
the PSC meeting because there was not a quorum. Ms. Aycock stated that from this point
forward, any business requiring a vote would be tabled until a quorum was established.

Ms. Aycock introduced and welcomed a newly appointed PSC member, Dr. Jay Bulot; Executive
Director, Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs to the committee. Dr. Bulot’s participation on
the PSC will ensure that the elderly population is properly represented in our prevention efforts.

II. Committee and Coalition Updates
Ms. Aycock announced that the Drug Policy Board meetings will be scheduled once the board
membership is aligned with the changes in the new administration. Ms. Aycock explained that
each member of the DPB will be notified by this administration and that she intends to meet with
each member individually to give them an overview of past efforts.
Dawn Diez gave an update on the State Epidemiology Workgroup (SEW). Ms. Diez stated that
the SEW has assumed responsibility of Goal Group 1 (Data) and that the SEW will ensure that
the action plans for Goal Group 1 are implemented. Ms. Diez was pleased to announce that Sgt.
Jim Spurlin with the LA National Guard has been assigned to the Governor's Office of Safe and
Drug Free Schools and Communities and is now on board to help with the SEW task and the
Governor's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities.

Ms. Diez informed the committee that Monica Johnson, Strategic Prevention Framework Project
Director of Calcasieu Parish was present to give an update on the Calcasieu Coalition’s current
work in her parish in the development of Calcasieu Parishes Strategic Plan. Ms. Johnson and the
other nine SPF Parish Project Directors will rotate reporting to the PSC committee on the
progress in their respective parishes to implement the Strategic Planning Framework (SPF).

(Passed out a brochure highlighting accomplishments) Ms. Johnson stated that the Calcasieu Coalition to
Build a Healthy Louisiana, (referred to as CCBHLA), was formed in October 2007. CCBHLA currently
has three initiatives in progress: Coalition Building, Community Readiness Assessment, and Data

Through Coalition Building efforts there are sixteen agencies represented on the coalition and four others
that have been working closely to support the efforts of the CCBHLA. Through Community Readiness
Assessment efforts, the coalition sent out surveys to evaluate the community’s readiness for change on
alcohol. Because of data collection efforts, the coalition began unannounced visits to alcohol
establishments to ensure they do not serve alcohol to underage drinkers. To date, there has not been any
negative reception from the Calcasieu Police Jury; in fact, the efforts of the coalition have been

Also, the CCBHLA collected additional local data and information from coalition members to include in
the needs assessment. This data, coupled with information obtained from McNeese State University,
allowed the coalition to rank causal factors contributing to alcohol use and abuse to guide development of
the parish’s strategic plan. The parish strategic plan will target social availability and individual factors.
Two sting operations were conducted by law enforcement agencies: one in March that revealed that 9 of
20 convenience stores sold alcohol to teens; the other in April revealed that teens buy alcohol without
ID’s at drive-thru daiquiri shops because the shops do not check passenger’s identification.

The CCBHLA partnered with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, the City of Lake Charles, local public
officials, and various agencies to host an Underage Drinking Town Hall Meeting on April 10, 2008. The
efforts of the Underage Drinking Town Hall meeting resulted in the creation of a proclamation. Thursday,
April 10th is hereby proclaimed “Prevention of Underage Drinking Awareness Day”.

Ms. Aycock pointed out that she attended a conference in Cincinnati, Ohio where it was reiterated that
prevention funds are being cut by 75%. Ms. Aycock stated that the SPF process supports data driven
decisions thereby maximizing limited resources. Focusing resources on data driven decisions to
implement evidence based programs, policies, and practices will ensure sustainability of our current
resources for prevention.

John LaCour asked Ms. Johnson: (1) if there was a written report to read details and get a better
understanding of Calcasieu’s work; and (2) what is being done by her coalition to combat in-
house parties and adults purchasing alcohol for underage drinkers?
Ms. Johnson’s response: (1) all of the work of the CCBHLA coalition is being documented in the
Calcasieu Parish Strategic Plan and will be available once completed; (2) if Calcasieu Parish
prioritizes in- house parties and adults purchasing alcohol for underage drinkers, then Calcasieu
will identify evidence based strategies to combat and reduce those priorities.

Dr. Tommy Grafton asked Ms. Johnson what position the coalition took on festivals with alcohol
sponsors. Ms. Johnson’s response: an assessment of festivals that have alcohol sponsorships has
been conducted and should this be prioritized, evidence based strategies will be employed.

Mr. LaCour suggested that Ms. Johnson’s coalition look into recruiting representation from local
hospitals or pediatricians to get information that they may not have.

Kathy Hayward stated that the coalition’s efforts are commendable and they seem well prepared
and positioned for the next steps in the SPF.

Dortha Cummins reported on the May 13 meeting of the Underage Drinking (UAD) Task Force.
The UAD taskforce brainstormed for ways to improve on the Orange Ribbon event to ensure that
the upcoming year’s event is an even bigger success. There was positive feedback regarding the
event and the UAD taskforce is currently working towards: (1) announcing Orange Ribbon
events earlier; (2) setting the date for the 2008/2009 Orange Ribbon event; and (3) working to
complete the Goal 3 Alcohol Action Plans. The UAD Task Force voted to merge with Goal
Group 3 in order to prevent duplication of effort. The UAD Task Force also voted to change it’s
name to the Underage and High Risk Drinking Task Force.

Ms. Aycock called for a ten minute break and informed the PSC that the upcoming task would be
to break into respective goal groups following the break.


III. Goal Group Reorganization
Ms. Aycock called the meeting to order and asked that the PSC committee break into Goal
Groups that PSC members earlier committed to in correspondence with Ms. Aycock. Ms.
Aycock also asked that PSC members not currently in a goal group join one that they are
passionate about and that supports the work of their agency and/or organization. Ms. Aycock
also offered that if PSC members wish to change current goal groups that they make their
intentions known.

Goal Groups were instructed by Ms. Aycock to review their Goal Group Action Plans, remove
tasks that no longer apply, to note tasks completed, and tasks outstanding. Ms. Aycock also
asked the PSC members to review the Roles and Responsibilities of Goal Groups and to elect
Goal group Chairs and Secretaries.

        Breakout of Goal Groups
        Data (1), System (2), Alcohol (3), Tobacco (4) and Illicit Drugs (5)
Ms. Aycock asked members to continue with their work following her announcement of
respective Goal Group chairs and secretaries:

       GG1 - Murelle Harrison (c), Dawn Diez (sec.)
       GG2 - Ellis Roussel (c), Sheryl Ranatza (sec.)
       GG3 - Dortha Cummins (c), Bernetta Gray (sec.)
       GG4 - Ashley Ross (c), Jennifer Pearce (sec.)
       GG5 - Capt. Murphy Paul (c), David Alvarez (sec.)

Goal Groups were asked to review their Action Plans and schedule meeting time(s) outside of
the PSC meeting. Each goal group will be expected to report updates at future PSC meetings.

IV. CADCA Coalition of Excellence Award
Captain Donna Jones apprised the PSC of the CADCA Coalition of Excellence Awards and
noted the three categories of awards. Capt. Jones informed the PSC they will be vying for the
Coalition In Focus Award (multiple strategies toward reducing use for a single substance). She
asked for assistance and informed the PSC there will be a subcommittee formed to work on the
award application. The award process is divided into two stages and the deadline for stage one is
June 27th. She asked that OAD and Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities give their
input into the application process. The second phase deadline is July 25th, and candidates will be
notified if they are being considered for the award.

Ms. Aycock stated that if we move our goals forward and are open to fresh ideas and progress
within our goal groups that we have the opportunity to possibly qualify for this award.

V. “Go To Meeting” Overview
Ms. Cummins explained how goal groups can accomplish their work via the internet. (Quick
Reference Guide was provided in the meeting folder). The chair or secretary of goal groups
should notify Ms. Cummins of upcoming meetings. Ms. Cummins agreed to take care of the
logistics of meetings and email the chair and/or secretary who will then forward the information
to the goal group members regarding the meeting time and agenda

VI. New Business

Ms. Aycock asked if there was new business. Stephen Phillippi announced that the Office of
Youth Development is hosting a conference on June 25th and 26th at the Hilton in Baton Rouge.
The conference will address implementation of legislation, specifically Act 555, which
established the Children and Youth Planning Boards. PSC and SPF coalition members are
invited to attend and should contact Lisa Thibodeaux with OYD or email Melba Oubre with
OYD for more information.

Kathryn Farris asked everyone to complete an evaluation form. Jonetta Bennett asked that
everyone submit updated contact information to her for office records. Ms. Aycock asked that
any suggestions for future meetings be forward to her office for consideration.
Ms. Aycock asked for a motion to approve the May PSC minutes: Dr. Gaston moved for
approval, Mr. Roussel seconded and there was no opposition.

Ms. Aycock asked for a motion to approve the revised By-Laws: Kathy Hayward moved for
approval and Dr. Mathews seconded and there was no opposition.

Motion to adjourn was requested by Michelle Aycock; Kathy Hayward made a motion to adjourn
and Ellis Roussel seconded.

Meeting Adjourned

Minutes by: Cynthia Smith

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